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Memories of Jettah
4/20/16: We knew your time was close but it's one of those things you are never really prepared for when it happens. Your Dad really took it hard and having just lost your playmate a few weeks earlier made your loss just that much worse. We loved your funny little ears and the way you would bark at mealtime until we fed you. You just couldn't get those meals fast enough. You had the greatest bark--soft and kind of husky. How we loved your bark and your little "gorilla" face. That completely black mask with those big, soft, bright eyes. Your eyes were bright all the way to the end but your body had enough. When they found that tumor in your left lung, we knew it wouldn't be long. Now you can breathe clearly and run again. No more wheelchair. I hope Shooter was waiting for you at the bridge. Please lick his face for his Mom and Dad. Both of you were the very best dogs and the house is just too quiet now--it's the first time I've not had a dog and it's killing me. We will see you again some day. In the meantime, enjoy being pain free and run to your little heart's desire in a place where you are whole once again. Always know how much you meant to us, how much you will be missed and how much you were loved. Thank you for the gift of you.

4/21/16: Jettah: I can't quit crying. I come home and it's so quiet. I lost you and Shooter so close together and my heart is just broken. I see your wheelchair in the garage and I break down. I wish you and Shooter could come home. My precious babies. I just hope there isn't any more heartwrenching events in my life any time soon. Losing you, Shooter and Teddy all in less than 2 months has taken its toll. The devastation is killing me. Your Dad and I love you and miss you our sweet sweet Jettah girl.

6/5/16: Hi Jettah Girl: I just visited Shooter's site and let him know how much I love and miss him. I wanted you to know that I love you ,too, and I still think about you all the time. It was so cute when you would "talk" to us. I miss your soft, husky bark--you are the only boxer we've had who did that. I miss your little gorilla face and your soft, bright eyes. I still haven't had the heart to put your wheelchair away, though I should because it hurts to see it sitting there in the garage. I haven't made up my mind yet whether I'll keep it or maybe give it to someone whose dog might be in need of one so they will have the extra time with their dog that the wheelchair gave us with you. I am still having trouble getting past having seen how hard your Dad cried when we left the vet's office that night we left you there. And I have trouble with the fact that we left you there. I think we should have brought you home. Logically I guess it doesn't matter but I have a lot of regrets about that. We have a new baby now. She's a boxer, too. Her name is Tula. She's adorable and I love her already. But I still miss seeing you laying on the couch. I miss taking care of you when your health started to decline and I want you to know that you were never, ever any trouble--all the way to the end. Even when your Dad and I were tired, even when we had to get up with you in the middle of the night, even when we had to clean up after you--you were worth it. I understand that death is a part of life; I just wish it didn't hurt so bad. I love you, Jettah baby. I always will.

4/4/17: I can't believe you have been gone almost a year now. And that Shooter has now been gone over a year as has Teddy. I so miss your soft face and ears. You were such a good girl. What a gift you were to us and wonderful gifts are never forgotten. Since I last wrote, we got a new baby boy. His name is Aristotle. We call him Ari for short. He's a brindle like you but with a lot of white. I call him the clunker chunker. He's a hunk and very clumsy which also makes him very endearing. And he hangs his tongue out all the time. I tell him he looks goofy. He and Tula are good for one another like you and Shooter were for each other. I have to admit, neither of them have been the bad puppy you were but they have their moments. When we look back at your antics, we have to chuckle. Amazing such a rotten puppy turned into such a good girl. Anyway, I wanted to check in and let you know we miss you and love you and always will. Our sweet Jettah baby.

4/16/2018: Another year and yet it still feels like yesterday when you went away. Do you remember how I used to sing to you--the Jettah Baby song? And I would sing the "Oh and So and Puppies" song to you and Shooter. They were such goofy songs but you guys didn't mind at all. Gosh you were soft. You had such a soft coat and soft face. I loved that little black face. I hope someday they find a cure for DM. I see posts from other boxer lovers whose boxers have DM and it makes me so sad, especially because I know what they are going through. You were such a joy. So funny and sweet and fun to kiss and hug. I miss you so. I love you Jettah baby. I always will.

5/8/2019: It's been three years now since you left us. Three years. I still see you standing in the family room barking at us. You had a funny bark and such a funny face. I sure do miss kissing that super soft, funny face. To this day, I regret that we didn't bring you home after we lost you. I know it really doesn't matter much what happens after we die, but I wish we had not left you at the vet's. We should have brought you home and buried you at the farm. I hope you can forgive us for that and I hope you will always know how very much we truly loved you. What a joy and gift you were. I'm so grateful we had you for 11 1/2 wonderful years. So now I've checked in with you and Shooter and I'm crying. I guess that's what love does and we will love you always baby girl. Our Jettah-Girl. I miss you sweet baby girl.

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