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Memories of Joe Bud Conroy
"We spoke in tears of fifteen years
How his dog and him,
They traveled about.
His dog up and died
He up and died
After twenty years he still grieves."
-Mr. Bojangles-

March 1, 2022-How can you be gone 12 yeas, Joe Bud? How?? I miss your sass! I wonder how many people in Heaven have seen your upper teeth? Are you and Mikey always together? I know you are. I miss you forever. I love you.XOXO

April 26, 2021--HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE BUD!!!! You are 26-years old today in Heaven!!! Are you having cake with Mikey? Joe---Frodo is going to Heaven tomorrow. Can you be there to greet him? He doesn't want to leave his family. I will always miss you, Joe! I wish you were here to have a double party with Lanny-Mom. I wish I could see you open your presents. I love you forever!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

March 1, 2021-Joe Bud--Today is the Anniversary of your Homegoing. Today is Monday, just like in 2010. We miss you always. Are you playing with Uncle Mikey? I know you are. And, I know you were there for Mikey's Homegoing. Love you Joe! ALWAYS AND FOREVER! XOXOXO

March 11, 2020--Joe Bud--You went to Heaven 10 years ago this month! How can you be gone that long?

April 26, 2019-

Happy Birthday Joe Bud! You are 24-years old in Heaven today. Are you celebrating with Mikey? Lanny-Mom said she is giving you kisses on your little snoot today. I hope you get a lot of goodies up there. Be a nice boy and know that we love and miss you all the time. See you in a minute. Love you!! Lanny-Mom and Kelly-Mom xoxo

March 1, 2019--Joe Bud--today is the 9th anniversary of your Homegoing. Where did 9 years go? Are you playing with Mikey? I know you are. Lanny-Mom said to tell you that she kisses your snoot and whispers to you "I love you." Please watch over us. We miss you always, and all of your crazy antics. No dog will ever open a present quite like you. We love you forever. Love, Lanny-Mom and Kelly-Mom. See you in a minute!! XOXOXO

April 26, 2018----Happy Birthday Joe Bud!!!! You are 23-years-old in Heaven today!!! We miss you. We know Mikey is with you in forever land. Please watch over us. WE LOVE YOU!! Love, Lanny-Mom and Kelly-Mom "See you in a minute!!!"

March 1, 2018--Joe Bud---Eight years ago was your Home going. We still miss you every day. Are you playing with Mikey? I hope you are making good choices! Please watch over us. I love you forever. Mama xoxoxoxo

For April 26, 2017--

Hi Sweet Joe Bud and Happy Birthday. You are 22 years old today. Wow! I hope you like your cake and share with Mikey and friends. I am so thankful that we had 15 awesome years with you having so much fun with you and loving you; you always made us laugh! I know you and Mikey are together celebrating your big birthday and, of course, your furry friends. I miss Mikey and you so much. Your Home Going was a while ago but Mikey ' s was just a few months back. I miss you both so much. We will all be together in just a minute as Mikey would say! Until then, You and Mikey are in HEAVEN where all is good and happy and peaceful. Is Mikey calling you Josephine like he always did on earth here? I bet he is!!!! Wish I could kiss your Snoot like I used too. Remember this sweet Joe, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU BOTH AND MISS YOU. IT'S HARDER HERE ON EARTH,SO PLEASE YOU AND MIKEY WATCH OVER US EVERYDAY! SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN I LOVE YOU AND MIKEY AND MISS YOU BOTH! Lana/Mom and Mom/Mother. Xo xo ❤

Joe Bud....you are turning 22 in Heaven today. I left you a birthday cake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE! 22 years ago today, the world was blessed with you and all of your awesomeness. You made me smile so much. I love you and miss you. I know you are with Mikey celebrating. Please watch over us. We are so lost. I hope Heaven is wonderful. Earth is really hard. I LOVE YOU FOREVER! SEE YOU IN A MINUTE!!!!! XOXOXOXO MAMA XOXOXOXO

March 1, 2016

Joe Bud---Six years ago today you went away. Mikey always called it your "Homegoing." Now Mikey is with you, too. We cannot believe you are both gone. We picture you both together. Remember how you bit Mikey's toes when he watched you at the hotel?? What are you both doing up there? Can you see us down here? Can you help us? Can you help Mom? She is so heartbroken. Please watch over us. We love you and miss you. XOXOXO Lana-Mom and Kelly-Mom. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

April 26, 2015-

Happy Birthday Joe Bud! You are 20 years old today!! I know you are celebrating with Mikey. Please take care of each other. I love you always. XOXOXOXOXO

March 1, 2015---Joe Bud, 5 years since your homegoing, as Mikey called it. Now, you are both together. I wish I had put your ashes in Mikey's casket so you could be together forever. I can't believe 2 of my best friends are gone. I am utterly heartbroken. Joe and Mikey----PLEASE HELP US!!!

