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Memories of Jenn's Little Tha-ta

To my little Tha-ta...
One of the most devastating days of my life. A simple procedure gone wrong and I am crushed :( I am so sorry babygirl. Oh how I miss you terribly already. My heart will never be the same. Tha-ta, Mommy and Daddy love you so much. YOU were so special and you'll always be our sweet baby girl. Holding you dear to our hearts until we cross that bridge together. YOU were more than just a possession. WE LOVE YOU!!!


Baby Girl, it's been a few weeks now without you and we now realize just how important you were to us. Not a day has gone by that we haven't thought of you. Taken from us so soon, we know for sure you can never be replaced. How we miss you and all you brought to our lives. We miss so many things you did, like laying up on my chest before bed, singing back when we sang to you and sitting up on the console when we went on a trip. Thankyou again for all your love, we miss you.
Love your Daddy


Happy New Year babygirl. I'm sorry I'm a little late but just now got the chance. I was gonna visit you on Christmas Day but we just got so busy that week. Your grandma came over for Christmas and stayed here for a week. We did some work while she was here w/c includes repainting the house that makes it really look good babygirl, w/c I'm sure you would have liked a lot. We had a great time w/ her and Grandpa Dick only that; they missed you too, (a lot). And they sure miss you visiting them in Kansas. But your Grandma knows and believe that you are running through the meadows right now and playing w/ your newly found friends there at the Rainbows Bridge. And by the way babygirl, me and your Daddy visited you at your grave marker last night and lit a candle for you w/c we're sure you're aware of.

Your little sister Sissy is doing great! And me and your daddy truly believes that you are living inside her. We could see so much of you in her so you are never gone babygirl for we can see you in Sissy's eyes. We love you so much baby Tha-ta.
Love your Mommy

Baby Girl, Still there is not a day that passes that your mommy and I don't talk about you and vist your pictures, or your grave marker. The time we had with you will never fade away. With your baby sister sissy here now, we are always aware that you are in our midst and your spirit lives in us. Have fun there in rainbows bridge until we are together again.We miss you baby girl be sweet!

Hi babygirl...it's been 5 months now without you but seems to me like it was just yesterday when you left us for the rainbows bridge. Everytime I recall that day, the pain is just as intense. I could still hardly believe it. Everynight when I go to bed, I still wishes you were here. I always like it when I dream of you coz that's the only time I get to be with you again and hold you in my arms. That's the only time I could pretend that I can have you forever that I always hate to wake up realizing that it was just a dream. I would still give anything in the world to have you back baby Tha-ta. I'm so sorry if I'm being selfish...I know you're in a better place now.I'm so sorry if I still can't let go of the pain.I miss you a lot sweetheart and looking so forward to the day we'll see each other again in God's time.For now,just enjoy your stay at the Rainbows bridge 'til we could cross that bridge together.

By the way, your baby sister Sissy is doing great and becoming more and more spoiled w/c I love! kinda like you when you were still here...I know for sure that you are living inside her coz she's just as spoiled rotten as you were haha!
Love you and miss you a lot babygirl...

Lots of love,

Hi babygirl...just wanna say that I miss you a lot and I think about you all the time. It's been 8 mos. now since you left for the Rainbows Bridge & I expected the grief and pain of loosing you to be less intense by now but I was wrong...I still can't get over it babygirl. That empty space you left is always gonna be there. But I still do believe that someday in God's time, we will be reunited again in a place of no more goodbyes...
I love you so much babygirl...love your Mommy

August 26, 2006
Hi Babygirl, it's been a while now since the last time I wrote you a letter here but all those times I have not been writing you know I always come here and visit you regularly; me and your daddy. Anyway babygirl we just got back from Kansas few days ago. Yap! we went and visit your grandma and we really had a great time up there though I still kinda wish you were w/ us. That trip just brought so much of your memories w/c was a good thing but there were times that I couldn't help but be sad somehow and longed for you a lot but you'll be glad to know that mommy is handling it a lot better now and I know for sure you have something to do w/ it so thanks a lot for the comfort and the strength you continually gave me. We took your baby sister Sissy w/ us and your grandma really had fun w/ her but I know she misses you too.Sissy flew w/ us and surprisingly she did really well on the plane I'm so proud of her. Yah I know, we've never done that w/ you.Those couple trips up there was really kind of a hard long drive for you but you were such a tough girl and you always do fine and for as long as you get to be w/ us that was all that really matters right? Ohhh...I miss you so much babygirl and I think about you all the time.But that's alright I know you're in a better place now so be good there at the Rainbows Bridge 'til we see each other again.
Love Your Mommy.

