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Memories of Jessie
Jessie left me in June, after a long spell of hypothyroidisn, which eventually led to kidney failure, though we were treating her. She has been in my family her whole life, coming to my Mom as a 6 month old. When Mom died in 2006, she became my kitty. I have always loved her, and after she came to my house, it grew. She was my best friend in the house of 4 cats. She never had a mean attitude in her whole life. She was a loving little princess. She slept on the left side of my pillow every night. Now all I have are memories and pictures. I have her photo sitting on my bedside table now, and I can't decide if it makes me feel better or worse. This is the 4th kitty of mine who has died since my first rainbow bridge kitty, Mia, in 1998. I don't know why, but this pain feels worse than ever. I nursed her through her sickness and she rallied for awhile, but then abruptly things went bad. My heart is broken.
Jessie sweetie, I want you to know you are always close to me, I see the pilow by the window that you loved, I say goodnight to your picture every night. I don't know how to believe you are really in the ground, and not just around the corner. I am so sorry I couldn't save you. I love you.
June/2011 Hi Sweetie, You are still with me in my heart, as much as the day you left. I am still so sorry I could not save you. Late last year we adopted a stray kitten. She is wild and kind of mean, and I can't help comparing the sweetness of your heart with her . There will never be another cat like you in this world. Leo and Sabrina and Bella say hi, and we all miss you.
Jessie today its been a year, and I miss you just the same. You still sleep with me at night, just only in a picture frame. I wish I could bring you back. I sure hope we all can be together again someday. Are you with Mom?
Dearest little Jess, its another year gone by,(now 7/12) how does time pass so quickly? I truly hope we are all together someday, i miss you so much. I can't seem to get over your being gone, did you know I have a cross with your name on it over your space in the yard? Jose put it on, in pink, just for you, little princess. I will never forget you little one..
Hi sweetie, its now 2013, and 3 whole years since I have seen you. I pray you are with all the other loved ones in heaven, I miss you so, you should have been with me longer. There is always a place on the pillow for you. Leo and Sabrina sleep in bed with me now, but your spot is still open, just wishing you were there. I hope you are having a happy time where you are now. I can't bear to think anything else.
Hi Jess, another year has gone by and you have been away 4 years already. Your picture still sleeps in my room, I wish it was you so much. I will always love you and miss you, and I hope you are with Mom now. I'm sure you two are happy together, but me, I am lonely without you both. Also, how many sisters and brothers you have there now, along with all our friends babies too. I sure hope it is beautiful and happy for you. Love, Mom.
Jessie sweetie, now its been 5 years since I've seen you. The most awful things have happened this year. Leo and Sabrina both left me this summer. Now my heart is almost all gone. I hope you all have found eachother and are sleeping together on a giant bed, just waiting for me to come sleep in the middle. Life is hardly worth it anymore, without all of you, but I am going on, cause Bella doesn't feel well, and needs a lot of help. There was never such a sweet little girl as you. Sabrina was also my princess, and after you left she and Leo got even closer to me, so the loss of them hurts to the core of me. If only I can have all of you back. I really can't wait till the day we are together again. I love you always.

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