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Memories of Julianna Marie
Julianna Marie Komzak is the joy of my life, my little baby girl. When I brought you home, you only weighed a few pounds. So small I held you in my arms and was overjoyed in the way you looked up at me with your big round brown eyes. I came to realize how much joy God put in my life and trusted me to love and take care of you, not realizing the love from you to me was unmeasurable. You were so smart it was a joy to see you grow, learn to understand everything I said, and always be there to give me kisses whenever you wanted to show your love for me, which grew by leaps and bounds as you grew. It was so much fun going on car rides with you. When we went through a drive in, you would recognize the sign to a drive in and would start talking to me that you wanted to share my coffee and food with me. You even knew how to take the straw out of my drink. I laughed when you barked at me when I was shucking corn for supper until I gave you a part of the corn on the cob. You ate it with great gusto. You became so very sick in such a short period of time that it was necessary to let you go to God and our other puppies. I cry for you a lot because I miss your love and holding you close to my heart. In my room by your urn and flower, I burn a candle as you are the light of my life. I miss you sitting in my chair with me. You couldn't jump up on the chair, but you would stretch up with your front little paws for me to pick you up and then snuggle in next to me. You taught me now to really love unconditionally. I look at your pictures and the videos of you. Your bark and talking is so precious to me. I miss you so much Julianna and will love you forever, Julianna, my little baby girl.


I need you in my life.

My dear little Julianna Marie,
It has been awhile since I have been able to drop you a line. I wanted you to know how very much I miss you. I think about you all of the time because of all the love you gave me with you in my life. You will always be there and I will never stop adoring you until my time comes to be with you. I am looking forward to having you in my arms again because there is no greater feeling in my mind, heart and soul that can ever replace the love that I have for you as my little furry child. I love you with all my heart and soul. Dad

I miss your warmth in my arms.

Without you close to my heart,
I can hardly beathe.

I miss your presence in my life.

You are the light of my life.

I see you in my dreams.

I see you around our home.

You left me so suddenly,
It hurts me more than I can stand.

I pray for you all the time,
Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge.

I want to hold you in my arms again
And never let you go
Like God meant for us to be
With more joy and happiness
It means so much to me.

Love and kiss from your daddy
For all eternity.

I promise it will not be long.

My Tiny Baby Julianna. I love you with all of my heart and soul. It has been a very difficult year since you went to heaven. I see in my heart that you are a little angel puppy with wings. I see you running and playing with all of your brothers and sisters who have gone before you -- BooBoo, Lady, Barney, and Kirby. I know that Great Grandma Folup and Grandpa's Kampa and Komzak are taking care of you and holding you in their arms and giving you lots of hugs and kisses. This has been such a painful year for me to be without you. I cry whenever I feel you close to me because I still cannot believe you are not in my arms. I know that you are with me in my heart, mind and whole being. I remember all of the fun times we have together and then miss you so terribly my dear little girl. We talk about you a lot. You are so precious to our lives. This world is so much poorer without you in our life physically. I love you so very much and hope to see you soon where we can play, hug, and kiss my dear little love one.

Love and kisses from you daddy who misses your physical presence so much.

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