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Memories of Jigs
Jigs . . . . . you came in to my life when I adopted your mom Rosie, from a rescue. You were one of nine that came 4 weeks later. I found all of you good homes but when I asked for you back, you were there. Over the past 8 years you were there for me. You saw me through more then a few relationships and consoled me through many tears. You have always been special to me. You accompanied me to work, kept me company at home and was content to be my co-pilot, waiting eagerly and sitting quietly in the back seat of the Cub. When I decided that I should include someone else in my life, you accepted him. There would have been no other way. When I took you to Seattle to find out what was going on with you, I know you knew that I did my best. Although the surgery went well, you could not fight the pneumonia. You told me with your eyes, that you could not go on any longer. Please know that I love you more than anything and that you will always hold a special place in my heart, forever.

Hey there Jigs . . . . I didn't expect so many people to write such kind words. It is nice to know that others know the kind of relationship we knew. I do miss you, so much. They say I should try to remember all the good times with you but am having a very hard time with this. I only can
remember the last three weeks. I do remember that after they gave you some medication to help with the inflamation you did give me the most wet, slobbery kiss . . . something I never had experienced before. Something new and to remember. I do miss you.

Hey there Bud . . . . now that the tulips are coming up, we know that spring is here. Oh, how I wanted you to be here one more time with me, to work outside, plant flowers and just hang out. I miss you always trying to crawl on to my lap, just the half of you that fit. Oh, to be a bit closer. Sitting by the big spruce beetle burn last night, I could almost feel you there. I wonder if this feeling of missing you will ever go away. I put some tulips there for you too . . . and a rabbit. You know it is your job to chase them away.

More then ever, I miss you today. It's that time of year when I have that ever stressful work event in a few weeks. You were my little consolation. I would just give you that big hug and you seemed to absorb all that tension and stress I was feeling. You knew exactly what I needed and allowed me to hold you more then tight. How is it that puppies know just how to do this and people just don't seem to get it? Wish you were here laying under my desk while I work.

Hey, Buddy . . . ..
I still miss you. I'm trying to decide if I want you outside in some sort of shade garden or if you want to stay where you are, . . . by my head when I sleep. I still cry everyday. I just miss you being around.

I started your shade garden today. It's the place you and Rosie used to race each other every morning when I let you out. You would run to the top of that little knoll covered in moss, a perfect place for a garden. I don't know if you are going to be there yet, but it will be your place here on critter ridge.

Hey there sweetie, when I go out to the green house you are there. You helped keep me company when I was doing that tedious painting. The hardest part of all of this is that I did know something was not right. I did spend lots of time with you. I took what I called a sabatical leave, one where I would not have to come in to the office so that I could spend time with you. I made it a point to remember what it felt to hold you ... kiss you and just wrap my arms around you. You didn't mind a bit. When you used to follow me around the house and just sit there close by to be with me. I remember what it felt like to pat you on your flat rump. I made a conscience effort to remember. Now I sit here trying to remember . .. . and I can feel you, because I was prepared. I only wish that it was actually you.

We haven't had much of summer here. I know you are probably laying in the sunshine everyday? I know if you were here everything would be a bit warmer. Sweetie, I keep reminding my self that God created all creatures and that you are one of them. I will get to see you again. How in the world did you ever come in to my cold heart and just find a place there? Five months have gone by and there has not been a day that I didn't think about you. Tears are not as frequent . . .

OK, not so many tears until I lost your pictures off my iphone. I am still hoping they can be recovered. I miss the snuggles in the morning. You would come around to my side of the bed and very gently place your paw on the bed waiting for the word that it was OK. You were so good about listening first to make sure it was time. You would lay there so still . . . . not moving at all. We are off to Ireland this next week. This will be my first trip where I don't have to miss you. I have placed some shamrocks in a pot so that you can be a part of this too. Please give yourself a hug from me. I guess I haven't stopped crying yet. Oh, I forgot to tell you that you ARE my photo on my facebook page. Love you, Bud.

