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Memories of Jerry Sy
Jerry was such a pretty boy, he was often mistaken for a girl. When he was but a puppy the markings on his little face resembled a cow so much that he was almost called Moo-Moo. On his chest and belly was what seemed like a blanket of soft white snow. When he would stand up on his hand legs for treats, we would call him bunny rabbit.

Jerry liked to frolic in the grass (not on the pavement ) on walks and always stayed to your left (he was so O.C.D. about that). He and his littermate Tommy were the first two of what would eventually become our pack of 5 fur babies.

Jerry bumped heads with Tommy for Alpha and often lost in their little scuffles, but it didn't matter. Jerry lived and breathed for Vene. A one owner dog, was Jer-Jer. No one could ever measure up to the love he had for Vene. He was singularly loyal and protective to the end.

Jerry had a little phobia about towels. He once got his head stuck in a wrought iron gate and when a fireman tried to help him get it out by putting a towel over his head, he never got over the fear. Jerry often expressed his fear with nips and sprays. He had a 'Caution' label on his file at the Vets office. He was just very sensitive, that's all. Jer-Jer loved egg whites, bananas, carrots, kongs with peanut butter, beef bones, bacon, greenies and chicken and liver treats (in moderation of course).

During his later years, Jerry's thyroid issues developed into Cushing's disease (producing too much cortisol). This, like in his littermate Tommy's case, lead to dryness and itching, and hair loss. His brown fur was so bleached out it almost matched his white fur and it was dry and brittle. A stark drastic change from his once soft coat.
With diligent care, the doctors at Newport Harbor Animal Hospital were able to help us get Jerry regulated and his beautiful coat returned to its dark brown luster.

Jerry's decline began in the later part of 2014. We had been feeding him by hand due to his loss of appetite and his protein consumption was reduced because of problems with his liver and gall bladder. We had a mass removed from his belly that seemed benign but later tested positive for cancer. It grew back with a vengeance and quickly took hold of his little life force. Chemo and radiation was not an option due to his weakened condition. Jerry began to deteriorate quickly one week in late January and we decided to end his struggle early one morning at the Vet's.

We will always have memories of Jerry. The frolics through the grass, his pretty little face, how he would get car sick if he didn't sit up front with the air blowing in his face, making sure we had a rock for him to spray when we went camping and days of sunning in the yard and the nights all cuddled in bed. We'll always miss our pretty little Jerry.
We love you, Jer-Jer. Sweet dreams pretty boy!

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