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Memories of JT Elliott
My poor sweet beautiful boy JT. Mama does not know what to say on this horrible day. I came home from exercise class and daddy was sitting here very sad. He said you are no longer with us. He told me you were found in a neighbor's backyard and that an animal had gotten you, probably a coyote. I wish I had had you from the very beginning, you would not have been an outdoor cat with no claws. Your previous owners did you no favors that way my dear sweet friend. Your records showed you were born in April of 2000 and I had asked your daddy to pick a date in April to be your birthday and he picked the 8th which means you either went to the bridge on your birthday or the day after. I am sooo sorry I had not given you your tuna yet for your birthday. Mama was feeling sick yesterday and didn't get it out to you yet. The last time I remember seeing you was yesterday and you were a few houses down the street and you watched me drive away. I'm trying to remember if I saw you later in the day but I don't think so. Daddy said he saw you when he got home from work. JT Hugh Elliott, mama and daddy and everyone on our street is so sad that you are gone. I threw that bed I bought you away, I don't know if you ever used it. I took in your food and water bowls too, they make us too sad to look at them realizing we will never see you waiting at the door for food in the morning or come running up to eat when you saw us. I am trying to find some of your fur in the sunroom but you are Honey were so much alike it's hard to figure out what is your's and what is her's. That's why mama called you her boyfriend. I pray that you did not suffer sweet boy. I am sooo sorry you passed that way, mama and daddy tried to protect you as much as possible. Lost your collar at least a year ago now and maybe we will never find it. We will put your asses by one of our trees close to Ericka and the neighbors want some of them too. You were sooo loved by the people of Summers Green (street) and we are all so sad to know we won't see you again. No one loved you more than your mama and daddy our sweet boy. My "Tough Tony", my nickname for you, or "my boyfriend". I will write more to you in a day or two, mama is crying too hard to type right now. I am sooo sorry JT, we all love you and miss you sooooo much already. Look for Ericka and all the other animals from Summers Green at the Rainbow Bridge. Mama will come see you there someday and we will all go to Heaven together. I love you forever my beautiful boy!
I miss you my baby boy JT. I have a stone cat that an ex-friend gave me to remember you by. He looks like you, lying in the front porch in the sun just like you did. I also still have the picture of you on my phone and also the picture the neighbor girl drew of you right after you died. You didn't deserve to be killed and I don't think it was coyotes anymore but the neighbor dogs. That neighbor has moved to another neighborhood and that helps a little bit because a lot of people think that is what actually happened to you. Such a terrible way to leave this earth but I know you are whole again. I know you are with Ericka and all the animals from Summers Green who have left us. I haven't spread your ashes yet (still in the box in our dining room) and it has been three years today so I will do it today. Bob wanted to wait and do it with other people but I want to do it privately. In my heart you were our's alone. We miss you JT! Love you always and can't wait to see you again someday!

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