Nov 20, 2014-

Joe Bud---Mikey died. But you already knew that. I know you greeted him at the Bridge. Please watch over all of us....we are grief-stricken without Mikey. We just cannot believe it. Our hearts are in pieces. XOXOXO

Stay close to your friends: Fifi, Mitzi, Taffy, Pacey, Charlie from next door, Charlie from Cincinnati, Darby, Kody, Zeus, Ike, Benny the fish, Ashley, Belvi the Chipmunk, Geddy Lee, and most recently, Ainsley. ......I love you forever....Mama....xoxoxo

April 26, 2015-

Hi Joe Bud, it's me Lana-Mom. Happy 20th Birthday little man---special little man. I know you and Uncle Mikey are together now; so please be together to celebrate and have fun on our birthday. I miss you both; it seems like you both have been gone for so long. Celebrate together and take care of each other. 5 years ago your Home Going and almost 6 months since Michael's Home Going. It's so lonely here without you guys and I love you and miss you both terribly. Happy Birthday Joe Bud. Sending you lots of snoot kisses to you! Love you always XO Lana-Mom XO


Joe Bud was a spitfire from the first night we brought him home. When he was a puppy, he used to fall asleep sitting up. We would watch him--his eyes would get really heavy, his head would start to bob, and then he would just fall over on the floor. Joe loved sitting in the sun for hours-even if it was just a spot of sunshine on the carpet. He had lots of cuddle buddies, blankets and beds. Anytime he heard the crunch of an apple, he would fly down the stairs to seek out the apple eater. One time, he tore his ACL while running for a bite of an apple. Carrots were another favorite of his! No matter where he was, once we started cutting up a carrot, he was right there at our feet. Holidays were stressful for Joe, with lots of people invading his space. However, Joe got through the holidays because he knew there would be a treat of ham, turkey or dressing later in the day. Joe was always a good sport on Halloween. He would allow us to dress him in his costume....well... just long enough to snap a picture or two. Joe was the only dog we knew who could literally open his own presents. He always received tons of presents on his birthday and Christmas, and was spoiled throughout the year, as well. Joe would step on the present to hold it down, tear open the present, and not once eat any of the wrapping. Joe had dog bowls, but never liked to eat alone. He preferred to sit on the couch while we doled his food out for him--always choosing the chewy pieces first, then leaving the crunchy ones as a last resort. Joe was born in 1995 but did not have to contend with any children until 1998. He was a good boy with the kids, and only sometimes would snarl at them or warn them with a cautionary (little) bite. We always thought all dogs loved to walk, but we now realize that Joe didn't know he was a dog. When he did go for walks, he was scared of everything--sewer lids, buses, realty signs--all were seen as threats to little Joe. But, from his perspective, the world must have seemed such a large, scary place at times. When he knew it was time for a walk, he would literally stop and refuse to move past a certain point of the driveway. Our Joe was such a fighter and was determined to overcome any illness or ailment. Throughout the years, Joe had several ear infections, surgeries and other obstacles he overcame--including learning how to walk again after a slipped disc completely paralyzed his legs. Joe's will to live was palpable. He made our lives better because he loved us unconditionally. Fifteen years wasn't long enough for us with Joe, but we thank God for bringing him into our lives and hearts.

Run free Joe, with all of your friends. And until we meet again, please watch over us on Earth.

Love Mama (Kelly Rue)


From Lana-Mom:

Joe, My Little Buddy, My Sweet Boy, My Cute Little Man,

I can't begin to say how much I miss you---all of you---your snoot that I loved to kiss and your soft neck---I loved all your moles, especially that one and all your whiskers; the way you would prance back to the house like a puppy; I miss you in the morning when I wake up and all through the day and at night and all the little rituals myself and Kelly did with you. We had so much fun with you and I wish you could have stayed forever. I hope you know all the "I love you's" I whispered in your ear. I loved you in the Summer sun when I could see all the shades of your beautiful fur, faded and all. I loved you in the Spring; And in the Fall and Winter---how you hated the wind and the noise of the leaves blowing down the street. Remembering the walks and how you were suspicious and afraid of every sewer lid, sign---anything and everything. Oh Joe, I miss you all day everyday---I'm so glad and thankful we had almost fifteen years together. I hope you are running and playing, young and healthy, and that you can see us and see us loving you. I want to mention everything about you, all the great things, but it would take forever. You brought sooo much fun, love and joy to myself and Kelly (Mama).

Soon it will be Easter Joe Bud, and I know that's the reason you are fine, young again, healthy and doing all the fun things dogs do, and playing with so many friends. That's what Easter is all about--So Happy Easter Sweet Joe!

Just know that I Love You, I Love You, I Love You--Remember Joe??

Thanks for all the years--all the great memories!

I Love You Still & Always.


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