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Memories of Juicy
09/23/2022 - We said good bye to our sweet girl yesterday morning. Juicy was such a sweet dog that never did anything wrong, but she liked to dig 😊, and she thought everyone was her friend. She loved to go on the trails when I would go horseback riding or hiking. She would see me take out her collar and get so excited. She would bark in the back of the truck all the way to the trail head. It was fun to see her exploring with our other dog, they were so free and she rarely had a leash on her. When I was on my horse I would look down and she was right beside me just enjoying life. She loved her family and was just a really good girl. She would always meet us at the gate when we came home no matter what the weather was like. I noticed on our last ride out on the trails on September 3rd that she was starting to slow down and the next day she was a little sore, so I knew at that moment that she would not be able to go out with me on horseback rides. Then last week she started getting weak, it happened so fast. Her hips were weak and she couldn't get around, she would lay in her dog house and did not want to get out. We knew we had to let her go.

Juicy, I gave you your last breakfast that morning and then we took you to the vet. We pet you and I kissed your soft head for the last time as you slipped away. You are no longer in pain and we know that you have found Russ and Star in the meadow and you are running and exploring like you love to do. It feels very lonely around here now without your happy go lucky personality. Tomorrow I will go riding without you and it makes me very sad, Cheyenne will miss you out there with her. It will be a memorial ride to you. We miss you coming to the gate to greet us when we come home and we miss your one of a kind little trot you had. We have buried you on the property so we can visit you and talk to you. We love you so much and will miss you. We know you had a great life and you are free now, but we wish we had more time with you. Have fun exploring sweet girl, love you! 💔🐾💞🐶🙏

09/24/2022 - Hi sweet girl. Well today was my first horseback ride without you and it was a very somber ride. You were always so fun to watch run around and thru the bushes exploring. Sweet Cheyenne looked a little lost without her buddy out there with her. Cheyenne is teaching a new pup to go out on the trails, she was once the student and now she is the teacher. Star did good out there today. She loved to try and get you to play with her and I would watch you try, but she is a big clumsy puppy so you had to be careful around her. You were always good with the young dogs, really with any dog because you did not have a mean bone in your body. Heather missed you out there today too. It just felt lonely without you. You weren't in your spot in the back of the truck barking all the way to the trails. Everything is different now. I miss you being by my side sweet girl. I wish I could pet your soft fur again. Matt misses you too. We both love you and we are so sad that you had to leave. Love you Juicy. 🐾🐶💔💞🙏

10/24/2022 - Hi my sweet old girl. I know you are having fun with Russ and Star. Today Oscar joined you in the meadow. It is so hard to let our pets that we love so much go, but I know you guys are no longer in pain.
I sure miss you around here and out on the trails. You were the sweetest dog I have ever seen, you just loved being around family and everyone was your friend. Cheyenne misses you, she has no one to play with in the morning and the puppy can be a little rough, but she puts her in her place. Please know that we love you and miss your sweet presence here at home. I love you sweet girl and I miss you. 🐾💞❤🙏🐶

9/22/2023 - Hi my sweet girl. I miss you girl, but I have to let go. Have fun running and exploring the meadow with all our other babies there. You are such a good girl, so happy and you love everyone. We will miss you always. Love you Juicy. 🐶💞🐾💔

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