Happy 2nd birthday babygirl...yap, it would have been your 2nd birthday today (well, still is right?) only that you are celebrating it in a much better place now. I miss you a lot babygirl and I'll always will. Today would have been your 2nd birthday and can't help but realize how short of a life you had with us. I'ts ok though; you had a great life for such a short period of time didn't you? And I've said it before and I'll say it again...thank you babygirl for the wonderful time we had together. You've brought so much joy into our lives and I'll forever treasure that. Wish you were still here w/ us but that's alright coz I know that in God's time we'll see each other again.
Love Your Mommy


Baby Girl it's been a year now since you passed, and still you are in our hearts everyday. We still feel you every night and are so blessed to have the time we had with you. Baby girl you will always have a special place in our hearts. Find peace in your special place.
Love you baby girl...Mommy & Daddy

Advance Happy New Year babygirl and Merry late Christmas. I'm sorry my Christmas greeting is a little late. Me and Daddy have just been busy lately getting ready for the holiday. Anyway, your grandma and grandpa we're just here. Yah, they came down here for the holiday week. We had a great time with them. We all miss you babygirl.I can't believe tomorrow would be a brand new year again w/c means another year again w/o you. But that's alright, because in our hearts you are always here so you're never gone baygirl.I know you're at peace and happy on your new home right now. So, Happy New Year to you and lots of hugs and kisses from Mommy and Daddy!!!

Hi babygirl..just wanna write you a quick note to let you know how badly I'm missing you and that I think about you all the time. Mommy and Daddy loves you so much so as buster and Sissy.Them two are really getting along well..just like you and buster used to be. We all miss you babygirl. You be good ok???mwaahh! love your Mommy

Hi babygirl, just wanna say hi! I miss you a lot babygirl. So many things had happened already since you left us for the Rainbows Bridge...so many changes; but one thing for sure that stayed the same is the way we feel about you babygirl. You are still love just as much and we think and talk about you a lot and we're missing you every single day.
Anyway, me and Daddy are going to visit our family in the Philippines in August and we are so excited about that. Your little sister Sissy is gonna be staying with your grandma in Kansas. I hope she won't give her so much headache (he!he). And will you watch over her for me babygirl? I know you will, you always have. Be good! We love you a bunch! muaaaaahhh...Love your Mommy and Daddy

Hi baby girl! This is your Grandma coming to visit. We miss you a lot and we know you are safe and carefree in Rainbows Bridge. Your sister Sissy was here for a visit and we had a great time. Boy is she spoiled! Your Mommy and Daddy might be getting ready to have a little baby boy or girl soon! Won't that be a big surprise! Just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you and we will always be here remembering you.
Love Grandma

Happy 3rd birthday babygirl...I can see that your grandma visited you recently. Yah, we all miss you babygirl. Now that you're 3 year old I can't help but wonder what you would have been like by now (fat & happy maybe, hehe!)and spoiled rotten of course! I love you baby and I think about you every single day. Still have your pic by my bed. That way, I remember to talk to you every night before I go to bed. Daddy and I are going through some tough times right now but I'm confident that we'll make it through this with flying colors as always. And especially now that I know you are watching over us all the time.You are our little Angel that always watches over her baby sister Sissy. Someday we will all be reunited but for now we will be thinking of you, missing you and loving you always.
Love your Mommy & Daddy

Merry Christmas to you babygirl...wish you were here still but I know you are going to have a merrier x-mas up there at the Rainbows bridge. Just know that we are thinking about you wishing you could be here with us this Christmas.We still got your x-mas stocking by the way. You're never gone babygirl. You are in our thoughts and in our hearts always and forever.
Love your Mommy & Daddy

