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11/26/2013 - As usual, as the holidays approach, I think of you even more. I was just telling my bestie the other day how much I missed you. I was telling her the story of what Bailey did when you passed over to the Bridge. Of course I cried while telling this story. The love I have for Bailey and Gunner is intense. However, Joe, you are still my special baby. You can never be replaced. You were a unique GSD. The bond you and I had will never be broken or matched. Gunner has grown into a fine young man. I really believe you would love him, mommy sure does. Mr. Bailey is still a fighter and continues to live on despite his health issues. His legs just don't work any longer. He is now in a doggie wheel chair. Stop laughing, ;)You still wouldn't be able to out run him. We know our time is limited with Bailey. We cherish each moment we have with him. Kiss Max for mommy. Tell him I love him. I love you so much Joe. You are truly missed. Doggie love until we met again <3

06/11/2012 - It's been six years since you left us sweet boy! Although time has helped with the healing, my heart still aches for you! You are still very terribly missed. Sometimes when I look at Bailey and Gunner, I can imagine you right there with them. Your pictures are still all over the house. Mommy never could put them away. I have never let your memory fade sweet boy! Although still heart broken, I can now remember the good times we had without so much pain. It depends on the day I guess. Sometimes, days when I think of you, I smile and somedays I cry still. Old Baiely dog just turned 9 in March. He is a trooper. We almost lost him two years ago. But Bailey is a fighter! He is hanging in there. Gunner turned 3 in Sept of last year. He is a mess! Spoiled rotten just like you were! He reminds me of you. Except he isn't you! I still mean it when I say there will NEVER be another you! You were truly a unique german shepherd! Kiss sweet Max for mommy! And big mommy hugs and kisses to you sweet Joe! We all love and miss you bunches!!! Mommy, Daddy, Bailey and even though Gunner never met you, he knows you through mommy!

01/22/2012 - Joe mommy is so sorry for not visiting in a long while. Don't think for a minute I haven't been thinking about you and missing you terribly! It's been 6 yrs since you went to the bridge. My heart aches today as much as it did when you left me. Little Gunner is now big Gunner! He reminds me a lot of you! Bailey is still with us, he is getting so old. I'm sure in a few years he will be coming to the bridge to be with you =( He misses you terribly too. If I say your name, he looks for you still. You are still my special boy. No dog or human being will ever have the place you have in my heart! Kiss Max for me and BIG Doggie LOVE KISSES TO YOU!!

Joe, Mommy hasn't visited in a long time, I am so sorry baby. We lost Max shortly after we got him. But you already know that because he is at the bridge with you. COL Yes, my heart was torn up again. We just got another little german shep, Gunner. He is so precious and mommy has put him in a bubble so no harm can come to him. lol It doesn't matter how many shepherds I get Joe, none of them are you. You were truly my heart. Don't get me wrong, I love all my babies, but you were truly a special dog. Christmas is always hard on us because we don't have your sweet face on Christmas morning. That was always your favorite day. WE love you baby.

Joe, you have a new little brother. I think you already know that because mommy believes you picked him out. He is a very close resemblence of you. He will never be you though. His name is Max and he does things all the time that reminds me of you. Mommy, daddy, and Bailey's heart is still broken in a thousand pieces. We miss you so much! I wish I could hold you in my arms and kiss on you they way we used to. A day doesn't go by that I don't think of you. Mommy loves you Joe.

5/7/07 Hello Joe you little stinker! Thank you for picking out our little Max. But mommy and Daddy wanted to keep him. I think you wanted him for yourself. He is now at the bridge with you. You always did get what you wanted, didn't you? Take care of him. He was just a baby and needs guidence, which I know you will give. Your death anniversary is coming up next month. How will I deal? Mommy, Daddy, Bailey miss you and Max terribly. Our hearts are still broken and we still cry for you. You will never be forgotten as you were a huge part of our lives. Kiss Max and tell him we love and miss him! I love you baby boy, Mommy

June 10, 2007 Joe, today it has been one year since you left us. You would think after a year we wouldn't be so sad. But we are. Our hearts hurt today as much as it did the day you left. Bailey hasn't been the same since you left. He took your passing very hard. He looked up to you and loves you so much. I can mention your name to him and he looks at me with those sad eyes. Unfortunately, Bailey became the alpha dog after you and I think he never really bonded with little Max. He is glad you decided to be the big brother to him. Mommy and Daddy miss Max but we know you are taking good care of him. Joe, mommy talks about you ALL the time. People that never met you feel as if they know you. You are still my favorite subject. Mommy thanks God for blessing me with you for the five years we had together. I know your first two years was rough ones. I don't know how anyone could be that mean to you. I will never forget the day we met. When our eyes met, you and I both knew we were meant for each other. Mommy turned you into the best o dog. Your doc was even amazed at how I turned you around. I don't understand why God let us find each other and then took you away. I guess he needed the best o dog in his Kingdom. I know you are probably his alpha dog. I can't imagine you any other way. You always had to be number one. Mommy, Daddy and Bailey miss you more than you can imagine. A day doesn't go by that your name isn't spoken. Mommy and Daddy still cry for you. (Especially Mommy, you how I can be). You were not just an o dog to me. You were truly my son. One that changed my life forever. You changed Daddy's life too. Because of you, he loves German Shepherds and that is all we will ever have. However, no matter how much we love each and every one we will ever have, Joe, there will never be one like you. NEVER! You are truly one of a kind. We are expecting another little puppy this fall. Please don't take him too. LOL You know you will never be replaced. No other boy can be you. We love you very much boy, Mommy, Daddy and Bailey

10/17/07 Joe, Mommy can't stand the thought of you not being here. I have cried my eyes out for you. Mommy has had some tough challanges in her life the last couple of months. And I was used to having you here to make me feel better. I look for you every where, even in the great big sky. Although I cannot see you I know that you are there. I wish you were here with me so I could rub your velvet black and tan hair and kiss those big ol ears. Mommy will be with you one day but until that time comes... roam free in the sky above at the bridge and never forget how much you are loved. Kiss Max and tell him mommy loves him bunches! Aww, don't be jealous just do it. LOL Mommy

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