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Memories of Jewel
Jewel was born June 23-2011, I was fortunate to be able to adopt her and bring her home a few months later. I drove from Lawrence, KS with Jewels Step Grandma Rhonda to the Kansas City Airport where other boxer pups were getting shipped off to their forever homes. Jewel rode on my truck floor board with me paying close attention to her while Rhonda drove us home. That night when we go home Jewel met her human mom Tina and her boy Jaime who was 4 years old at the time. Tina and I had a large kennel set up for her right near the backdoor so jewel had easy access outside. I'm sure I took her out and then that night I lay down in front of Jewels kennel and slept there with her first night. Jewel was a very smart boxer from the beginning. She knew how to fetch a ball or toy and how to sit with almost no training. As well when Tina and I were potty training her, we put Christmas bells on the door that Jewel quickly learned and would ring when she needed to go out. Jewel continued to use the bells to signal her needing go out until later in her life when I installed dog doors that allowed her to go out as she needed to. I seem to remember Jewel being the last of the liter from her breeder and because of that and her being the runt was a little cheaper. However to me she was and is so beautiful. She was never a runt and was so incredible smart, kind, gentle and playful. Jaime, Jewels boy was 4years old when she came to be our Boxer so he had fun growing up with her over the years. I remember the high energy she had and once out of the house would run all over the place. Once I got a call from Tina that Jewel was out and she was going to be late taking Jaime to daycare and she would be late to work if I didn't come home and help catch her. Well as soon as I drove up the street behind our house there she was. Jewel knew my truck and it was me and I am guessing she new the fun time was over as came right to me. We soon got a shock collar and invisible fence that she quickly learned the boundaries of "her" yard. Jewel was so very loyal to me and her humans. She often went on car rides and truck rides with me. Wherever I went she wanted to go. I was so fortunate to have such a smart fun dog to spend time with.
At some point Tina and I got a Pontoon Boat and like everything else I did Jewel was a part of that too. We bought Jewel her own dog life jacket and she went to the lake with us all the time. Jewel loved to swim and would for hours, swimming and floating with us in the water. She was always at such peace when we were at the lake. The lake was a calming place for she and I , I never thought about that until now. Although she was a dog she was so much like me in many ways . As my life went on and Jaime got a few years older Tina and I divorced. Jewel always knew her Mom Tina, and Tina knew her Jewel. Whenever Tina would come to pick up Jaime or Jewel was with me, Jewel was quick to get out and see Tina. At times Jewel would even jump into Tinas car as in hopes of another car ride that she seemed to never get enough of.

A few years later while living on my own I decided it was time to get another boxer and I decided to adopt Mae. Mae was a surprise to Jewel, but Jewel the kind hearted dog that she was, just wanted to figure out all she about this new young pup Mae her new sister. Mae and her started off great, although Jewel towered over Mae she began to teach her the ways of a boxer she was the best Big sister. These two loved to go on walks together, car rides with me and just hang out in the yard when I was landscaping or doing yard work. Jewel was Maes' big sister and Mae was her bestie, they spent hours together and always were waiting for me to come home. I have often wondered what they may have thought while together or if they had wishes for me that I didn't ever figure out? On the girl birthdays I always would buy a pound of turkey and a toy. It was a celebration that always included the two sisters whom were eager to indulge in the tasty treats at the party. Beth Jewels Step mom even got some really great slow motion videos of Jewels enjoying her Birthday Turkey treats. Now when we give things to Mae we say have this for your sister Mae. I am certain Mae misses her as much or more than I do. I am happy to know one day Mae will see her again and I hope when I cross they are there waiting for me. I miss the licks Jewel would give me and the wiggles of joy she would bring to the car when I arrived from a day at work. These wiggles would intensify and I would say to her "work it girl" as she shook her butt even more. As well upon arriving home and going in the house jewel would always pick up a sock or shoe or a toy and bring it with her into the house as her gratitude to use that we were home. She did this just the other day, one of many MANY small things I will miss my beautiful Jewel pup doing.....

In 2020 December I sold my home in Lawrence, packed up my house , Jewel and Mae ,I and a Uhaul trailer moved to Lees Summit where my next chapter of my life began. Beth, her son David and Alaya welcomed Jewel,Mae and I myself into their lives. Jewel was always on the lookout for someone dropping food or leaving a plate of food down low unattended. Alaya is a fun young lady and Jewel enjoyed her being around her. Jewel as well as Mae I believe they often thought they were kids too. I can add to these two as kids another day. Anyway there was the oneway I had some fingernail polish out I was using on a hitch cover for my Maverick and Alaya had a grand idea to paint jewel nails. Jewel stood there and let Alaya paint them hot pink, which they just recently grew out and or wore off. As I have been here in Lees Summit it has been a regular occurrence for Jewel to be the first one out to see me home, shaking it like always. It will be sad not to have that welcome greeting any longer but she left a good impression on Mae who does a pretty good job of welcoming me home now. When I was home and outside they were always outside with me. Jewel would pop a squat and pee in the yard and I think she knew I didn't like it but I think she did it to get me to pay a little extra attention to her. She would often be found laying in the cool grass in the summer which is what I was just thing about while writing this today. It has only been one day and a half and oh how do I miss having her around. Her snorts, her hog dogging, snoring panting hobbling up and down the stairs always with her eye on me. Love you so so much Jewel Pup. As Grandma Heide always would say ....... Goodbye for now...... As she knew she would see me soon. I too know I will see you soon Jewel and I will return here with new thoughts and stories as they surface. Thank you Girl

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