Hi Babygirl,
We miss and love yah!!!
Love your Mommy & Daddy

Hello Babygirl,
Just wanted to let you know that your grandma is here to stay with Mommy while Daddy is working. It's always nice to have her down here. We misse you a lot babygirl and we love you a bunch!
Muaaaahhh...love your Mommy

Hi Babygirl,
Just wanted to tell you that I am missing you so badly right now. Wish you were still here but I know you are perfectly fine at your new residency at the Rainbows Bridge now and I still believe that we will see each other again someday...I love you and I will be thinking of you. Muahhhhh!!!! love your Mommy

Hi Babygirl,
This is your grandma here for a visit. I don't know why, but I just thought of you today for some reason. I hope you are playing with all your friends at Rainbows Bridge today and having a good time. Its been really hot in Kansas so be glad you are up there where is nice and cool! Your Mommy and Daddy have been busy this summer and its been hot in Texas too. Your sissy and brother Buster have been staying indoors a lot where its cooler. I just wanted you to know that I still think about you, and love you and miss you. Love Grandma!

Hi Babygirl,

Just wanted to wish you a very happy 4th birthday. Yap, you're a big girl now but you will always be my babygirl. I saw your grandma was here not very long ago. I'm sure you enjoyed her visit. Yah, we all miss you babygirl but we know that you're in a better place now with your new friends and I'm sure today y'all are having a big celebration for your b-day. Don't forget to share your b-day cake and save a slice for Mommy ok? Your baby sister Sissy just turned 3-yr old last month also and I got to blow her candle for her. Sorry I can't be there to blow that candle for you but I am blowing lots of kisses your way...muaaahhh! I love you very much and have a wonderful b-day up there at the Rainbows Bridge and please know we are celebrating down here for you too and be thinking of you everyday. Hugs and Kisses...Mommy and Daddy

Hi babygirl...it's been three years now since you left us for the Rainbows Bridge and you'd be glad to know that I am finally starting to come into acceptance of what happened.I guess time really helps us heal afer all huh? and thank God for that.But I would still give anything in the world to have you back and that's just a part of me that will never change.I love you too much and I always will.
Bye, bye for now baby Tha-ta and I will be back here to visit you again soon...lots of love Mommy

Hi babygirl... its Mommys birthday today and its a sad day. Your brother Buster got sick a few weeks ago and he is not doing very well today. We took him to the vet again today and we are
sitting with him tonight waiting for Daddy to get home. There is a good chance babygirl that Buster will come join you at Rainbows Bridge in the next couple of days. If he does we know you will show him around and keep him company. If he doesn't join you soon, we'll be back to see you soon. We love you babygirl and we miss you. Lots of love, Mommy, Grandma, Sissy and Buster

Hi babygirl.. I was just thinking about you today, and remembering that Buster is at Rainbows Bridge with you now. I know you two are romping around and having a good time. Sissy has been very lonely since Buster left us, so Mommy & Daddy finally found just the right new playmate for Sissy. Her name is Belle Star and she's like Buster only smaller. She's a young pup so she has a lot to learn. Sissy is a bit skeptical, so it will take some time for her to see that Belle will be a good pal with lots of energy for playing. So, now Sissy has a playmate here, and, you have Buster as a playmate at Rainbows Bridge. Hey babygirl.. Buster will let you take nap on his back, and it might make him feel right at home!
We love and miss you babygirl, and you and Buster keep watching down on Sissy and Belle and help them learn how to play together and trust each other.

