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Memories of Jordi
March 20, 2012

Today our beloved Jordi was returned to God. We always knew he was a Gift that he would one day have to be returned but even 15 years seems like such a short time. Life will never be the same without him and we will remember him every day with love.

Jordi was born on July 19, 1996 and he came to live with us on July 9, 1997 at almost one year old. He returned to God on March 20, 2012 at 15 years and 8 months.

We fell in love with him the minute we met and have spent the last 15 years loving him and most recent years giving all our time to his needs.

Our only joy is in knowing that he is reunited with his friend Max. They were raised together and spent many days running and playing. They never fought but Jordi loved to bite Max ( playfully) ,have a tug of war with a wash cloth or a towel and steal Max's biscuits.

It was a tough start. Jordi hated being alone and had separation anxiety. He ate rugs, walls and carpeting. Max was always the quiet one , always the gentleman letting Jordi rule the roost even though he was here first. They both loved their table food and mostly home made chicken soup on their dry food. Jordi ate everything I cooked. He loved steak and potatoes, lamb chops, spaghetti and meatballs, eggs, stew, you name it, he ate it.

Jordi has been alone since Max left for Rainbow Bridge on October 1, 2008. He has been sick a few times and we feared we would lose him then but he always pulled through. One thing you can't do is turn back the clock so he has gotten old and seems tired and wants to go home. I know back at rainbow Bridge he will be able to see again and hear the other dogs barking but mostly he will be able to run and play with out help. He will not have any pain. He can have hamburgers and hot dogs and anything he wants all day long. He can float on a cloud, walk with angels and snuggle with Max.

Dad will miss you so much. he took care of you every morning, heating pad and leg exercises and a walk around the yard. All the time holding you safely so you would not fall. He took you out 5 or 6 times a day. It was not easy but it was a labor of love. I don't know how I will live without kissing your beautiful face every day and what will I do with all the leftovers?

Rest peacefully dear friend knowing that you were loved very deeply in your life. Please look down and help us get through the days ahead.

Love Mom & Dad
PS Your friend Pepper will miss you too. He was always checking up on you and taking a second seat while we took care of you.

June 17, 2012 Sunday, Fathers Day
My sweet baby Jordi,

God I miss you more each day. I kiss your pictures and when I sit outside I always feel so sad because I know I will never see you or hold you in my arms again.
Death is so final. Today was the first Fathers Day that Dad didn't get a card from you.
I told him it was because you didn't leave any money in your will for these holidays, he laughed because he knows if you had a penny you would give it to us.
I hope you and Max are together every day having fun until we can be together again.
Love you forever.
Mom & Dad

March 21, 2012

My sweet angel,
I still can't believe you are not home with us. It has been an awful night missing you so much.
I kiss your sweet face and feel your soft fur.

Our first day without you. What will I do with all those rugs we had to keep you safe, your beds and food bowls? Thank God Aunt Carol came over and she will be able to use a lot of your stuff for her dogs.

Dad and I ran some errands and went to lunch for the first time together in months. Old habits, we kept thinking we had to get home to take care of you but then we remembered that you are in good hands and who better than GOD make sure you get your meds and a home cooked meal. Besides Max is overjoyed to have his BFF to romp with.

Dad disassembled the ramp he built for you in the back yard. It helped him get you out to the yard so you would not to have use the stairs. That was hard. So many things changed.

We have received so many beautiful letters and e mails of sympathy from family and friends that have helped us to cope. I know in time it won't hurt so much but if I live to be a hundred I will never have a day without a thought of you.
Love you to the moon and back.
Mom & Dad

Our second day without you.
The house is strangely quiet. Pepper just sits in the living room looking around and wondering where you are, where are all the beds and blankets you used to lay on?
It was a fitful nights sleep remembering our days together. I look at your picture and still kiss your sweet face. We thought we had shed all the tears in the world, guess what, new supply arrived today.
We kept busy most of day but it was such a guilty feeling not having to worry about you because we still do. Big adjustment.

