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Memories of Jordan


Jordan was only 8 weeks old when he first came to live with us. I got the bright idea that I could give back to the shelter cats and rescues by fostering and helping to find good and forever homes for the strays and homeless. Jordan was actually my second kitty to foster and went through the usual routine things like taking him for all of his shots and getting him to the adoptathons so we could begin looking for a forever home for him.

It was during those times that our special "luff and cuddles" were born. You see Jordan was found with 3 siblings by some boys in a field behind their home so Jordan was what you call a feral kitty boy and he lived up to that name for sure. He was pretty wild and everything spooked my little guy. But it didn't take him that long to learn to trust me--but anyone else?? that was another story! So when I had to take him to the adoptathons he hated it and wouldn't even look at people let alone let them touch him. So I learned to just hold on to him tight against me and it would calm him down. He was so small then that he would crawl way up as far as he could go to under my neck and just nuzzle there hiding his nose under my chin. Thus were born our "luff and cuddles!" Of course that didn't sit well with the people who ran the group because they wanted him to be adopted and more than once I had words with them about it. I was not going to force him to go to people he didn't want to. Long story short, that was the end of our fostering and Jordan became an official member of the Potter household and our lives were forever blessed by the joy and love he brought into it.

Much to my 3 girls dismay who were about 6 years old--you could say he rocked their world! Zena, Scraps and Neek were playful and perky but not a dynamo like their baby brother Jordan! Jordan tried his best to get his sisters involved in his antics and playfulness but usually was the one who ended up with "egg" on his face so to speak! He was so mischevious and sneeky but always had this "who me?" innocent look about him. At times he would antagonize the girls and I would have to reprimand him. But all he had to do was look at you with those greem eyes and you had to smile or even laugh and couldn't be mad at him! I always told him he was the best "suck up" I had ever seen. He would know if he had done too much or was in trouble. He would come up to me usually on the couch and just inch his way closer and closer looking up at you as he moved along--who could resist that face?? I never found out how to do that! Of course then he would proceed to the "luff and cuddle" phase and I was a goner. Imagine too by this time Jordan is a big healthy boy weighing in at 10 - 11 pounds and yes he is still trying to fit up as close as he can up to my neck for luff and cuddles!

Jordan loved Q-tips! Yes, even dirty ones--blah.... I always had to be careful when I used Q-tips to either flush them down the toilet or put them in the bottom of the trash. But sometimes that didn't stop him. He would dig all thru the little trash can in the bathroom to get to them and I would come home and chewed Q-tip parts would be strown thru the hallway! One of Jordan's favorite places was the top of the cat tree where he could see everything that was going on and use it as a rocket launch!

Jordan loved his belly rubbed and would just roll over for one anytime! He was beautiful with his dark black stripes on gray and on his underside he had shades of brown in his fur. He also slept with me on the side of the bed where I could put my arm around him and he always had to have his head right up against my face.

Jordan was a robust, healthy boy until just a month or so before we had to say good-bye. I had thought I noticed one side of his neck being a little more puffy than the other but then I would look again and think I must be imagining it. It was during a time when my daughter and kids visited for about a week and most of the time Jordan stayed under the bed. This really wasn't unusual because even though Jordan loved me he never lost all of his feral nature and would hide when strangers were around. Even if you saw him pretty often he was leery. Then I had the carpets cleaned so again under the bed. After a few weeks and all that was over, Jordan came out like his usual self. But by this time I could tell that the side of his neck had gotten much more swollen. So off we went to the vet. Dr. Melchoirs took one look and said he was afraid for Jordan. He took him to the back, did a biopsy on the spot and found my boy had a very aggressive sarcoma. It was in such a place that he said it was probably all wrapped around cartilege or bone and there would be no chance of getting it. Chemo was not an option which I wouldn't have considered anyway. So I was told to take my boy home and enjoy the time we had left.

It was one month to the day of Jordan's diagnosis that I lost him to be the biggest evil named cancer....slowly off to peaceful sleep as we shared our last "luff and cuddles."...sniff

But Jordan's memory lives on and his feisty, playful spirit will always be a source of joy to my heart. Run free my sweet boy, stay close to Bo and one day we will all meet again. (along with Dusty, Coco, Sydney and Boots.) Love, Mommy

November 10, 2017 Another year has come and gone without you in it my little feisty boy! Hard to believe so much has changed yet the emptiness of not having you here is felt every day. Every time I see a Q tip, it brings a smile to my face reminding me of how you would seek them out to play with. I miss you and love you my sweet boy that was taken way too soon. Until we meet again, I will think of you every day..love Mommy.