Hi Babygirl,
Sorry I haven't wrote you a letter in a while now. But you know I always think about you right? So, how do you like it up there now that you have your big brother Buster with you? I'm sure you're loving it huh? You two got along so well down here and I know in my heart that everything is a lot better up there. Yes babygirl, I'm really sad about losing your big brother Buster but I know that he's with you now and that the two of you are doing great up there in Rainbows Bridge. You guys play a lot and enjoy each other's company and y'all's other new playmates...just don't forget to look down on us once in a while to let us know that you two are doing just fine. I love you babygirl and I think about you a lot. Your daddy misses you too!
Love your Mommy

Hi sweet girl,
It's your Grandma just checking in with you and your brother Buster. I just wanted you to know that I miss you and you are never far from my heart. As much as I miss Buster, I am thankful that he is at Rainbows Bridge with you. Your Sissy and Bellestar are doing much better and Bellestar has helped Sissy with her lonliness after Buster left the earthly world to be with you. I'm excited to go for a visit next month and get some fun time with your Mommy. She has been working so hard - she takes care of the boys all by herself now when your Daddy is off working. We're so thankful for all God is giving us and even though we miss you terribly, we know that one day we will all cross over together. So you take care and know that we love you!
Love, Grandma

Hi sweet girl,
Its just your Grandma checking in again. I was thinking about you and Buster today so I just wanted to let you know. I went to visit your Mommy and Daddy a few weeks ago. Mommy had a bad cold but we had some special treatment at the spa and she's feeling much better! Belle Star is growing up and she looks a lot like Buster only smaller. Finally got some rain in Texas so the horses are happy! Your Dadd is working hard this time of year you know so its good that Mommy has your Sissy and Belle Star to keep her company. Well I just wanted to say that I love and miss you bunches!
Love Grandma

Hello there our sweet babygirl!
It's your Mommy and Daddy here...we just wanted to tell you that we miss ya terribly and that we always think about you. We still have (and always will) that sweet picture frame of yours by our bed. You are never forgotten and never will be. Like what your grandma said...as much as we miss Buster we are sooo glad that he is up there w/ you now to play with. You guys have lots of fun "play times" w/ your other playmates and don't forget to look down here once in a while to let us that you guys are doing ok...We love and miss ya! muaaahh...! Mommy and Daddy

Hey sweet Tha-ta,
Just your Grandma here to say hello. I just paid your rent for another year, so you don't have to worry about a thing :). Just keep having fun. Buster's rent is due the end of next year, and I want to get you both on the same time schedule, so this way I can renew your rent at the same time next year :). Uour Mommy and Daddy are something else.. busy, busy, busy! Sissy and her new sister, Belle Star are doing great and mostly staying out of trouble. We miss you bunches but know in our hearts that you are happy up there.
Love, Grandma

Happy late birthday babygirl..sorry I am a few days late. Like your grandma said, me and Daddy had been going non stop. You are 5 years old now, yeah big girl huh? but you will always be my baby girl. Your sisters are doing great!!! We love and miss you a lot babygirl!

Love your Mommy and Daddy

Hi Babygirl, it's your mommy and daddy here...just wanted to tell you that we miss you so very much. Be good up there and to your big brother Buster :) We love and think of you two all the time. Muaaahhh...Love Your Mommy and Daddy

Hi babygirl,
Sorry hadn't been on here in a long time but pls know that we think about you all the time and we miss you everyday! We love you sooo very much. Your lil' sis Sissy is going to turn 5 yr old in Sept. Fast I know right? but she's doin very well and act and look like a baby all the time. Thank you for watching over her. Pls do the same for your sis Belle. She's just as precious and she is sooo good to Sissy! We love & miss you sooo much babygirl! mwaaahhh!!!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Thata..happy birthday to YOU!
HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY BABYGIRL! muaaaahhh!!! We miss and love ya very, very much!
Mommy and Daddy!

Hi Babygirl, 5 years ago today you left us for the Rainbows Bridge. I still wish you were here and that you hadn't left us but I know you are safe and happy running through the meadows with your big brother Buster now. But I miss you both anyway! 5 years ago today was still one of the worst days of my life but as they say, time dry the tears and heals the wounds and it did for me somehow. But it doesn't mean I don't wish I still have you. I love you and miss you more and more everyday and I think of you all the time. Be good up there until we meet again. Your Daddy said Hi!!! We love Ya! Love your Mommy

Hello sweet baby girl! It's your Grandma here checking in to let you know how much I miss you. The last six months have been amazing as the Good Lord has been hard at work in my life! I have moved back to Texas and am now living near your Mommy & Daddy, and your sisters. They have even been for a visit already and I so wish you were here with Buster & Sissy! I am glad to be near and I know they are too! I hope you and Buster are doing okay and just know that we miss you bunches. Love, Grandma from Texas!

