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Memories of Jewels
Our beloved Quaker Parakeet, Jewels, went to the Rainbow Bridge on January 19, 2021. We are deeply saddened and miss him everyday. He is in our thoughts as we awaken and again when we retire to rest at night.

Jewels flew into our lives on a sunny summer day in 2002, bringing joy, laughter, affection, devotion, loyalty, and sheer innocence and beauty. His vibrant colors of green, blue and gray were mesmerizing, and now leave a longing for their scent and softness of his feathers. These colors reminded me of brilliant gemstones, thus the name Jewels. Every day we had with him was a gift.

Throughout the years, he was always there for us, and we were always there for him. There was only one time that we were away from him for 10 days during his life. He knew we would never leave him willingly. Our devotion to him never wavered.

Jewels was absolutely the sweetest bird you could ever meet. He would kiss for as long as we wanted, loved bathing, taking a walk, and riding in the car. He thoroughly enjoyed playing in his night cage doing his "building" with leather shoelaces that Quakers are infamous for. After having him for a short period of time, we came to the conclusion that he was as intelligent as the larger birds but in a smaller package. Favorite toys were foot toys, and anything with strings that could be wrapped in the bars of the cage, such as toys with beads, shoelaces or any material that could be wrapped in the bars of the cage. He would get his work done and I would come by and undo it. He was always supervised playing with strings. As long as we were home, he spent most days outside the cage.

He and Casey, yellow-sided Green Cheek Conure, could never be together without being supervised, but they loved each other nonetheless. They would always call for one another if in different rooms. Jewels appreciated his flock mate for avian company. Casey is still hurting from the loss of Jewels but with each day he is getting better.

Jewels was an angel on Earth that we were blessed to have crossed paths. He was a very calming soul. Sadly, his life was cut short due to illness that I believe was congenital. We spent most of his life searching for what was wrong because he didn't act quite like other Quakers we met. We are grateful that we had 18 1/2 years with him, and we cherish every minute he was here. Our memories of him will always be filled with love and fondness that we were fortunate to have lived with a soul that was so angelic.

Jewels was a star. He was featured many times in the annual Quaker Parakeet Society's calendar, as well as once in the RAAVE calendar.

Jewels joins our other members of the family at the Rainbow Bridge: Pete, Pepper, No Name (budgies), Sparky (Cockatiel), and Boo Boo (Green Cheeked Conure). Also Labrador Retrievers: Carson, Austin, Abby, and Sage, Tipsy, an adopted German Shorthair.

We are grateful to family and friends that have sent thoughtful and meaningful messages.

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