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Memories of JB
The moment I walked into the adoption area at Petsmart, JB walked right up to me and chose me. It was love at first sight. He chose me to love and protect him till the day he was ready to go home to Heaven. And I feel so blessed he picked me. His little Sister Sarah was curled up behind him hiding, so it was JB's job to find the right mommy. Someone willing to take both babies home and give them love forever. He did a great job. Please visit his sisters' memorial here: https://www.RainbowsBridge.com/residents/SARAH041/Resident.htm

February 28th, 2017: JB was always very special. He was a complete charmer and would charm the socks off of anyone in his presence. He was bold with people and incredibly friendly. His eyes were like looking into his soul like he was communicating with you everytime you were next to him. JB was a real Tom Cat, with strength and vibrancy. He was dominant but loving and basically took over any situation he was involved in. He could leap up to the tallest spaces in the house, he was beautiful to watch.

JB was also a big talker! If he was sitting on the couch or bed and you walked by, he would Meow at you, requesting you come to give him a kiss and a cuddle. He learned that talking to us was the way to get love. He was always searching for love and kisses. He was a bottomless pit, it was truly wonderful. Later in his life, he became a huge purrer. His purrs were so loud you could hear him from another room!

Three years ago, he was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease and we successfully fought it. Unfortunately, this nasty disease changes shape and manifests into other diseases, but JB managed to overcome them all, right until the end when his body had finally had enough. During that 3 year period, he was the most patient cat. Enduring various medications and pilling attempts. During his last year of life, he had weekly acupuncture treatments which he loved. He would start purring the moment we got into the car to go his favorite Vet, Dr Selmer. I think he knew that what I was doing was for his benefit. I would talk to him and explain and I think he knew that I loved him so much, I was willing to find whatever solution to ease his pain. I also promised him that when the day came, and he was ready to go to Heaven to be with my dad, I'd follow his lead. I wouldn't keep him here longer than he wanted to be. And that I would be there with him till his last breath.

A mothers' promise to her baby boy.
We miss you so much JB, forever and ever in our hearts.
Linda and Matt

Prior to meeting JB in 2010, I never had a connection, nor much interaction, with any cat; thus, the thought of this possibility never even crossed my mind. When we were introduced, JB quickly put an end to that. The bond we soon formed was so strong, to call it a pet/pet owner relationship would do no justice. JB would soon become my best friend.

JB's personality was so strong, that no matter who was around, he demanded their love. He was also so fun to be around. Whether it be him jumping on the kitchen counter (while mommy was away) in anticipation of feeding time, or his constant purring, JB was always at his happiest.

When he got sick in 2014, we were devastated. We were especially sickened, when it appeared his days were numbered; however, with he and Linda's perseverance, as well as Dr. Selmer's unbelievable abilities, we were blessed to have him in our lives for 3 more full years.

JB has now left us, but I know he is spreading his love to a whole new group of friends. I have no doubt he is the life of the party, making all of his new buddies laugh, and enjoy themselves. Even though JB is no longer here in a physical presence, he will always be present in my heart.

I love and miss you with all my heart, and I can't wait to see again someday. Thank you for rescuing ME.

Your Best Friend Matty


March 5, 2017

Hello, my baby boy. Yesterday was a tough day for us. I was insistent on sending you off to your final resting place in the right way, so we saw your gorgeous face again to say goodbye one more time. You looked so peaceful and just like you were sleeping. I knew you weren't really there, only your little body but being able to kiss that head again and feel your face with my fingers was so worth the pain of seeing you one last time. I brought my angels with me and some holy water to dot on your head before your cremation. I whispered to you again how much I love you and how wonderful of a kitty you were. I made sure you knew the depth of my love for you and how happy I am that you are feeling no pain now and healthy and gorgeous once more.

You and I had a tremendous bond. Your eyes would follow me around the room with love and knowing that I was your mom. Sometimes in the bedroom, you would walk to whatever side I was on so you could meow for a kiss. You made it so difficult for me to go to work each day with your need for love and affection and cuddling. We truly had a deep connection. It's no wonder my heart is breaking each day that are gone.