Hi Babygirl! Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy almost New Year! We miss you so much and we still hang yours and your big brother's Christmas stocking every year. How we wish you were still here with us but we know that you are happy and having lots of fun with your big brother Buster up there at the Rainbows Bridge. Be good babygirl.. 'til we see each other again and cross that bridge together!
Love your Mommy and Daddy

Hey there cute girl... Grandma just wanted to wish you a happy new year! I've been babysitting your sisters Belle and Sissy... boy are they something. Your Mommy & Daddy went out of town for a party, and they just couldn't figure out what was going on. But we did okay. We all miss you and Buster a bunch and hope that you have a wonderful time enjoying the beauty and magic of Rainbows Bridge. Love, Grandma

Hi sweet girly... Grandma just wanted to stop by to say hello! I know its been a while, but your memory always stands the test of time. Some really big news down here! Your Mommy and Daddy, and Sissy & Belle are moving off the ranch and into a brand new big house! I wish you were here to see it! It will be a big adjustment for your sissys as well as your Mommy and Daddy. The boys are going to stay on the ranch for a while. Brother Ben has not been doing too well, so we hope he gets better soon and can live out his days comfortable -- until he comes to meet up with you and Buster (and I know Porkchop is up there at Rainbows Bridge too). So keep looking sweet up there, and enjoy the peace at Rainbows Bridge. - Love, Grandma

Happy Birthday babygirl!!! Sorry I haven't been on here in a while. Daddy and I have just been chasing our tails on a daily basis. I see that Grandma already got you all caught up on the moving and all that. Yep, gonna be quite an adjustment for all of us including your lil' sisters Sissy and Belle but it will be great! The house is coming along real nice and we just know we're gonna like it there as soon as we get settled in. Just wish you and Buster were here to see it. Give him a big kiss for us. Also, please tell your big bro Porkchop to help us pray for a miracle for Ben. He is not doing very well and sure woudn't let him suffer long but we are still hoping for a miracle. Hey, miracles still happen right? It's gonna be a tough, emotional, busy next few weeks but with all of you angels watching over us I know we should be okay. We miss and love you babygirl! Have a happy happy birthday again with your big bros and buddies up there in Rainbows Bridge. Muaahh!!! Love your Mommy and Daddy

Hi sweet babygirl. It seemed just like yesterday but it's been 6 years since you have left us for the Rainbows Bridge and we mniss you everyday. Wish you were still here but we know that you are happy running through the meadow with your big brother Buster and other friends up there. Please know that you are never forgotten. We think of of you everyday and we love you dearly. Give that pretty pretty boy big brother of yours big kisses from us. Oh, and thank you so much for granting our request. You must be really tight with the bossing up there huh? Big 'ol Ben is doing so much better now, almost normal again and we continue to pray that him and Tater will leave out their years out here in our lil' ranch. Tell your big brother Porkchop to not get lonely and find some buddies up there because Ben might be staying with us down here for a while. We love and miss all of you (our fur babies). Hugs and Kisses! Mommy and Daddy

WE miss and love you babygirl! Stay warm up there at the Rainbows Bridge! Love your Mommy and Daddy

Hi babygirl, long time no see.. I know my bad :( Life just gets busy sometimes but you are always in our thoughts and will always be in our hearts. We've moved your marker home with us here in NB and it's looking good on the flower bed by our back porch. Your sisters Belle and Sissy are liking it here :) I love and miss you everyday babygirl! Daddy sends his kisses!!! Love your Mommy

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Thata...happy birthday to you!!! Happy birthday babygirl!!! It's your 8th birthday. That's right, you're a big girl now! but you will always be my babygirl. Daddy and I miss and love you dearly. Have a fun birthday up there at the Rainbows Bridge with your big brother Buster. Tell him we miss him so as well! Love, Mommy and Daddy.

