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Memories of JESSE
Oct. 17, 2023 ... Hello my sweet baby boy. Here it is, now 9 years since you left our side for the Rainbow Bridge. I pray you are having fun playing each day with your sister Abby & Kaylee, Emmy and Marnie who we adopted shortly after you left. You may remember Marnie from across the street always barking at you, Kaylee & Emmy .. wanting to join you all playing & running around our big yard. Well her parents gave Marnie to us before they moved away. Mommy & I miss you so much. I think of you everyday and have a small pillow with your face on it which I kiss and place at the head of our bed every morning. Please try to visit us occasionally in our dreams. We will never stop loving you. Hoping you visit us soon. Love, Daddy 🥰

Oct. 17, 2022 ... Hello again my big, sweet boy. I can't believe it's been 8 years since you left or side for Doggie Heaven, known as the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you are having fun up there playing with you sisters and friends. Mommy & Daddy miss you so much. Every time we look at Bella she reminds us of you. However, Bella is a handful and you where such a good puppy & dog. The only time you got into mischief is when you followed your sister Abby who also a handful at times. Her anniversary is coming up soon. Jesse, if you can please visit us in our dreams once in a while. It would help us remember all the good times we had together in. CT. It will also help mend the hole in our hearts 💕 on the day we said goodbye to you ... for now. We will be with you again when our time comes to leave this life. Love you always, Daddy. 🥰

Oct. 18, 2021 ... Hello my precious boy Jesse. Yesterday was 7 years ago we had to say goodbye to you. I remember everything about your final moments with us, as mommy & I sat with you on the edge of my SUV, then walked you up the ramp into the vets office and into a private room. You laid on the floor between us and we were rubbing you tenderly as you slowly went to sleep and onto the Rainbow Bridge. I'm sure your sister Abby greeted you with a kiss and then you went off and played together as you did in your younger years. You were both so special to us .. and still are. I pray that you, Abby, Kaylee, Marnie & Emmy are the first to greet us when our time comes to pass on from this life. Then we will be together again for eternity , and we will introduce you to all our relatives, many who you may remember. We love and miss you so much that words cannot describe. Now go play and I will write you again soon. Love, Daddy

Oct. 17, 2020 ... Hello again my sweet baby boy. Today is another year living without you by our sides. Mommy & Daddy both miss you so much. This past March we added another puppy to our lives. Her name is Bella and she is a Yellow Lab who looks just like you. Bella is such a sweet, lovable puppy. She reminds us of you although she acts more like your sister Abby. Although we have loved all of our puppies NO ONE could take any of your places. Years from now Bella will join you all at the Rainbow Bridge and you can play together knowing that you all shared the same loving parents. We Miss You so much .. xoxox

Oct. 17, 2019 ... Hello my baby boy Jesse. Today is the 5th anniversary of one of the saddest days in mommy & my life. Five years ago we had to let you go because you were suffering from various internal issues due to your age. You gave us 15-1/2 years of love and loyalty. The memories we shared will remain in our hearts forever. We miss you terribly.
Please keep an eye out for Emmy who we just lost on Oct. 9, 2019. I am going to add Emmy to our family tree at Rainbow Bridge which includes your sisters Abby, Kaylee & Marnie. I hope you will all play together and meet mommy & me in Heaven when our time comes. Stay well my sweetie baby boy and remember that mommy & daddy love you very much. xoxox

Sept. 2, 2019 ... Good morning my sweet baby boy. Hope you are still having fun playing with all your friends and especially with your sisters Abby, Kaylee & Marnie. Mommy and Daddy miss you all so much. It is especially difficult around the holidays. Your sister Emmy says hello and that she misses you to. Make sure you meet her at the Rainbow Bridge when her time comes. She will need your help adjusting to her new life in Heaven. Love you so much, Daddy.

Dec. 27, 2018 ... Another year has passed without you by our side for the holidays. We miss you terribly but please know that you are forever on our minds and in our hearts. We pray that you are playing with your sisters Abby and now Kaylee and Marnie whom we added to our family shortly after you left us. I'm sure you remember Marnie barking at you from across the street. She needed a place to live after you joined Abby so we took her into our home. She passed 1 year ago today, only 16 days after Kaylee so please welcome Marnie into our family at Rainbow Bridge. We love you all so much and if GOD is just he will bring us all together again in Heaven. Kisses & Hugs to you my sweet baby boy! xoxox

Oct. 26, 2016 ... Hello my sweet baby boy. Was thinking about you last week on the 2nd year anniversary of the day you left us, Oct. 17, 2014. Mommy & I miss you terribly .. and of course Abby too. Geez, it will be 8 years that she's been gone on Dec. 19th. Where does the time go?
Hope you 2 are having a great time up there in doggy heaven. Can't wait to see you guys again. We Love you both so much. Will write again around the Christmas holidays. xoxox

Jan. 1, 2016 ... Happy New Year to my baby boy Jesse. The holidays are not as enjoyable without you & your sister Abby cuddled up next to us. Your mother & I miss you both terribly. We can only hope that you are happy and playing together as you did when you were puppies until the day we finally reunite. We Love you! Mommy & Daddy xoxox

Oct. 17, 2015 ... Hi Jesse, daddy's handsome boy! It's been a year now since we were last together. Mommy & I miss you so much but we know you are feeling well and having fun with your sister Abby. Things are really different and sad here without you.

We've added another member to our family -- Marnie who is also a Lab mix. You might remember her barking at you from across the street. Marnie's parents could no longer keep her and were looking for a new home. After 2 months with no luck they were going to send Marnie to a homeless shelter. We could not allow that so we took her in. Marnie & Emmy get along OK but Kaylee has a problem with Marnie at times and need to separate them. But their getting better as time goes on.

Jesse, I promise to look in on you more often if you do the same. Kaylee keeps barking at the deck window almost every night around the same time so I'm thinking that you may be peaking in. I hope so. Mommy says she thinks you visit her in dreams sometimes. Please visit me as well because my heart still hurts when I think of our last moments together at the hospital. I love you so much =-( Talk to you again soon xoxox

March 28, 2015 ... Hello JESSE, my sweet baby boy. You entered into Heaven on Friday, October 17th, 2014 at about 5 PM. You were 15 + 1/2 years old and it was a pleasant sunny day; the kind of day that you use to enjoy .. laying out in the yard and absorbing the sun. But the years finally caught up with you and we all knew that it was time to join your sister Abby at the Rainbow Bridge. I regret that it took me so long to register you but hopefully Abby met you as you crossed over and brought you to your new home.

Jesse, there are no words to express how much mommy and I miss you. You were everything to us and the last link we had to your sister Abby who died on December 19, 2007. At least you lived a long and happy life although the last 12 months were difficult, especially the last few weeks. Although you had some episodes of pain near the end you seemed to be resting peacefully on your last day. I took that afternoon off from work to spend my last hours with you. We will never forget the gift you gave to us, resting comfortably in the back of my SUV for 20 minutes as we kissed and caressed you in your final moments; and then in the doctor's private room as we sent you on your way to meet Abby.

My precious boy, I pray that JESUS will allow you to visit us in our dreams as a sign that you are happy and doing well. Perhaps it will help heal our broken hearts. You were the best dog anyone could ever hope for and thankfully we have many wonderful memories of our life together. I look forward to seeing you & Abby again as we meet and cross over on our last day. That would be the greatest gift of all. We love you and miss you so much. Stay happy knowing that we will all be together again someday soon. Daddy xoxox

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