November 9, 2016 Tomorrow will be 5 years since you left Mommy for the comfort of the Rainbow Bridge. Although it broke my heart to see you go, I knew it was your time my sweet, sweet boy. The ugly cancer had taken control and was starting to affect you and I couldn't bear for you to have any suffering. You were the sweetest boy and cuddle bug. I can close my eyes and almost feel you climbing up to nuzzle under Mommy's chin so tight. I can see you darting and dashing through the house in your healthy days and I am sure you are having fun romping the hills and valleys at the Bridge every day in the sunshine. You loved laying on the top of the cat tree letting the sun pour down on you. I saw a kitty calendar today that I almost got for a friend. It was about "shaming kitties!" That means kitties getting into trouble and being naughty. That surely wouldn't have been you would it? Yes, you used to be naughty to your sisters sometimes but even so I loved you so much. Watch for me at the Bridge my sweet boy--I will see you and all your siblings again. Love, Mommy.

November 10,2015 -- On this day four years ago your physical body left me and a piece of my heart had gone with you. But in spirit my sweet boy, you are with me every day. Thinking of the many memories makes me smile and I long for the day I will see you again. I know you were there to greet Neek this past summer when she came to the Rainbow Bridge. I still think of you every time I reach for Q-tip and the pictures of you with one in your mouth makes my heart smile. I miss those special love and cuddles that were so special to us. Take care of your sisters for me until we meet again at the Bridge one day. Love you so much, Mommy

June 2, 2015 -- Happy Birthday my sweet little boy! Mommy still remembers you as kitten and what a little fire cracker you were. Anything that moved got your attention and off you would be to see what was going on. I miss you and your boy antics so much! You were definately the best fly catcher ever. Your sisfur Neek is not up to jumping for flies and Tink just has no interest. How I would give anything for a special luff and cuddles with you. I miss you every day and have your picture, along with your sisfurs and brofur Opie, right beside my bed. I love you forever Jordan and can't wait to see you again. Love, Mommy

December 25, 2014 -- Meowy Catsmouse my little boy Jordan! I bet you are having a great time at the Bridge with all your friends from the Boyz Klubb but stay out of trouble! I miss seeing you dart around the house light a flash of lightening and the next minute be on my lap crawling up to my neck for our special luff and cuddles. How I miss our special times. I will remember you always until we meet again, love Mommy.

November 10, 2014 -- Where has the time gone by sweet cuddle bug? It is 3 long years ago today since you left Mommy for the Rainbow Bridge. And then some days it seems like only yesterday as my mind recalls memories of the times we shared and I smile. There was never a dull moment in the house when you were here. I know you must be keeping every kitty on their toes up there at the Bridge. Enjoy frolicking in the green grasses and warm sun until we meet again. I love you so much my Jordan.

September 7, 2014 -- What I wouldn't give to see you dart from the living rooom couch across the room and down the hall! You were as fast as lightening. Mommy misses all your energy and tactics although sometimes you were naughty! But then you would flash that sorry look on your face and who could ever be mad at you when you would transform into my sweet, lovey boy? You were the little nuzzler and I sure miss you laying beside me at night. You were taken way too soon from Mommy and I miss you.

June 2, 2014 -- Good morning my sweet cuddle bug! You would have been 12 years old today and I know you will have a big celebration at the Bridge with your brother Bo and sisters Zena, Scraps and GrayLady. Mommy misses you and your luff and cuddles more than you know. As I sit here all of your faces run through my mind...your pouty face when you were in trouble, your happy face when it would be time for a treat, what I called your "suck up" face when you wanted to get out of trouble but most of all that loving face I saw every time I looked into those pretty green eyes of yours. So many memories of you flood my mind this morning and I am thankful for all the time I had with you even though it was way to short. Love you always, Mommy

February 22, 2013 -- Mommy just stopping by to say hello to my catsome boy. It has been so cold here I can just see you cuddled in your hooded cat bed! I know you are basking in the warmth at the Bridge and watching down over Mommy and only Neek now and Tink who you never met. I miss you still my boy as much as if it were the first day you left and can't wait for the day I see you again. In my heart and love you always, Mommy

Merry Catsmouse my Jordan! Mommy sure would love to have one of your luff and cuddles. I miss you so much my little boy and all your energy at this time of year. I put up your picture with your Santa hat and angel wings! You loved it all--playing with all your toys on Christmas mornings and getting into your stocking. Mommy hopes you had a good Christmas at the Rainbow Bridge with your sisfurs and big brother Bo. I love you always my cuddle bug. Love Mommy

November 9, 2013 -- My dear sweet Jordan...Mommy misses you as much as if it were yesterday. Two years have passed but at times it seems as if time has stood still. At times I still find myself looking behind the bed at night before I go to sleep. I know your spirit remains there always as it is does all around the house. I love you my boy and miss our luff and cuddles more than you could know. I know you are watching down on Mommy. And I know you were there to meet your sisfur Zena when she got to the Bridge a few months ago. I am sure she ran to you and probably tried to give you a bath! She missed you so much after you left and would often visit your special places.

