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Memories of Jessie
On Friday, September 17, 2010 at 10:00 a.m., I had to let you go to the Rainbows Bridge. That was the hardest decision I had to make. While giving you little kisses and holding your head, you went quietly and peacefully. My sweet baby girl, I hope you are enjoying your time running with all the other furbabies at the Bridge. Remember no biting. :) I know you are happy and healthy now and that I made the right choice for you. I had the wonderful privilege to have you in my life for 16 years. I will never forget the day I brought you home. You were full of life and had so much spunk. You gave me nothing but unconditional love. You were basically my shadow. Wherever I walked, you walked. I miss walking in and you jumping up on me to give me kissies. You would immediately throw your bear bear (her favorite toy) to me so we can play. Even though you were 16 years old, you can still run like you were a puppy again. When it was dinner time, you were right there eating along side of me. I tried to not give you too much junk food, but you really enjoyed your chicken (all kinds). I know chocolate is bad for dogs. However, this little dog would know when I had chocolate. She could smell it a mile away. She loved peanut butter cups. I would only give her a little piece on occasion. It was also rare that she liked eating sunflower seeds. She was indeed very unique and a special little dog. I will always cherish all the special moments we had together. Baby girl, I light a candle for you every night. I hope you see it and know that I am thinking about you. No one will ever take your place. You were my very first dog, and you will always remain precious to me. Jessie, you will always be in my heart forever until we meet again. {{{{{{{{JESSIE}}}}}}}}

9/17/11 - Hi Jessie girl, I can't believe it's already been a year that you have been gone. I still miss you pretty much everyday. I miss seeing your cute little face when I get home from work or when I'm watching TV. You would always be right there by my side. Sometimes you would throw your body against my arm and just chill with me. I miss those days. Chiquita & Lucky are always a handful, but I guess they have found their way without you. Lucky seems to have taken the seniority role..LOL You were the Queen of the house and now you are running with all the other animals at Rainbow's Bridge as equals. I know you are at peace and enjoying the sunshine pain free. I'm sorry you had to go through all the pain in your mouth and that aweful veternarian who broke your jaw and put you in more pain. I still think about it, and sometimes still get very angry, but I know I have to let it go. I know that you are safe now and happy. I have to keep reminding myself of that and to let the past be the past. You will always be my special little angel...even though sometimes you were mean to others, but I know you were only doing that to protect me. I have seen you in my dreams and it brings a smile to my face. I love & miss you my baby girl and sending you lots of kissies!!!

Love, Mommy xoxoxo

6/12/12 - Jessie, as you know, Scrappy passed away on 6/11/12. I know you have greeted him and you both are running freely at Rainbows Bridge. Watch over him, as we are all saddened by his passing. Show him the ropes and please let him bring some smiles back to our faces. Sandy and David miss you Scrappy so much and they have an empty feeling inside. Scrappy knowing that you looked at David one more time before you took your last breath is undescribable. Be good little doggies and watch over us from time to time. We miss you Jessie and Scrappy. Love always, Momma xoxoxo

9/17/13 - Jessie baby, it's been 3 year's since you went to Rainbow's Bridge. I miss you. I still have your pictures up at work. I see your cute little face every day. Now here I am a year later, you should know by now that Lucky and Scrappy both are now with you at Rainbow's Bridge. I know you all are playing together. Chiquita is doing good and we now have a new addition to the family, Precious. She is sure a handful and very lovable. She is so hyper and only 3 months old. Gotta love the Chihuahua's. I'm looking forward to Fall, and I just wanted you to know that I think about you especially at this time of year. I will always love you. You were my first doggie and you will always be in my heart sweetie. Love your Mommy xoxoxo P.S. Give my love and kisses to Lucky and Scrappy!! They are missed too.

9/17/14 - Hi Jessie. Well here we are another year has gone by. I hope you, Lucky, and Scrappy are all playing together. Chiquita and Precious are doing good. Precious has soooo much energy and she still is in her puppy stage. Chiquita is getting older but still loves to play and get attention. I come across your pictures often and still miss you very much. You will always be my #1 baby girl. I hope you have a brand new chew toy at Rainbow's bridge. I'm sure it's warm and sunny day with a slight breeze. Just know that I think of you often. I miss all the fur babies who have passed (Jessie, Lucky, Scrappy, Puppy, and Toto). Keep on running until your hearts content. Sending you lots of hugs and kisses. Love your Mommy xoxoxo

9/17/15 - Wow, I can't believe it's been 5 years already. I still remember that day so vividly and how I hurt so much to have to put you down. I had to do it, because you were in so much pain with all the seizures you were having. You are now healthy and whole and running and jumping just like you always did. I know you are with your other siblings. I miss you Jessie and I still love you so much. Thank you for being there for me when I was down. You always seemed to make things so much better. You were such a wonderful companion. You will always be in my heart and I will never forget you. I love you baby girl. Hugs and kisses, Mommy xoxoxo

9/17/16-I miss you baby girl. Please watch over Chiquita. She passed on 12/9/15. I miss both of you so much. Precious is still running around healthy and happy at 3 years old. Although, sometimes there is just such an emptiness without your presence and without Chiquita. Thank you both for being such wonderful and beautiful doggies. Your forever in my heart. Sending lots of kisses, Mommy xoxoxoxo

9/17/18-I can't believe it's been 8 year's since you have gone to Rainbow's Bridge. You will always be my first doggie, Jessie. Sorry, I haven't visited much on here the past 2 years. You are always in my heart. Precious is still going strong and I know you and Chiquita are running around having fun. I love you always. Sending you lots of kisses and hug, Mommy xoxoxo

9/17/21-I know Jessie it's been a while that your Momma has visited your page. You are still in my thoughts, and I hope you are running and playing with all your friends at Rainbow's Bridge. Say hi to Lucky, Chiquita, Scrappy, Toto, and Puppy for me. Precious is doing very good. She's a good doggie to us. I wish you could be here to play with her. She's now 8 1/2 years old. Thank you Jessie for always being the protector and so loving. I hope you are visiting Mom often. I love you and now go run and play nice. Hugs and kisses, Mommy xoxoo

9/14/22-Hi Jessie, it's Momma checking in on your anniversary. It's been 12 years now that you have been gone. I still think of you and enjoy looking at your pictures on your memorial. Thank you for being my baby girl and for being such a loyal fur baby. I miss you. Precious is now over 9 year's old and is aging gracefully. She has white hair over her face now. She is something special. She is so attached to Ritchie and then I am second in command if he's not around. If she's feeling sick or hurt, she runs to me. Otherwise, she is glued to my brother, Ritchie. I see so much of you in her; although she is not mean. You were only mean when you thought someone was getting to close to me and thought they would hurt me. You were there to protect me always. I hope you are having so much fun at the Bridge with all the doggies especially Chiquita, Lucky, Scrappy, Puppy, and Toto. I know we will all be reunited one day. Now go get your bear bear and have fun playing. Muchos kisses, Momma xoxo

9/12/23 - Jessie, I hope you are having fun at Rainbows Bridge. Momma misses you so much. I keep your page going in memory of you and to help other doggies by giving back. I miss you Jessie. Thank you for being such a special doggie and give me unconditional love. You are always in my heart. Many hugs and kissies, Momma x0x0

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