We thought about last years bad winter and dad had to clear a path for you, and when it rained he covered you with an umbrella and when you faltered he held you up. I take comfort in visiting you every day, after all, we spent so many hours together. You stayed by my side every day when I cooked or folded clothes or worked on the computer. I could always look up and see you there watching me. My favorite memory in the whole world was rubbing your back and tummy and holding your paw while I watched you sleep. You loved when I put on the Susan Boyle album, it always relaxed you.
Love you forever.
Mom & Dad
PS Have you met the siblings before you? There was Minute, Scotty, Sheila,Jason, Miss kitty the cat and KC the cat.

Thank you Betty Hanson for the Rainbow Bridge video.
It is soothing to know they are all well cared for and happy. God bless.

Jordi baby, still miss you, such a ache in our hearts, so different. I send you kisses and hugs especially kisses to your beautiful face, the same as every morning.
Mom & Dad

March 27, 2012

Today is Tuesday and it has been a week since I held you in my arms and kissed your beautiful face.

I think it is starting to hit me that you are never coming home. I feel such unbelievable sorrow. The house is so empty without you.
I can't stop crying, it hurts so bad. I know you are well and and having such a good time with all the other fur babies but I am so lonely without you.
Please send me sign of your love and help ease the pain. I love you, I love you, I love you. That's what I told you fifty times a day and I still mean it.Take care sweetheart
Mom & Dad

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn's rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there, I did not die...

March 30, 2012

Today Jordi's ashes were returned to us and now we have Jordi and Max home together again. Just like the old days they can now keep each other company while we are out.
It was a difficult day for Dad because he had to pick you up. We are so happy to have you home with us again. The tears still flow and I kiss your sweet face everyday.
Part of our life is gone but we will never forget you. Sleep with Angels
Mom & Dad

April 6, 2012
Hi to my two sweet angels in heaven. Dad and I want to wish you a very Happy Easter together at Rainbow Bridge. Sorry I havn't visited but mom took a detour to the hospital for a few days. Still very sick but I hope to be well soon. looks like we are going to miss one more holiday. It is so lonely here without you guys. Fifty kisses to you both and your beautiful faces. I will never STOP loving you.
Mom & Dad

April 18, 2012
Dear one,
I could not sleep and spent the night remembering you. I miss you more than anything in the world. I have to try to find new purpose in life without you.
What I wouldn't give for just a five minute hug. I am still recovering from being sick and I have so much time to think of you.I miss your beautiful face so much, your soft fur, your look of thanks.
Words can never express our love for you.I love you always.
Mom & Dad

April 20, 2012

A month you are gone today. I watched your videos and remember you fondly with love.
Words cannot express how I miss you in my life. Rest with angels until we are together again.
I love you and Max and all the others to the end of the rainbow.
Mom & Dad

April 21, 2012
Hi sweets,
Today a wonderful surprise. Dr Maria Fjerstad who took such good care of you sent a donation in your name to APAW.
Words cannot express how grateful we are that you were not forgotten. We will send them a donation too. APAW helps animals find good and loving homes.
Miss you more each day.
Walk with angels.
Mom & Dad

May 6, 2012 Sunday
Dearest Angels,

Do you know how much I miss you? There are no words in the English language to express my deep sorrow.
I pray that every minute at Rainbow Bridge is equal to a year here on earth and we will be together within the hour.
I hope you and max are having fun. We spent a day looking at all your pictures from when you and Max were just babies. What wonderful memories
of the two of you running and playing and just such a large part of our life. Life is lonely without you. Oh how I long to hug and kiss you both.
Sleep well angels. We think of you every day. You are so loved.
Hugs & Kisses
Mom & Dad

May 13, 2012 Sunday
Mothers day
Dear Jordi and Max,

Thank you for the lovely roses. Your rose bush bloomed and there are least 20 roses. Each one a kiss from you and Max on mothers day.

Remembering you with love on this first Mothers Day without you.
sleep with Angels.

