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Memories of Jessie
Jessie, you were taken away from us much too soon. Who knew that the collar you were wearing was a potential death trap? You were the most beautiful, affectionate puppy ever...trailing us from room to room, and how you loved Chloe! From the time you came home, you were with her constantly. I think the only thing you loved more was food! You reminded us so much of our departed Lacey Loo and did so many things like she did. In fact, yesterday morning before this horrific thing happened to you, I saw a small butterfly (I would see zillions of butterflies after Lacey died). I should have known then you were only to be with us for a brief moment, but long enough for all of us to fall in love with you.

Jessie, I was in such shock yesterday after you died that I couldn't cry; now, however, all I do is cry. You should have been Bill's hunting buddy, and he so looked forward to having you after having to put Keesha down in February. It just isn't fair.

I guess the only way we can look at this is that God gave you to us for one brief shining moment. You were a wonderful example of what unconditional love is all about. We will miss you, Jessie Boo. 7/14/05 - I got your ashes back on Monday, Jess, which is the day you should have been spayed. Monday was the 15th anniversary of my dad's death, so I have to believe you are also with him. Perhaps he needed a puppy to keep him company as well as with Keesha and Lacey and Precious. I still can't believe you are gone, 'snake eyes.' (Although why Christine nicknamed you that, I haven't a clue). I keep going over why this happened and there is no reason..............8/2/05 - Jessie, I asked my dad to send me a sign to let me know you're with him, and on Friday and Saturday all I saw were butterflies!!! This tells me that you're with Keesha and Lacey and I hope you're playing like crazy! I love you! 12/25/05 - Merry Christmas Jessie, even though you never saw one on earth; hopefully the Lord will look over you and have a greater purpose for you! Hopefully you are with Lacey and Keesha celebrating! 7/4/06 - Jessie Boo, tomorrow it will be one year ago that you were so cruelly taken away from us...I still can't believe that this happened, and wonder how big you would be if you had lived. I still miss you, my beautiful eternal puppy. Rest in peace.
10/9/06 - Just visiting your site Jessie, and putting a pumpkin on it. I know you never saw a fall or a Halloween....but I feel you would have loved it (and LOVED the pumpkin pie!!!!) I found that puppy tape I thought I'd lost forever the other day and played it. It made me feel happy and sad at the same time; and I feel you have grown up in Heaven with Keesha and Lacey. Someday I'll see you again........ 7/5/07 - Jessie baby girl, it's been two years today that you entered Rainbow's Bridge. You were only a baby. I will always wonder what you would have been like now and how big you would have become. Even though we only had you for ten weeks, we really grew to love you in that time. Rest in Peace, baby girl, until we can join you again.
12/25/08 - Merry Christmas in Heaven, baby girl!!!! I still miss you and wonder what a Christmas Day would have been like with you. I love you very much!!!! 7/5/09 - Four years today, Jessie. I still wonder how you would have been had you lived. I look at a picture of your mom and think that you may have looked like that. We love you, Jessie Boo. 7/6/10 - It's been five years yesterday that we lost you, Jessie girl. I hope you are happy in heaven and know that someday I'll see you again. I love you, Jessie.

7/8/11 - Jessie, seven years have gone by since we lost you. You would be a senior dog now, but it was not to be. You are an eternal puppy at the Rainbow Bridge, romping with Keesha and Lacey. Hope you met Dad as well. He would have loved you had he lived to see you!

2/5/15 - Dear Baby Jessie, Chloe has gone to join you, Keesha and Lacey. Please show her around the Rainbow Bridge. I am sure you grew up in Heaven since you didn't get a chance to on earth. I love you!

5/28/15 - Hello little one! Hope you're doing well in Heaven! I love you! :-)

7/5/15 - TEN years ago this evening, we lost you to a horrible collar accident at the age of 4 1/2 months. I can't believe it has been that long, and I miss you every day! I love you!

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