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Memories of Jennie
We had to say good bye for now to this beautiful canine Salcito family member today. This nugget started out driving even this "to the core dog lover" crazy. I must admit, I can't count the times I thought I had made a mistake (how wrong I was) and that was before her antics resulted in a slight fibula fracture in Delilah's 2 year old leg. A present to my husband for his birthday that didn't start out much like one, but ended up being that and more; a true GIFT to our family.

She was meant to be a bird hunting dog/hunting companion for Anthony. After a strong start, she failed miserably at that and inspired instead the pursuit of fitness and trail running for Anthony (albeit, this may have begun as an escape from the insanity Jennie introduced to our home as a puppy with a two year old human sister and the peace he discovered in a tired dog).

Beautiful Jennie has logged literally THOUSANDS of miles on trails all over with most on her home field of Flanders. Anthony and Jennie have spent hours together enjoying each other's company while covering the trails. This dog had an excitement for running that I envied so much. She couldn't contain herself from the moment any of us would change into "running clothes . Her joy in being outdoors never paled even when her body wasn't what it was. A lesson we can learn from our 4 legged friends; to never tire of enthusiasm for, and enjoyment of, the simple things in life.

She was the BEST family dog ever and traveled well with us. She has loved Cape Cod year after year and had the unbridled excitement day after day of running on the bay beach in Orleans chasing birds or spinning in the sand. She enjoyed Rhode Island and hunting the abundance of rabbits she discovered. She was treated like a queen (that she believed she was) on several visits to the Equinox in Vermont and scaled Mount Equinox twice with her best friend and running partner, on one occasion in snow taller than she. Jennie enjoyed visits to New Hampshire with the exception of the time she introduced herself to the porcupine.

She traveled to Pennsylvania a few times for family visits and tried twice in our own yard to befriend a skunk that didn't work out well. She cheered on our Ironman friends at Mont Tremblant, Quebec and started her own day right by scaling that mountain (she would however, pass on the cannonball race start in the future). She's cheered for Anthony a number of times and wondered why he was running without her and was always up for an adventure like camping for the first time this past fall! She has been a local fixture on the Middlebury Greenway, around Lake Elise and Flanders for her 10+ years providing the best company one could ask for.

At home we couldn't ask for a better family companion. Well, the chickens don't agree. There was that (RIP Daisy). She learned to love days of school at home on the couch snuggled under a blanket with Delilah as the pandemic unfolded and made some appearances on google meets and work zoom calls. She joined us exploring all different places to escape from our home quarantine during that time. She knew the sound of Grandpa's truck coming in the driveway and the treats that always followed. She was also content after a day of fun finding a sliver of sunshine on the floor to rest her head.

In typical Vizsla fashion, she loved being close to her people. Real close. Like on top of! And though she didn't always show her warm and fuzzies (I do truly believe that growl was really a purrrr, her hums of live, LOL!), and even though she had a brutal stink eye show of annoyance with them at times, she did love her fellow furry friends Farrah, Finn, Harley, Trinity, Parker, Griffin and Shelby (RIP) and several greenway buddies including Bucky.

But her people were the most important to her.

Thank You Jennie for all your love. You will forever hold a special place in our hearts. You truly were a gift to this family and you will be missed more than you can ever know.

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