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Heya Mr J Man (AKA) Jordan...

So, once again, it is almost July 25..and, of course, on this day, I always think back to the wee morning hours when you left us. I'm sorry it took me so long to do this for you. But, Jordan...most often, not just on this day, but other days, I think of the fact Brad and I were not with you when you died at the emergency hospital. I am so sorry we did not get there in time to be with you and you died alone; feel like we failed you little man.

But...let's start your story with a picture I see often on Facebook with a cute image saying "Tell Me again about the day you adopted me?"

I had just returned to my apartment in Bloomington after spending the weekend at home with my parents and happened to hear a little kitty crying outside. I also heard some kids outside, and I was worried they might hurt you. So, I went and got you (you were so tiny, but had the longest legs ever!). The next morning, I had to work the early shift at the dorm front desk; when I got back home, I called my mom and of course, Mom says "put him back outside". I did, but I kept checking on you every five minutes and you never moved from the stairwell. So, obviously, I was not having that (LOL)...and brought you back inside. I was happy to see you seemed to get along with Abby, the other cat I had adopted from a shelter before moving to this apartment.

Over the years, you got a few new buddies to hang with; Zoe and Travis; you were like the three stooges at times; always hanging together, looking out the window at birds, or laying on the bed. You also were a big protector of Zoe...Travis wouldn't dare give her a hard time (LOL) when you were around. But, after you died, boy, sometimes he would just chase her endlessly around the house. Many times Brad and I would comment "boy, Jordan wouldn't have allowed that"...

Its funny how I remember the little things; how you would try to pull my earrings out while I was sleeping, or how you loved to jump and play or carry around that little catnip pillow (that was so old and nasty..but I couldn't bear to throw it away, because I knew it was your favorite). I know you were also an aspiring musician...because you loved to hang around with Brad in the "drum room". I don't know how your ears could stand it! And, those LONG legs when you were a kitten...WOW, you grew into the biggest, tallest cat. Just ADORABLE you were.

Time to go for now Mr J-Man...I hope you have been hanging with Zoe (2009) and Abby (1998); I'm also fairly certain you have made TONS of new furry friends over the years..Love ya - might seem silly to do this memorial for you 13 years after you died, but, better late than never.

Please also visit Travis and Zoe.

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