7 years ago yesterday you left us for the Rainbows Bridge and we miss you everyday but we know that you are happy up there where you are running through the meadows with your big brother Buster. Tell him hi for us. We miss you both dearly. Love you always! Mommy and Daddy

Happy Holidays little one! Hope you are having a peaceful holiday with all your friends at Rainbow's Bridge. All is good down here -- just wanted to say we miss you and love you. Hugs and kisses!

Happy 2013 baby girl. We love and miss you everyday!!! Love your Mommy and Daddy

Hello babygirl, sorry haven't been on here in a while but ya know that you are never forgotten..NEVER, EVER! Mommy and Daddy just get busy but you are always in our hearts and in our thoughts! We love and miss ya dearly!!! Be good up there with your big brother Buster okay? Muaaahhh!!!

Belated Happy Happy Birthday baby girl! Sorry I'm 2 days late. Mommy's been busy but you are never forgotten. We have your stone right on our back porch and I see you everyday and of course, you are forever engraved in both Mommy and Daddy's hearts. You would have been 9 years old today. You will always be our sweet, lovely 1-year old fur baby and we miss you everyday! Much love ~ Mommy and Daddy

It's been eight years ago today since you left us for Rainbows Bridge baby girl and not a day goes by that we don't miss you. We think about you all the time. You were taken away too soon but we know that you are happily watching over us everyday. You are one of our angels now. Be good up there. We love you very much! ~ Mommy and Daddy

Happy December babygirl. We love and Miss you everyday! Be good up there at the Rainbows Bridge. Hug and Kisses ~ Mommy and Daddy

10/29/14 - Hi sweet girl! Hope you are doing well. I just renewed you and Buster's residency in Rainbow's Bridge, so I hope you are romping and playing and having a good time up there. Everyone here is crazy busy, as usual. Sissy and Belle are doing good, although Belle has been having some health issues lately. We trust she will do okay although she may have to go on some medication if her seizures continue. You are missed every day, sweet girl. Hugs and kisses! - Love Grandma

Hello precious babygirl, It's been 9 years since you left for the Rainbows Bridge but we love you the same and more! We miss you everyday. Sorry I haven't been on here in a while but I'm pretty sure I have been by to visit since December 2013 when I changed yours and Buster's residency background to a Summertime. I guess it didn't save. Oh well, I'm here now and even when I'm not, I think of you everyday and I talk to your stone quite often. Your sisters are doing fine. I see Grandma already kept you up to speed regarding Belle's health issues but she's a trooper too, just like you were. She is going to be just fine and I know you are watching over your little sisters everyday. Tell big bro Buster we love and miss him too. Be good up there! Much love ~ Mommy and Daddy

Happy December Babygirl! We love and miss you! Be good up there. ~ Love, Mommy and Daddy

Helo babygirl! Not sure why the changes/edits from my last visit did not save :( Anyway, I thought of you and your big brother Buster tonight and my heart aches. Your Daddy and I were just talking about ya the other night..how tough yet sweet of a baby girl you were back then and how much you made Mommy felt so loved. How I wish you never left but I know that we will reunited again one day. Be good up there until we see each other again. I love you baby girl!
Much love ~ Your Mommy

Hello pretty pretty girl. It's been 10 years since your crossed the Rainbows Bridge yet you're never forgotten. We love and miss you dearly but we know you and your big brother Buster are running through the meadows happy as you can be. Be good up there until we meet again. I'll be back to visit soon. Much love ~ Mommy

Babygirl, I am glad that you finally get to meet your beautiful sister Belle. She was the prettiest thing. Please be good to her up there and show her around. She would love to play and run through the meadows with you. Your big brother Buster will get you up to speed on things. I miss and love you guys so much. My heart is forever broken but I find comfort in knowing that I have 3 angels watching over us now. Love you baby girl! ~ Mommy

1/3016 -- Love and hugs from Grandma sweet girl -- Hope you are doing well and I'm sure you are growing up to be the prettiest thing. Your sister Belle Star is joining you and Buster and will have her own residency soon. It was hard to let her go, but we did not want her to suffer any more seizures or have to take any more medicine that was also making her not feel well. She was a happy girl right up until the end, so we trust she will be up there with you and having a good time at Rainbow Bridge. Love and miss you to pieces. - Grandma

