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Memories of Jill
I remember the first day we adopted Jill, I took her to pet smart and She was like a kid in toys r us, Jill picked out Her own bed, stuffed animal an ostrich and a tennis ball. Jill loved to play, She would play all day running around with Her toys. Jill also loved to go for long walks every day
with my Husband and I. Walking will never be the same without Her. When I would go out She would sit on Her bench at the front window and wait for me to come home. Her favorite place to go was grandma & grandpa's house,She loved Her Grandpa best and would sit on His lap in the backyard, or
would go upstairs to the computer room and sit next to Him all day. Jill's best friend was Bette my sister's boston terrier, who misses Jill very much, they would go for car rides and long walks
with my sister and I every weekend.

Hi Baby, Mommy misses you, I will never be the same without you. I sleep with your toy wolf and
hope you will visit with me. Jennifer, Jessi & Ryan made Me a beautiful photo album of all the photos they took of you through the years, there are pictures of you with Grandpa, Aunt Honey,
Aunt Julie and your best friend Bette, and of course Mommy, I look at the pictures of you everyday.
I know you were worried about Me, but I'm getting a little better everyday, hopefully I'll be better by Thanksgiving. I love you Baby, My little Jilly Bean, Love Mommy Oh! I almost fogot Aunt
Patrice made a donation in your name to the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Baker
Institute for Animal Health, She loves you very much.

Happy 4th 2009 Jill, Mommy still misses You very much, It hasn't been easy without You, but I'm trying. I rescued a miniture Schnauzer from Sound Pet Rescue, I named Her Sabrina, She is very cute and smart, We go for walks like We used to, but Sabrina pulls alot. I really miss You Baby!
I love You Mommy. Happy 1st anniversary Baby, I still miss You alot, I LOVE YOU MOMMY.

Sept. 29th 2011 Happy 10th B-day Baby, Mommy Loves & Misses You very much. Hope Your running around playing with Friends. Love You Always Mommy.

Sept. 1 2012, Hi Baby, Mommy misses You! Aunt Honey passed away July 3rd, I hope You are with Her & Uncle Ted, they loved You too. Mommy won't be home for Your Birthday, so I am wishing You a Happy Birthday now. I miss You every day, but I know You know that because when I was sick again last month I felt You coming up on the bed, I could feel Your foot steps coming up to Me. We are forever connected My little Jilly Bean, I love You so much. Love You Always Mommy XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO.

Sept. 25 2013 Hi Baby, I think of You everyday. My little Sabrina is very sick at the vet, please watch over Her for Mommy. I can't take losing another Baby so Young. Aunt Julie has a new Baby, Her name is Kimmy Sue. I know You and Bette are with Me and Aunt Julie all the time, We can feel You and Bette's foot steps on the bed when You visit. I love You My Peanut and Bette too. Love You always Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.

Oct. 22 2014 Hi Baby, I think of You all the time. We have a new Baby, Her name is Sasha. Sabrina loves Sasha, Her personality is alot like Yours, I wish You could meet Her. Sasha is a Shih Tzu, She is white with blonde patches and brown on Her face and ears. Sabrina & Sasha are always playing and running laps in the Yard. I Miss You and love You xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Mommy. Ps Kimmy Sue is doing good, and Aunt Julie sends Her love to You and Bette.

JANUARY 17 2018 Hi Baby Mommy still misses You, I guess You know Grandpa and Grandma both are gone now, I hope You are with Them. I also lost Sabrina right after Christmas on the 28th, She had bladder cancer, I Miss Her so much I am going to start Her a Memorial too. Please look for Sabrina, Bette loved Her too. Sasha has been sick ever since Sabrina past I hope She will be okay, She is on Meds for Nausea and doesn't want to eat. Please watch over Sasha Baby, She is only 3 years old. Please tell Sabrina that Mommy Misses Her and still sings to Her. 12/28/18 Aunt Julie's Kimmy is with You, Bette and Sabrina now so please look for Her. Love Mommy X0X0X0. 9/18/20 I still think of You everyday Baby❤😘

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