I've dreamt of you 4 times since you left. I want to believe that you are visiting me to show me you are happy and healthy because in each dream you look amazing. I believe it is you, bringing me comfort. When I wake I am happy once more, knowing that you were in my dreams saying "hello".

Until we meet again...XOXO
Your mommy

March 24th, 2017

It's been one month and a day since you left us to be free again. Not a day goes by where I do not miss your sweet face. Or your sweet meows asking for love and affection. I miss the feel of your soft fur on my lips when I'd kiss you, sometimes leaving lipstick behind and making you look all tarted up ;) I couldn't bear to not pet you and kiss you before I left for work each day. My morning was never complete without that connection to you. Now, you're gone. And I am empty inside. The house is still warm while its cold outside, the love is still there for your sister Sarah, but there is this hole in my heart and an emptiness in our home now. Sometimes I think I hear your little cries, but then realize it's just an errant sound. The other night though, I'd like to believe you may have visited us at night. Matt had decided to go to sleep after me, so Sarah and I got into bed and turned out the lights. Suddenly Sarah began staring at the door, almost in a trance. Usually she hurries to get herself settled near me for sleep but she was acting odd. I stroked her fur and asked what she was looking at but she wouldn't budge. I used the flashlight on my phone to see what she saw, but saw nothing. She continued to intently stare at something before her. Finally, I gave her a kiss on her head and she snapped out of it and went to sleep with me. I thought nothing of it till I awoke at 6am to see that the bedroom door was halfway open. That is an impossible feat as the door is weighted due to the house, and is either open or closed. So it struck me odd that the door was halfway open and moved only when I touched it. So when Matt awoke, I told him about my experience with Sarah and how odd it was that the door was halfway open in the morning. He then proceeded to tell me that when he came to bed after me, the door was also halfway open! We were in shock! So my question is this...was it you JB visiting us during the night? This is something I would love to know.

Sleep well my little one, curled in your cozy bed with your long body beautifully draped while you sleep. I miss you.
Your Mommy

April 12, 2017

It's springtime and thoughts of how much of a mushy kitty you were have come into my mind lately. I miss the adoring looks you would give me whenever I would come into the room. My mom used to say you were fixated on me at all times, watching what I was doing, waiting for kisses. Our connection was deep, not like the normal cat/owner bond. It was like you were trying to talk to me with your eyes all the time. I just wish I knew what it was you were saying.

Your sister Sarah is doing well for the most part but she is having some kidney issues. When Dr Selmer said he wanted Xrays done, memories came back to all the difficulties we had when you were here. That familiar dread came over me. The dread of the unknown combined with depressin of what will inevitably come. So I hold her tight and kiss her face and try to appreciate the time we all have together here on this Earth.

You were the best kitty, JB. The best most wonderful and loving angel and now all the angels above are so blessed and lucky to have you with them now.

I miss you...XOXO
Your Momma

June 6, 2017

Hello, my baby boy. Not a day passes where you are not in my thoughts. Your sister is pretty happy being the only cat in the house now and I'm making sure she gets so much love. But since you both look the same, its hard to see her and not see you. I miss your interactive little face and your wonderfully bossy personality. You demanded attention and commanded cuteness respect from everyone. And everyone happily obliged.

My heart still feels empty without you. I have no huge feline responsibilities anymore. Sarah is doing well and as long as she sleeps by my side, all is well in our little house. From your cute bunny thumper feet to those gorgeous exotic eyes, I will forever think of my little baby boy. I hope you're eating all the turkey in the world right now!

I love you, XOXO
Your Momma

July 30, 2017

I can't believe you've been gone 5 months now. Although I can believe it because my heart still misses your pink little nose. Your sister Sarah is very happy now that she has all the attention and love ;) And I'm sure you don't mind since you know how well we take care of kitties. There's a new outdoor kitty that keeps coming around, we've nicknamed him Ozzy. He's a boy and reminds us of you in his confidence and swagger. Matt thinks that you sent him to us for some additional comfort. Is that so?

