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Memories of Jingles
I found Jingles picture on petfinder.com. He had been found starving and sick outside near Rosemount, MN and taken to a vet. He had a parasite and was treated, and put up for adoption. He was estimated to be about 6 months old. On 12/14/12 I called and made an appt to see him. I had lost another cat to kidney disease in 4/2011 and was ready for another.

The tech took Jingles out of the cage and brought him to an exam room. I followed. His coloring was orange and white and I noticed that first. The tech left us alone and gave me treats. Jingles ate the treats and let me pet him. He was about a foot long and 7 lbs. He was very playful.

The tech came back and I said I wanted to adopt him. So she took a picture of my drivers license and I signed the papers. Jingles attacked the pen as I did so. I paid the adoption fee. She asked if I needed to get things ready for him and come back, and I said no.

I brought in his cat carrier. The techs let Jingles say good bye to the clinic cat. They gave me some of his food and we got him in his carrier. I drove him back to my town 10 miles away, He cried the whole time. I stopped at a pet store and got a litter box, and he cried there too.

For the first two weeks Jingles knocked over my table lamps as he ran around at night, and I replaced broken bulbs. I considered returning him but wanted to make it work. Eventually he found my bed and we slept together.

My relationship with him was very complicated. He was very playful and demanded attention constantly. I did my best to play with him. Jingles frequently bit and scratched me. I was hoping this behavior would go away as he got older. However, it got worse.

I got a full time job in 11/13 that required me to be gone 11 hours a day between the commute and work hours. This seemed to make Jingles even more clingy. I live in a small apt and it was not practical to get another cat, I saw several vets for behavioral consultation. One recommended more playtime. When I was home, I did my best to be there for him.

Jingles was easily startled. He would come and sit on my lap, but would claw my legs as he ran off as the phone rang or someone passed in the hall.

But he could also be very loving. Several times in 2016 I was going through a hard time and Jingles seemed to seemed to sense it and lick my hair. I am a single person and became very dependent on him. I loved coming home to him. I wanted to keep him and make it work.

in 6/2016 I saw another vet who recommended Prozac. Jingles would not take the pills even in a pill pocket so she prescribed a formulation in the ear which he would not take either. I also tried feliway diffusers.

In 8/2016 Jingles clawed me so bad on the leg after the phone rang that I went to urgent care and was put on antibiotics. I made an appt to euthanize him. I was concerned he would continue to injure me, perhaps more seriously, or hurt one of the workers or another resident in the apt complex.

On 8/26/16 after talking extensively with the vet, I asked her to euthanize Jingles and she agreed. She said he was feral and probably missed the crucial socialization period. I said we tried all we could and I did not blame her. She asked if I wanted to be present. I said no. I was concerned I might make the process more upsetting for him and her so I said goodbye and she took him away.

My parents were with me and paid for the euthanasia. The staff said how sorry they were and sent me a sympathy card a few days later.

I am still grieving for him. I loved him so much. I feel guilty that I could not make this adoption work. I cry a lot, work is hard and I will see a counselor on 9/13.

I learned a few things from Jingles: enjoy life, and sometimes things don't go our way even how much we try.

I hope to see Jingles and my other departed cats in the afterlife. People at work are bugging me to get another cat and I am not ready yet.

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