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Memories of JOJO (Justin heflin)
Little JoJo was such a fascinating and wonderful baby. He did such funny things. He was little, but demanded respect and a little fear. So many people were a little hesitant about reaching out to touch him, as he thought he was all of it...and he was.
He hated it if he thought you were laughing at him... He would look sideways at you and snarl... I remember my daughter Angela once was sitting beside him on the couch and thought he was so cute and she started laughing, he looked sideways at her, turned his lip up and growled... She turned her head and tried to ignore him, so he wouldn't come after her... She was so surprised.
Then there was the time Maggie who was living at home at that time, they had a love hate relationship, tho she was the one who originally brought him home, she was sitting on a footstool one day and teasing Jo as she did sometimes, she said something to him and before she could get off the footstool he was on it and grabbing her by the butt.
He was a special friend and companion of Roger's tho, from the day Maggie and I brought him home, he took him put him in his lap and from that day forward, whenever Roger was in the house, JoJo was on his lap...he spent almost 17 years on Roger's lap. I know if I hurt as much as I do, Roger must hurt so much more.
I have so many stories to share about his life and will do. God Bless You JoJo, please cross over that rainbow bridge often, to visit, we love you always my baby.
Jan. 27, 2013..... Just had to come back and visit, I am so happy about all the new friends you have made, so happy to know you feel good again, thanks so much for coming to me the night you left and trying to get up on the couch with me, it meant so much to me. I'm going to upload some pictures of you soon so everyone can see how beautiful you've always been. Please tell Dylan, Macey, Colorful, Sarah, and Paco we still love them very much. I will also be sharing stories about you, there are so many.
do you remember living on the farm and sitting on the couch with your brother Dylan looking out the picture window waiting for daddy to come in for lunch, and then you would sit in his lap during lunch, and then wait till he came back in that evening and spend the evening in his lap.
But your and Maggie's relationship was so funny, when you didn't want to eat, Maggie would say, I'll eat it, and pretend like she was gonna eat it, then you would roll your lip up make a really ugly face at her and then you would eat it, just so she couldn't have it. We did that most of your life to get you to eat, it became a habit, or ritual before you would eat. How I wish we could do it once more.
Feb.3, 2013.....hello my precious little darling, I just can't help but cry every time I think of you, I love and miss you so much. I received a beautiful message from a nice lady who visited your rainbow page, she quoted an old Indian saying that I will share with you and hold dear from now on... " the soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears" how true, and so I send you rainbows every time I think of you.
I know Maggie visits you a lot and sends you messages and gifts, she loves you very much too, so visit both of us often .
Go, run, play nap in the glow of the rainbow, as you play with new friends as well as your family there, Macey, Colorful, Sarah, Precious Dylan whom you spent many years with, Hunter,and Paco your big brother who was waiting for you to welcome you. I love you JoJo.
January 7,2014........ Hello my precious baby, so sorry I haven't been on here for awhile, I just haven't been able to bear it. Every time I did I would just break down and cry, like today when Maggie called and we talked about you, I don't think I'll ever be able to think of you without the greatest hurt in my heart.
I did say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you but I know you are aware of that.
I have been calling your name as I talk to Cody so I know you're around. Since you have left some of your brothers and sisters have joined you,as I know you greeted them when they got there.
Your brother Kelly the cat has now joined you, as well as Lillie (Jimmie) has. Please make them welcome and tell them how much I miss them, but know you will look after them.
Also baby I know you are aware that Luna Walton has joined our family. I actually saw her on Walton's Mountain, she was running free with a bunch of puppies that she had had at the soap stone factory and was trying to take care of them all by herself. She was running the road and we were so scared that she was going to get hit. We fed her left over pancakes we had from breakfast. She was so hungry. Then we saw her eating on a dead deer alongside the road as we were leaving and our hearts broke. We called the pound but there is no leash law in that county so nothing much was done about it. To make it short, she never left our minds so I called about her and lo and behold she was now at the shelter as someone had picked her up at the soapstone factory. So I put it before the Universe as to what I should do and now here she is with us, I have told her all about you.
I want to take this moment to thank everyone who has been visiting you and ke eping you company, may the universe be with them. Especially your sister Maggie who loved you as much as we do, and who keeps up with you often.