I think you visited me the other day when I had decided to take a nap. I swear I felt the bed move and what seemed like footprints on my blankets. I looked up thinking it was Sarah but she was not in the room. I knew it was you. You loved taking naps with me! It was your most favorite activity. Thank you for stopping by, my love.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I still cry for you and miss you so much. Every single day. Nothing has changed, my baby boy. Enjoy your home in Heaven and give my daddy a head butt.

I love you, your momma XOXO

November 8, 2017

Hi baby boy. I haven't forgotten about you. Just the opposite, just been keeping myself busy these days with holidays. I still suffer when I come home after work because I open the door and turn off the alarm and can clearly still see you on the couch raising your head, excited that I'm home. Jumping down off the couch to greet me and get your kisses. Like you've been waiting all day for me to return. I can see it like it was yesterday. It's crazy how clear it is to me still. Sarah waits for me in the bedroom so the greeting is not the same as when you were here. She's still amazing and so loving and I'm so grateful to have her but yet because she was your sister, and your markings were so similar, its tough to not see you all over again. And so every day, I see you in this house. I think I hear you come down the steps to the family room. I remember you over the months of hind leg weakness as you'd struggle to come up the stairs, determined to still participate in feedings. Up until the end.

God I miss you so much, it hurts. :(

I've left you another blankie because it's getting cold here in NY. I know how you loved to snuggle up in the blankets during Winter.

I love you my precious baby boy. I hope you're happy, my sweet thing.

your momma forever


December 12, 2017

Hello, my little love. I wanted to wish you a Happy Hannukah as it's the first day of the holiday and you came from a Jewish family and were born with a Jewish name. I have left you a Menorah since we have one in the house for you and Sarah. (and Matt! The human that IS Jewish! lol)

I also wanted to tell you that I've started volunteering at the same shelter that I found you, Last Hope. I help the kitties who are waiting to be adopted by playing with them and making sure they have food and a clean place to sleep and play. It's kinda my way of honoring you as well. Since it's at the same store where I adopted you and Sarah in 2006. I wonder each time if you will send me another kitty to add to our family? I'm hoping you will. There is a kitty that I feel for named Amber, a black cat that is so shy but sweet and I worry she won't get adopted. I keep praying that a good family finds her and connects with her since she is so shy but I can see inside she would open up, just like Sarah did. I will give it some time, but after the New Year, if she hasn't been scooped up, I may see about adding her to our family. I know Sarah is loving all the attention, now that you are gone but I worry if she's lonely at all. She's been with you all her life and now her days are on her own while we are at work. I don't have the answers, but I'm hoping my Angels show me the way, hopefully with your help.

My little bunny boy, oh how I miss you and your bunny feet. There was a little cat there on Sunday with the exact same striped long tail as you. I used to love to look at your long beautiful tail. But it's also one of my last painful memories of you as they put you in the crematorium, your tail hanging to the side. It was the confirmation for me that you were truly leaving us. In body at least. Painful to say the least. Ok, I have to get it together and go to work. It's been almost 10 months now since you left and the hurt is still so fresh and real. When will this end?

Till next time my baby boy,
Love Your Momma


Jan 29, 2018

Hello my baby love. The anniversary of your passing across is coming up next month and I already feel the sadness. I miss you so much, my baby boy.
Last week, when I was volunteering at the shelter, I came across a little shy boy who felt right to bring home. He's been home a week and is from the outside, so he's slowly adjusting to home life. Sarah, your sister is really not pleased but in time, we are hoping she will accept him. I tried to find a boy who was sweet like you were, and loving. He seems to fit that bill. But of course, he's not you. Matt reminds me that I'm comparing him to the greatest boy that ever lived, (You) and he's right. I can't do that to Little Lundy. But just so you know, I will care for him, like I did you, but you will always have such a huge part of my heart. I know I will see you in Heaven. We had that connection. I love you, my furball little man.



