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Memories of Juicy
Dear Juicy,
The house is not a home without you. Hurricane Irma put a huge stress on your little Heart. It was the 17th of sept. Just hours after the lights finally came back on. You left our bed and ran downstairs. It was between 6 and 630 am. I thought you needed to use your wee-wee pad. You never returned so Mommy went to see what you were doing. I found you in your little carry case. I thought you were sleeping. I asked you "what are you doing in your case?" Come back up with mommy. You didn't respond. I bent down and touched your top knot to wake you. Your little tongue was sticking out as usual. You didn't wake up. I tickled under you're chin and tried to lift up your little head. You were lifeless. I picked up your case and screamed "Juicy wake up" But U never did. I ran across the street with only my shirt on. No shoes. Just my night shirt and banged on grandmas door and our neighbors all came over in robes. ( I was praying I was in a bad dream) You were really gone. Grandma took you out of your case and held you. We were all crying. I was in shock. I called 911. I was horrified, devistated, shocked, my heart was literally ripped out of my chest. I learned what real suffering was...... Your grandma had to move in with me for 5 months. I couldn't eat or sleep. I lost 10 lbs. I miss you so much. It's a year already. You were too young to die. We had a vet appt for you the following day but it was to late. I'm so sorry Juicy. The autopsy showed that your little heart was enlarged because of your collapsed trachea. Those last 5 days were a lot of stress on you in the heat and chaos After hurricane Irma. We had our last fun playing in the pool. I hope you are happy and healthy at Rainbow Bridge. I can't wait to come find you. Mommy's life ended to. You were my love. My purpose to get up in the am.
You were my only child and very special. You taught me to speak Juicy. Our secret language. I still have all your stuff. All your furniture and dishes. All your clothes. I still keep you're wee-wee pad on the floor. I talk to you even though your not here. You still sleep in our bed next to me. Your in a little box with your top knot and paw prints. You loved life and chasing the lizards. You didn't want to die. You were only 9 1/2 years old. I miss holding your bully stick, I miss your scent. I miss your annoying ways. I even miss changing your dirty wee-wee pad. I miss everything about you. Mommy will always miss you and never stop loving you.
You will always be My Little Juice.
You were my Perfect Love. ❤️
Love Mommy.
**********Page update**********

Today is Saturday Sept 22nd. 2018.
Your have been gone 1 year and almost 1week.

Hi Juicy,

I am updating your memorial today. I gave you a fresh new bone and added a white stuffed Bunny. I also changed your flowers. I gave you 12 white Roses. They symbolize innocence and purity. Which describes you.
Stardust is with me right now. I always ask her "where's Juicy" you are still alive in all our Hearts.
I think of you all day long everyday. It's been a year and 5 days. It feels like days........
Love you Juicy. Mommy ✨🦋✨😇✨🌈✨


Hi Juicy, today is sept 30rh. My Birthday was Yesterday. 2nd one without you. I still find it hard to celebrate without you. Things were chaos as usual. Well, I gave you an ottoman and a pillow in case you want to come out and stretch. Ohhhhhh Juicy. If you only knew how much I love and miss you. I'll see u at the candle lighting tomorrow. Mama has all new candles for you to 🌈🌈🌈light during the prayers. 🙏 see you soon precious. Big hug 🤗 and kiss 😘 Angel. 👼 I love you more everyday ❤️


Where is my Little Girl? Today is Oct 15th. I will see you a the Candle Lighting Tonight. I made your Instagram page so pretty. You have almost 1800 friends in 2months. It's all about you. ❤️💐💝🌈 I never imagined that I would still be suffering over you Juicy over a year and almost a month later. I miss you. I love you. And I want to come live with you and Jesus if I can make it into Heaven, life was hard with you and so much harder without you. I never thought in a millionaire years I'd lose you at 9 years old. Im Dead too. I am updating your pictures and toys now. I pray you know I am waiting to be with you. It's going to hard to get into Heaven but I will do my best. I am mad at the world for losing you baby. 😇


Oct 22-2018

Hi Juice. I'm going to register for the candle lighting after this message to you. I know it's not the best way to connect with you but it's a place where everyone prays for their loved one who has passed. I'm sorry Juicy mommy isn't in a good mood. I just miss you so much and I am mad at the world. I see families who don't take care of their fur baby like I took care of you, they don't appreciate their pet like I did you. They have kids and and take the pet for granted. You know the life you had with mommy. Sometimes I wonder if anyone loved their baby as much as I loved you based on actions and selfishness they are just empty and worry about thing that were never important to us. we only had each other. We were both cut off on a half life.,I just want to leave here and be with you. I love you soooo much. Not many people read this memorial. I send it to a few people like 1or 2 a month. Soon no one. It's just us on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen my child. I hope you are with God. Xo


November 4th. 2018 💐🕊🙏😘🌈1137pm. We changed the time last night.

Hi Baby Girl,
I just gave you some fresh salmon at your memorial. I remember how much you always loved it. It's a big piece and you can have as much as you want forever. I registered for the candle lighting tomorrow night. Mommy has been a little sick from stress. I'm always well enough for you no matter what. You are my number #1 girl and u will always come first as always. In life and in death. I'll see you tomorrow night at the candle lighting.
Eat your salmon and cuddle up next to me every single night forever. This is still your bed and your house. Love mommy. 💔💐🕊🙏😘🌈


November 26th 7:12pm 2018. Thanksgiving just passed. Today is Monday. 🎂

Hi Juice,

It's been almost 2 weeks since I have been here. It feels a lot longer. Thanksgiving came and went. It was your Great mamas birthday the day after. It's a little easier this year then last year but the void of being without continues to linger. I hear noises in the house all the time and I think it's you. I am going to register for the candle lighting in a minute. Your birthday is coming up. You will only be 11 years old. How we were cheated. Cheated so many different ways. Coming to this site is hard. You have been gone 15 months. I just hate it here without you. Love and miss you Juicy.
Love Mommy. ❤️❤️❤️ Your Birthday cake is all ready and at your memorial. 🎂

******************Happy Birthday Juicy*********************
Hi Juicy. Today is Dec 23rd 2018 . It's your second birthday at rainbow bridge already. You have been gone from me for 15 months now. 🌈💫🎂💔✝️🎄It's Christmas time and it will never be the same without you. I miss you very much. I'll come back here on or before Valentines Day. You were a gift to me on Valentines Day 2008 and you became my perfect love. ❤️💔

Juicy it's Aug 20th 2019. I just renewed your residency for another 2 years maybe I will be with you before I have to renew again. Sept 17th is coming again. It's less then a month until your second year at
Rainbow 🌈 Bridge. I can't stand it here without you. I love you and miss you 24/7 everyday and moment. Send for me if you can, nothing here no has changed and I don't want to live without you. I love you so much and Ive gone insane without you. I want you to be okay. Don't ever forget how much mommy loves you and wants to be with you and no one else. Not even another little fur baby. Just you. You are my Perfect Love. ❤️❤️💔💔🙏

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