I will be coming back real soon and promise to do so more often this year. God bless you my precious one, hello to Paco, Macey, Colorful, Sarah, Amanda, Dylan, Kelly, Jimmie( Lillie), And Tiny, Pookie, Elvis and You too Hunter I have not forgotten you. Also JoJo please welcome Tyler, as he has recently joined you, make him welcome.
October 15, 2014........ Hello again my precious boy, sorry I took so long, but my heart breaks every time I come on here. Thank you so much for visiting me, I know you jumped up on the couch beside me last week, please continue to do that.
And Jo I am so happy you and Dylan came and visited me in my dreams a few weeks ago, OMG it was so wonderful, you both ran and jumped into my arms, I could feel your warmth, your fur, the joy, I know it was an actual visit, please come again and let me hold you!!! Tell Jimmy I think of her often and I am planting a special little garden for all of yall where she is now resting, close to Kelly.
Kelly I will never forget that you waited for me to come home that day before you left, I still cry for that day , bless you. Thank you for those last few moments with you.

Dec. 9, 2014.... Hello my precious beautiful boy... Stopping in to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to my wonderful faithful furry children, that I miss so much and love with all my heart. JoJo please watch over your brothers, sisters and cousins as you are the leader. See that they are happy, tell them I love them. Please tell Lilly (Jimmy) how much Little Vanna misses her as we all do. I am starting to get upset so I will say see you soon, as I know all of you will come to see me for Christmas.... hugs and kisses....
You and Dylan came and visited me one nigh and ran and jumped in my arms, you were so warm and soft and I didn't want to let you go.....
Since I last visited you many of your canine and feline cousins have joined you......please say hello to Rocky, Hunter's brother who has recently joined you.
Maggie keeps up with you faithfully. And I know you appreciate it. Please say hello to Macey, Kelly, Sarah, Colorful, Jimmie (Lilly), Dylan, And Paco,
I will come back and put more stories on about you and your brothers and sisters... Thanks to all of you dear people who visit you.
JULY 11,2016......HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET LITTLE BUNDLE......you will never know how much I miss you and your sisters and brothers.....you and JoJo were the lights of my life.....Your brother Cody and your new sister Luna Walton say happy birthday also....I will come back and relate some cute stories about you so people will know what a precious and funny baby you were....
My arms are so empty without you and JoJo.... Please come and visit me again...I was so happy with your last visit and the feel of you in my arms again....
Say hello to JoJo, Macey, Paco, Sarah, Kelly, Colorful, your cousins Hunter, Rocky, Lilly(Jimmy), Tyler, Tiny, 8Ball, TT, Rolex, Pookie, Elvis, And if I have forgotten any please let them know it's not deliberate ...
Until next time,,, All My Love..........
OCT. 3, 2016..........Hello my beautiful JoJo....I miss you so much .... Every time I visit you I cry.....since I last talked to you more animal family members have crossed the bridge toe with you.... Please make them welcome and introduce them to everyone and fill them in on the family....
Little Jake has joined his brothers Hunter and Rocky just recently... I am sad about him too... He loved his human family.... Please tell him nanny says hello....
I will visit again soon, please come to visit me again, bring Dylan and Kelly with you.... I love y'all so much....xxxooo
Happy New Year(2018)JoJo and all my precious babies over the rainbow bridge...Kelly, Dylan, Macey, Colorful, Sarah, Paco, Amanda,Midnight,Orangey,Jimmy (Lilly),Jake,Amy.
Mister your cousin has recently joined you please watch over him..I have so much love for all of you in my heart.
I miss you so,come visit whenever you wish.
My precious Justin,Dylan,Macey, Sarah, Colorful, Pumpkin, Amanda, Orangey, Midnight, Snap, Kelly,Vanna's Lilly (Jimmy), Our faithful Paco, and last but definitely not least...my beloved and precious most loyal companion Cody...
My heart hurts for the loss of each and everyone of you..words cannot express my feeling of loss. I think of you all and have actually had visits from a few of you..i offer with open arms and heart any visit from any and all of you at any time..please come..Mama lives and misses you...xxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooo
And your cousins...Chiefie,Tank,Harley,8ball,
Mister,Rocky,Hunter,Jake a loving little pal...and Taylor.and the many that i remember but don't remember the names...have fun over there and God bless ...

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