Hey sweetie,
Yes, the guys that used to stop by the office used to comment on how you answered to "sweetie." We are back from Ireland and you know I did think about you ALOT. Mrs. T thought I should try to find a replacement while I was there. I will never find a replacement for you . .. however I did find something four legged. A horse, an Irish Sport Horse. I knew it was going to have to be something very big, so here I am trying to decide if this horse (Master's Daughter) is something I am ready to do. Oh, by the way, something really weird happened. A photo of you showed up on John's email yesterday morning . . . . a photo of you that I sent back in February . . . . just after you had that steroid shot that reduced the swelling in your head, you were feeling so much better. He said, thank you for the photo I sent at 7:30am. Eight months later? Hey, you must have known you are on my mind daily and that I maybe I needed something to show me you were still around? Please know that I will never, ever forget you. You were my true soul mate . . . my "bud," always there for me. Good night. P.S. I guess someone thought I needed your pictures on my iphone. They are all safe and downloaded now.

Hey there,
I still miss you Bud. Your pillow is still in the bedroom. I have decided and it is a done deal that Leesha is coming to Alaska. I couldn't even try to replace you so I have decided that this little filly is going to have a home here in Alaska. I am excited. I am sure you would love her. There are few days when I don't think about you, maybe none. You were my little confidant.. . . someone that I talked to everyday. I would be lying if I thought the Annie missed you. I think she enjoys having both of us to herself. What a mess. I do think you for teaching her all that you knew. "Go lay down" is one thing she does remember, thank you. Love you, my buddy.

Hey there little Buddy,
I still think about you alot. You know, I do know you know, that my Dad has been in ICU since October 21st. Fifty days in ICU. God has done a miracle here and do believe that everything is going to turn out well. Do you remember how you wouldn't let those guys do therapy on you? You refused to let them mess with you? My Dad is the same way. Wish I knew what I know now. I would have taken better care of you. Therapy, feeding you, . . . . I know I could have made you better. Please know I still miss you terribly. Maybe you are one more reason why we are no having a Christmas tree this year. Love you Bud.

Hey Sweetie,
It's February and this is the month when I took you to Seattle. We had to say goodbye to my father a week ago Monday, January 31. Do you know I still miss you? I seem to look for something to love, but nothing can replace you. You were my Buddy. Please know I can't wait to see you again. Stay hi to my Daddy for me.

I haven't written in awhile . . . . its not because I haven't been thinking about you. You are always with me. Your shade garden needs some attention but it is looking good. And, you would sure like the new barn I am building. You and I would have had a really good time just hanging out there. I still remember how it feels to rub your ears, pat your little rump and see your tail go out of control. You were my sweetie and always will be, my little bud. I had to go over and see your sister the other day just to get a little bit of you. Know you still have all my love.

Your sister had a birthday on the 23rd of December. She is 10. We all went to celebrate and of course you were part of the celebration and the topic of conversation. I guess Greg has finally found something he likes . . . . he has asked that I send him a bit of you fur to include in a layer of paint. He said this is more of a work or art then a painting. How did he know that have a little bit saved although I am still finding bits and pieces of you all over the house. I still have a place for the painting on my wall but I am thinking the new barn might even be more suitable. You would have loved it! Next month you will have been gone two years. . . it seems forever ago. I forgot to save everything the last time so you have been stuck in summer for a bit. Here's so you can enjoy a bit of snow too! Love you.

I visited and watered your shade garden last night. . . . . and I have some more flowers to plant for you. I haven't visited the Rainbow Bridge for a while but that doesn't mean you haven't been in my thoughts. I still miss you bud. I also wanted to let you know (but you do already know) that I had to get two to fill the big whole that you left. They are not at all like you. Marco and Sarafina are all white, with long, fluffy, wooly hair. They only thing you have in common is that you are all big. You would have gotten along just fine. Also, any day now there should be a giant painting of you arrive. We'll see if they did you justice. I am not sure where I will hang you but it will be a special place. Hey bud, wish you were still here with me. You will always be my A, number one friend. Love you bunches, still.

You are huge! The painting Greg did is just awesome . . . . and you found a place exactly where you belong, in the kitchen, hung just by the door where I see you every morning. We have quite a farm up here now. You would be in heaven. Ducks, chickens, a goose, of course the horses and a wee little girl you may be a bit jealous of but would love and protect completely. Miss you bud. My friend said she believed that animals can be soulmates. You were mine.

August 4, 2013
The wee little girl has turned in to an all consuming, every minute task, but it is OK and know you would have been OK with it too. The summer has gone all too quickly and trying to scrape every minute we can from what the Alaska summer has to offer us. Hey Bud, I hope to go fly the airplane this summer but its not going to be without you! Despite all . . . . you are still my BUDDY. As Billy Graham said, "God will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in heaven, and if it takes my dog being there, I believe he'll be there." I look forward to seeing you again. . . . kisses.

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