May 20, 2012
Today marks your two month anniversary. Thank you for the nice day we had yesterday. I know you were with us.
I am still sad and feel a great void in my life but at least I don't cry all the time. I think of you often and still long to hold you in my arms.
I saw this poem today and I thought of you:


Mom & Dad

May 24, 2012
Hi Angel,
Dad's been away this week and it is my first time without you in 16 years. It is so so lonely and sad.
I always had so much to do when you were here.
I know you won't be coming home again and I am filled with sadness. I ate some watermelon today and remembered how you loved to eat a slice with me.
I made meatballs and you always got the meatballs when they came out of the oven so that was tough too. So many memories.
We will be thinking of you and Max on memorial day my loves.
Mom & Dad

June 7, 2012
Hi my sweet baby,
Just a little hello to you and Max. I miss you both so much. i watched your video's yesterday so that I will never forget you.
Your picture is in the kitchen so you can still watch me cook. It was your favorite pastime along with eating.
I still feel this horrible sadness and I think of you most often every day. Remember I love you. I got to give Silvi, the golden, next door a big hug this week and it felt so good.
Pepper is about the loneliest cat on the planet. He really misses you.
Hope you are resting well in God's arm.
Mom & Dad

June 17, 2012 Sunday, Fathers Day

My sweet baby Jordi,
God I miss you more each day. I kiss your pictures and when I sit outside and think of you, I always feel so sad because I know I will never see you or hold you in my arms again.Death is so final.

Today was the first Fathers Day that Dad didn't get a card from you. I told him it was because you didn't leave any money in your will for these holidays, he laughed because he knows if you had a penny you would give it to us.
I hope you and Max are together every day having fun until we can be together again.
Love you forever.
Mom & Dad

June 20, 2012 Wednesday
Dearest Angel,
Three months today you said good bye.

I miss you with all my heart and each anniversary is harder than the last. Gone but never ever forgotten.
Mom & Dad

July 4th, 2012

My darling angels, just a wish for you both on the 4th of july. Dad is golfing so I spent some time with you and had a good cry.
Love you always, still miss kissing your warm head and giving you a morning hug.

July 16, 2012 Monday

Hi My Sweet Boys,

Some sad news yesterday. Karen and Vince had to say goodbye to their baby, Misty. They are hurting and so is Max, their other dog.
Can you please watch for Misty and keep a close eye on her until her "Mommy & Daddy" are together with her again. Maybe you can take her to see Mom & Dad Petersack so she will know she has family and is not alone.
Run and play and do all the things"puppies" love to do.
It is almost 4 months you are gone and we still love and miss you. Thanks for the roses that are blooming again on your rose bush. I know each one is a kiss and a thank you.
Mom & Dad

July 19,2012 Thursday
It's me, just want to wish you a happy 16th birthday. I hope you are having a great party with lots of pals.Love you and thanks for the gardenia which bloomed today in honor of your special day. Love you forever,still sad without you.
Mom & Dad

July 31, 2012 Tuesday
Spent some time looking at your pictures and videos. I played Susan Boyle's "Memories" because I know you love her voice.
Missing you so much today. Love your pictures, just want to hold you again. Love you and Max.

August 20, 2012 Monday

Another anniversary passed, another sleepless night.
Max & Jordi, you broke our hearts when we said goodbye though we knew you had to go.
Memories are not enough but that is all we have. Love you both forever.
Kisses to your darling faces, how I long to hug you again.Please take care of each other.
Mom & Dad

Sept 30, 2012
My dear Jordi.
It was another difficult anniversary on Sept 20, 2012.When does it stop hurting? Love and miss you. We need to work on getting a new companion but I am so afraid. Please ask God to help us find our next friend to love and take care of.
Tomorrow is Max's 4th anniversary. Love each other as we loved you both. Help us cope.
Mom & Dad