Now my boy, I need you and Zena to cross your paws for your sisfur Scraps. She isn't doing really well right now. I love you Jordan and will always miss you every day until we meet again. All my love and special cuddles, Mommy

November 11, 2012 -- My mind has been filled with memories of you this weekend my dear sweet Jordan. I thought back to the time where they made me give you to another foster home because I was "getting too involved." When I took you there you ran and hid and the lady called Mommy a few times saying you would never come out. They supposedly had you "adopted" and didn't want me to put up a fuss!! Then on that Friday I got the call the people changed their mind and did I want you? Did I want you?? what did they think? They told me they would bring you back to me that evening. They came in with you in the carrier and all the girls came over to the carrier to see you. Once the door was opened you went right to the food bowl and started eating!! The lady looked at me in amazement saying he wouldn't even come out at their place. I simply said to her "That's because Jordan is home!!" Soon the holiday are coming and how you loved Christmas just like your sisters. You loved doing the wrapping too a little too much and one night you got a hold of that curly ribbon and couldn't get it out of your mouth--I tried and further in it went! Called the vet and she said she would meet us at the office, we needed to get that out before it started to go thru your intestines. So off we went and you, Mommy and Dr. Jill sat on the floor of one of the rooms as she gave you some stuff to make you vomit so that would come out. You just kept walking around the room, nothing happening and you had to have another dose! Then came the belly upset and vomitting and Dr. Jill saw the ribbon and pulled it so gently out. What an adventure that was but lucky we got it before it could cause damage. You were not allowed to wrap anymore after that incident--LOL! Sometimes you were sure a handful but one of the sweetest, cuddliest and loving little handfuls I have ever known....Love you always, Mommy.

November 10, 2012 -- One year today since you went to the Rainbow Bridge? Can it be? Seems like only yesterday that you were running around the house and melting my heart with those gorgeous green eyes. Home is just not the same without you my boy running from one room to the other and never knowing what you were up to next! It is a beautiful day out today, probably a lot like it is at the Bridge, and I took Scraps out to swing in the yard for a while. I know that you are having fun being with some of your old buds again at the Bridge but keep watching over us my boy. Please remember your sister Scraps--she has chronic renal failure now and needs fluids. She is a lot like you my boy and can't sit still for very long so has been our challenge. Ya know everytime I use a Q-tip I still remember to hide it in the trash can! Sending you my love as always my cuddle bug. And thanks for visiting Mommy the other night--it sure was a nice surpise. Mommy loves you and misses you so much. I'd give anything for a special "luff and cuddle."

June 2, 2012 -- Happy Birthday my sweet boy! I never would have thought that I would be wishing only your 10th birthday to you at the Bridge. You left me way to soon my little man. There has not been a day gone by this year that I have not thought of you and missed those speial love and cuddles only you knew how to give Mommy. Such an empty place has been left in our home and I have not yet been able to pen down your life story on here but I promise I will soon. Zena misses her buddy and sends her love to you. Scraps and Neek too. Sending you many hugs, lots of love and a special love and cuddle to you. I am sure you are having a wonderful Purrday at the Bridge with all your friends that have also gone on. I am sure you have been hanging around with your good buddies Keek and Bentley! I love you Jordan and always will. Love, Mommy

Januaray 7, 2012 -- The holidays are over and things are put away but over all your memory remains constant in Mommy's mind every day. It was today that I just gave your sisters their Christmas stockings--they were hung on the hutch as they have been every year and Mommy hung yours too my baby. I just couldn't bear until now to let the girls have theirs without you with them, you so loved your stocking. Your furriend Sara sent you lots of toys and treats, I know your spirit was with us. I had to smile looking at your stocking my Jordan since some of the wording is not very clear since you liked to lick the glitter from your name!

Miss you my cuddle bug. Love, Mommy and sisfurs Zena, Scraps and Neek

December 17, 2011 -- Mommy can't believe it has been over a month already since you have left and made your journey to Rainbows Bridge. I love you baby and miss you so much. I still find myself looking behind the bed thinking I will see your precious eyes looking up at me and reaching your paw out to me....I know that you are once again well and able to do all the things you loved so much. I hope that you have been spending time with your big brother Bo who made his way to the Bridge many years ago. I found Zena laying in your spot behind the head of Mommy's be the other day. I think she misses you my buddy and sends you nose loves. We all miss you and all your sisters are staying close to Mommy to help through missing you so much. I sure do miss our "love and cuddles" -- noone can cuddle like you my sweet boy. I miss you darting around the house like a bolt of lightening and the silly way you used to scoot around on the top of the cat tree when Mommy would talk to you. We haven't put the Christmas tree up yet -- I didn't know if Mommy could because you loved so much to lay under it

Love and miss you so much, Mommy and your sisters Zena, Neek and Scraps

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