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Memories of Jazzimine
Jazzimine was found with her sister (Shambala) in an empty lot at 3 weeks old. There Mom had passed so I took them in. Shambala passed in 2016. That left the "Mom" of the cat clan. She was a spirit cat knowing everything. She took care of her adopted son (Raminus) every second. She became ill this year we thought she would recover but God had other things he wanted to do with her like become an Angel Cat. She did not suffer and she left this world at home in a small box next to my Praying Buddha. The sun was out in the living room and the whole room lite up. We were going to put her to rest that week but she went her way. We took her to our vet and made the arrangements.

She leaves "Raminus" cat and Richard the dog and us. Sometimes we hear her meow late at night. Raminus misses her but slowly he is letting it go. She was very earth minded she left with a marigold in her paw. On day of the Day of the death.
11-1-2022. My heart is full yet o.k. knowing we did not have to make the final call.

She is in Heaven with her sister and my dog Ted. Jumping and smelling the flowers she so loved.

When I think of her I think of the flower Jasmine and and our Jasmine Plant outside on the patio is blooming every night.

Thank you my beautiful sister cat thank you for once again showing me how to love. I love you. 11-11-2022 I brought her home in her little cedar box. I put her with her sister Shambala lite a candle (battery) put memories of her and some pics, closed up the chest and put them where they loved to go near the window on a shelf. I feel so complete knowing she is home. I am still sad and miss her we all do, Raminus does also. She was such a spirit of a cat I realize that today. Picked some red rose and will dry it in her honor. She loved flowers so much. I love you sis of the spirit world, be save and fly high with your sister. Mom. Oh I am learning to care for your adopted son Raminus, and he is doing so much better. HEY BEAUTIFUL GIRL. HAPPY THANKSGIVING I LOVE YOU, MISS YOU AND YOUR SON IS DOING O.K. TRYING TO BE A GOOD CAT MOM. WE ARE HAVING HAM TODAY AND WE HAD SHRIMP COCKTAIL LAST NIGHT I REMEMBER WHEN YOU WOULD GET A TASTE. THANKS FOR BEING MY SPIRIT CAT FOR 20 YRS. 11-30-2: Visited your house that you were born in yesterday the backyard of an old truck with your sister. It was a beautiful day visiting with my dear friend. I love you so much my Ma Durga cat.11-30-2022: I visited Kathy, where we found you and your sis. We cried for Trey (her son) but know you are with him and giving him the love he needs. I miss you so much. Raminus cries for you every night and its been raining so much. I feel you checking in on us and making sure we are o.k. I love you my beautiful soul-sis. The doves are in the front yard eating and I know you are happy with sis-Shambala. I love you so much baby girl. 12-14-2: So many birds and doves and two bunnies in our front yard. I love you so much I miss you and I know you are happy running and jumping smelling flowers with sis. But today is hard and I just miss my friend you thought me how to love again and I love you so much Ma Durga. 12-22-2 Its almost Xmas put some pinecones on the table in your honor today. Raminus is doing better, thanks for the love you gave us and me. Hope you are with sis Shambala anf Ted for Xmas I just know you are. Tell Trey I love him. MOM Wow its Xmas Morning and Raminus is crying, hope you are happy and having a wonderful day I love you baby and I miss you MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM MOM AND RAMINUS, DAD, ED, RICKEY AND THE 3 BIRDS. Almost 2023: I hope it will be good for us all. We all miss you so much beautiful Lady of the night. Keep us safe mom HAPPY NEW YEAR MY SPECIAL WONDERFUL MA CAT! 12-31-2022. 2023: Raminus still cries for you at night not has bad. Really missed you today but I know you are happy and enjoying all the beauty. I love you my sis of the earth, tonights a full moon I will keep you in my heart love Mom 1-6-23. Well Raminus is getting better he loves the new food I got him. But still looks for you. I miss your meow and your presents. I know you are happy and in no pain. I love you my Ma-soul-spirit-cat. Mom-1-19-2023 Happy Valentines Day my Momma Cat. Raminus still cries for you at night 2-12-23. Well my sister cat how are you I feel your presents all the time in the house Ram still cries for you at night we have done everything we can. I just guess in time everyone else is good we all miss you I found a rubber band yesterday and I know its from you.
say HI to Ted and Shambala and Romero, Lassie, Hokan, Juliet and all the others that have left us. I love you my sister of the night. 4-27-23.
6-29-2023 we are all still here missing you. Raminus still cries for you at night. I planted a marigold garden for you and know that you are so loved and missed. Take care my love and enjoy all the flowers at Rainbow Bridge.
My cancer is back with other issues so I have been really upset we miss you so much sweetie I know you are in a much better world with your sis Shambala. I love you my Mom (Durga) of the cat world Raminus still cries for you at night. Ed misses you we all miss you we love you 8-27-2023

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