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Memories of JK
JK, our sweetest little man, I wish I could've known you as long as Mom did, but I'm so thankful for the short time we shared together. I can still see you walking down the hallway at Mom's the first time I had the pleasure of meeting you. I will always cherish the time we spent together, holding you in my arm, scratching your belly, out in the yard watching you explore your jungle, eating grass, or laying in the warm sunshine. Thank you, dear friend, for sharing your stories, and your life with us. We will always keep you in our hearts, and find joy in the memories we have of you. Now you are healthy again, no more diabetes, arthritis, or that bum leg. I can only hope that we were as good for you as you were for us. Take care of yourself, and try to get a nap. 'Twas heaven here with you. We miss you so very much sweet little man.

Hi sweetie !!! It's Mom and Dad !!! Three years ago you left us........we cannot believe that it has been that long. We still see you each and every day, honey. Dad still tells lots and lots of your "war" stories, among others, like when you were undercover working for the CIA -- you know, the Cat Intelligence Agency. How is Stubby? I am sure that Lily was VERY happy to reunite with you, the love of her life ! And I know that you were glad to be reunited with her again, as well, sweet baby.

Be sure to give all of your brothers and sisters all our love --- we know that you are well, happy, and meeting lots of new friends. WAIT FOR US !!! JK, our little sweet man, we love you with all of our hearts, and more than words will EVER be able to convey.
Your baby brother, Jasper, is ill with a malignancy in his left ear, and also has cardiomyopathy.......watch over him while he is still on this earth. And when that day comes for him to join you at the Bridge, greet him with open arms, and head kisses.
Forever, with eternal love for you, sweet J.K. -----
Mom and Dad =^..^=

Dearest, sweetest J. K. ----
Hi, honey..........well, today is February 4, 2015. Where has the time gone, "Jable" ? FIVE YEARS SINCE YOU LEFT US !! FIVE LONG SAD YEARS.........they say that time heals........but in your case, J. K., time has had no effect on us yet. As you well know, your name is mentioned outloud on a daily basis, and I swear that one of the last four cats that chose to come live with us, can see you in the hallway !! Seriously, J. K. !! And of course, it is our "Captain Cutie-Pants".....our Jordy, that we named for, you know, our beloved JORDY RAY NELSON, #87, the white lightning receiver for the Green Bay Packers !! Jordy tells Dad all the time that it is YOU that he is watching ! He says you are always staring down at your tail, as only the tip of it is moving, and for some reason that still makes you mad.....so...you yell a loud MEOW at your tail, and then take your right front paw and do a big SWAT on that unruly tail of yours, to get it to stop moving, LOL !!! You are STILL SO FUNNY, HONEY !! Come see US sometime !! It doesn't matter if it is after we are both in bed, with the lights out, and Mom is watching her usual Tonight Show program........we just NEED to actually SEE YOU ONCE and everything will make us feel so much more at peace. Now listen here, J.K., if ANY of our children could do this, come back to earth in an angelic body form for even just 30 seconds, it would be YOU that could accomplish this task !! PLEASE !!!!!!! Keep a warm spot for us up there at the Bridge, J.K. ---- and always remember to give all your brothers and sisters extra lovins' from Mom and Dad. I know that you realize that your brother Jasper did finally go to the Bridge, after suffering that malignancy in his ear, and the cardiomyopathy he also had. Am sure he is running the whole show up there now ! KEEP HIM IN LINE, sweet little man of ours !!
and J.K., Mom and Dad love you TO THE MOON AND BACK !!!
We will message you again, soon, most precious 20 year old orange tabby kitten !
Love always and furever,
Mom and Dad, and your other 18 brothers and sisters, one brother and one sister, being doggies---you know, our three legged Paco and little Cassie Lulu...... xxoo, Jable..........enjoy all that time in the sun, sweetie-pie !!! <^..^>

Hey Buddy, we've been having some fires in the fireplace, and it makes me remember when you would lay on the hearth to enjoy the heat. I wish I could see you there again. You we're such a laid-back guy, the only one, to this date that would be content with me holding you like a baby. I miss holding you, and your sweet cooing in bed. Love you sweetest boy.

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