Nov. 30, 2012
My Dearest Jordi,

Dad and I want you to meet Abby. We have waited 8 months since you left us but we were getting lonely and so Abby came along. She has been around quite a bit. She travelled from Tennessee on a twelve hour trip up to Oodles od Doodles rescue here in New Jersey. She reminds us so much of you when you first arrived at our house. She is so black you can hardly see her face. Please watch over us and give us the strenghth to raise her. She is only about 8 months old and has way more energy than we have. I always said I wished we had you back young and healthy so I hope it is you so we can love you a few more years. Miss and love you for the rest of my life. I miss you and Max and shed a tear for you both every day.
Mom & Dad

March 4, 2013
Good morning sweet angel.
It is almost the one year anniversary since you left for rainbow bridge to be with your BFF Max. I hope you are both well and happy. Give our love to all the other baby's who spent their lives with us. We love and miss each and every one in a special way. Please continue to look after us and our new charge, Abbey. She is a handful. So much like you.I wished I could have you back all well and energetic, Be careful because wishes do come true and she is a busy lady and we are not getting any younger so please watch out for all of us as we move through this next phase of our life. Think of you every day and look at all your pictures and I am happy that you and Max are together again.
A special thank you for the " gift" you sent us yesterday. Love you all forever.
Mom & Dad

March 20, 2013
Dearest Jordi,
Miss you on this your first anniversary at Rainbow Bridge. We are comforted knowing you are with Max and the others.
We are ok because we have Abbey to take care of now. She is a handful but I guess she is here for a reason. Thank you.

Rest in God's arms.
Mom Dad and Pepper

Sept 9, 2013
My dearest love,
Happy fall. It is coming up on Max's 5th anniversary, so I am just saying hello and sending our love. Please stay together and share
your memories with each other of the good times we all had here together. Love you always.

Mom & Dad

January 28, 2014

Dear Jordi,
I didn't realize how long it has been since I wrote to you. I think of you every day. Jan. 26 was Max's birthday so I just
wrote him a love note and want to send my love to you as well. It is a very cold bitter winter and I have been sick since Christmas
and I thank God we have Abbey to keep us company. I am going to leave you in the summer background because winter is so depressing.
I wish you sunshine and love until we are together again.

Mom, Dad, Abbey, pepper, Coco, & Molly
PS: Pepper finally came down to be with Abbey after 10 months.
They are not as close as you and Pepper but maybe someday when Abbey calms down a little.

March 20, 2014
Happy second anniversary at rainbow bridge. So many wonderful pets from family and friends have left us behind for rainbow bridge.
I hope you have had a chance to welcome all to their new home and to make new friends for you and Max.
we are doing ok thanks to our beautiful Abbey who brings us so much joy. Pepper is still not as happy as he was with you but he is trying to adjust.
You are still a beautiful memory and we will always love you. Please watch over us as 2014 has not been such a good year so far. Happy spring and happy Easter.

Mom & Dad

March 23, 2017

My dearest Jordi,
This year was the 5th anniversary of your journey to Rainbow Bridge.
Your memory is forever in our hearts and I hope you and Max are having a good time together until we see each other again.
Please look out for the beautiful Holly Hoch who will start her journey tonight at 5:30 to her final home in heaven. May you all comfort each other until we meet again.
Abbey sends her love, she is our comfort now. You have all left a special mark in our hearts until we meet again.
Happy spring, Happy Easter beautiful boys...
Mom, Dad, Abbey and Pepper and Miss Molly who still lives outside

Dearest Jordi and Max
We love you both so much always and forever.
Happy 6th anniversary. Sorry don't get to write often enough. I have been very sick and try to do my best.
Know that you are always part of our life
Till we are together. So much love
Dad ,me, abbey ,pepper

April 26, 2019
short message to both my sweet angels at Rainbow Bridge
You are both still in our hearts. we look at your pictures and remember all the love and beautiful
expressions on your faces. 2018 was a very bad year, I was very sick and still battling some health issues,We lost our little cat Pepper and hope you have welcomed him home with you.
Just renewed your residency so your memories will live on.
So much love from ne, dad and Abbey

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