Oh my beautiful Thata, how we miss you down here. I'm sure you are big Buster's partner in coordinating your sister Belle's birthday. You babies have a blast. Eat all the yummy stuff and play anytime you want. Sending you lots of smooches. Love you so much! Until we meet again. ~ Mommy

Happy Birthday to my pretty pretty baby girl! Oh how I've missed you soooooo!!! But I'm sure your sister Belle has done got you up to speed on everything, and I sure you two along with your big brother Buster are celebrating big right now..eating all the yummy treats and playing through the meadows. I look forward to the day when we are all reunited. Meanwhile, I'll be missing and thinking of all of you. Your Daddy says hello. Love you lots! ~ Mommy

Hello there our precious baby Thata! Can you believe it's been 11 years since you left us for the Rainbows Bridge???..yet not a day goes by that we don't miss you, but we know that we will see each other again someday and that would be quite a reunion, a big Murphy clan reunion :) Meanwhile, enjoy your residency with your sister Belle and brother Buster. Tell them hi for us. Miss all of you so much! Until next time! Love ~ Mommy, Daddy, Sissy & Slammer.

Hello Baby Thata, just renewed yours and Buster's residency' That's right, paid for your rent hehe! You're good for another year. Miss you dearly. Love you lots pretty thing. Until we meet again. Merry Christmas!!! Love - Mommy and Daddy

Hello babygirl, I don't think my last visit and changesI made to your residency was saved. I know life has been busy for us down here but please know that you are always in our hearts and in our thoughts. Love and miss you everyday. Be good up there and tell your big brother Buster and little sister Belle hello from us. Missing you ~ Mommy and Daddy

Happy Thanksgiving sweet baby girl. You were the first to leave us here, and I'm glad you have Buster and Belle to keep you company. I'm sure you've all made a million friends -- and they've had your company longer than we did. But you left your mark here so don't worry about that. You were the cutest li'l thing ever and we will always miss you like crazy. All is good down here and life has not slowed down one bit. Love and miss you -- Grandma

Merry Christmas to you sweet baby girl! Love and miss you everyday. You are never forgotten and you are missed dearly. Stay sweet, until we meet again. Love ~ Mommy and Daddy

13 Years ago today was one of the most heartbreaking times of my life. I miss you everyday and think of you often. Your Daddy and I sure have some wonderful memories (with you) to reminisce about in that short sweet year you were with us, and we will forever cherish these memories. You were definitely one-of-a-kind and hope you knew how dearly you were loved. Be good up there at the Rainbow's Bridge until we meet again. Tonight we lit a candle on your grave to let you know you are and will always be in our hearts. We love you.. our "long coat" beauty. Stay sweet! ~ Mommy and Daddy

Hey there gorgeous girl! Just dropping by to say Merry Christmas and love and miss you always. Be good up there! ~ Love Mommy and DaddyHey

1/1/19 -- Hey sweet girl... you have a new buddy to show around up there so we're counting on you, Belle and Buster to show Slammer around. We're terribly sad that we had to let go of another fur-baby. We hope the new year is better. Love Grandma

Baby girl, I can't believe it's been 14 years since you left us for the Rainbows Bridge. I miss you every day and think of you often. There's a pack of you Murphy siblings up there now and I bet you guys have taken over. Please say hello to your siblings for me. Tell them I love and miss them too. Be sweet, until we meet again. Love ~ Mommy

December 2019
Merry Christmas and happy almost 2020 baby girl! Miss you tons! Be good up there. Love you lots ~ Mommy

15 years! WOW! Where has time gone, babygirl?? We think of you often. You will never be forgotten. Miss you every day. I hope you Murphy kiddos are being good up there at the Rainbows Bridge and not causing too much trouble hehe! Love and miss you guys very very much. Tell all of your sibling hello from us. Oh, and happy belated birthday. Until we meet again ~ Mommy and Daddy

Hello there sweet, beautiful baby girl! Missing you every day. Be good up there until we meet again. Thinking od f you today. Love you lots! ~ Mommy and Daddy

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