February 23, 2018

It's the one year anniversary or your passing and it's been an on and off day for us. I still miss you so much each day. Not a day passes still that you're face is not in my mind. I spoke to an animal communicator yesterday and she said she spoke with you. You told her about the deep connection you and I had. And that it was recognized the first time we saw each other. That would explain how our first meeting went so smoothly. She says you recognized me from another life and that is why we connected so quickly. I totally believe that. It was too deep to not be something special.

Sarah and I have our routines now. She sleeps with me at night, is always by my side each evening while watching TV. I love her so much. Turns out she has mammary cancerous tumors. Just found out for sure today. I've got homeopathic remedies coming her way since I'm not feeling great about having her go through surgery but of course I'm doing the research. I don't feel in my heart that it's her time to join you. And that's not a selfish perspective. I just don't think it's time for her just yet. Regardless I know you'll be welcoming her and annoying her nonetheless. lol

I miss you so much my sweet baby boy. The new kitten Lundy is so adorable but it's not you. No cat will ever be you. The communicator said she sees you with another cat. A grey cat with green eyes. That's my first cat Seve. I hope that is true. Would be so wonderful to know you are hanging out together waiting for me. I can't wait to see you both. But not anytime soon. Please visit me tonight in my dreams. I miss you, my baby love.


March 15th, 2018

Hi baby boy,

A bit has happened since I last wrote on your anniversary of your death, the 23rd of February. We got that little kitten Lundy on January 21st and unfortunately, he had to join you over the Rainbow Bridge last Friday, March 9th. He had a disease that was fatal and was being taken very quickly so we sent him to be with you and Seve before he suffered any further. He was just a little six-month-old baby, so can you please be his big brother and love him? He was constantly searching for another cat to cuddle with and I think you'll be perfect together. I miss you both terribly. Please watch over him and play with him. Teach him how to be a full kitty and how to play and leap with the grace you lept. Teach him how to continue to be his sweet little self. I will see you both in time.
Love, your momma

Sept 5, 2018

Hello my little pumpkin,

Yesterday was my birthday and also Lundy's. I know he is with you, so can you make sure he knows how loved he still is and missed? You were able to be here for a while, but he was not and his little short life was cut off by an illness. Now I know he is free and with you. Please care for him till I can get to you both. I love you!!


March 10th, 2019

Oh my dear boy, I am heartbroken to tell you that your sister Sarah is now there with you. She was here a full 2 years after you left us and we made sure she was the center of attention for all those days. I'll be honest, after you left, I didn't want her to be lonely at night so she was allowed to sleep with us in bed and boy did she enjoy that! It was her most favorite thing. That of course and cuddles like you loved when I got home from work.

Oh how I miss you both terribly now. I hate that I have to set up yet another memorial now. This is my third in 3 years and the pain is unreal. Anyway, sweet boy, please take care of your sister and give her licks and love.

Until I see you all again,
Your momma


February 14th, 2021

Hi baby boy. The anniversary of your passing is coming up and I wanted to say hello and tell you that I think of you all the time still. I look at your gorgeous face on my dresser every morning. Hugs, kisses and all the love in the world to you, baby boy.

Xoxo,Your momma

January 30th, 2023

The other day, your photo came up on my phone and I took a snapshot without the background of Dr Selmers place and just admired you and all your handsome beauty. You are and will always be my baby boy. I still miss you and think of you all the time. We have new babies in the house now so there are 5 total and one outdoor feral who has adopted us. Thats a lot of cats! But you my love, will forever stay in my heart as one of the most special of all special cats in my life. My soul kitty.

XOXOX, your momma

February 7th, 2024

Hello my sweet boy. Words will never fully describe the LOVE I have for you still to this day. I miss you, my boy. But I'm feeling that our boy Ollie is trying to take your place. He stares at you with those soulful eyes full of love and he's so sweet, just like you were! No one will ever replace you, but I wanted you to know that daddy and I have comfort at home. I love you so much.

XOXOXOXOXO, your momma

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