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Memories of JAZZ
Jazz was born on February 25, 2012. He was born the day before his Mother and she loved celebrating their birthday's together. Happy Birthday Jazz.

He was a feisty loving and extremely intelligent Yorkshire Terrier. He was the smallest dog on his block but everyone knew him. He loved to greet people and his favorite pastime was bossing his Mom. He would tell her when to get out of bed and when to go to bed. He would wait for her feet to hit the floor and he would follow her around all day. When Jazz was a tiny puppy, he would jump up and grab onto his Mother's nightgown as she walk by clinging by his teeth. She would be tickled by his antics.

Jazz, like his Mother loved anything shiny with "bling." The only difference from his Mother was Jazz loved to remove anything with bling from his Mom's shoes and clothing. Afterwards he would leave it all in a nice pile for her to find because he knew it would make her upset. He mostly did this when he was irritated with his Mother for things such as not feeding him quickly or for not allowing him to ride in the car. Also, when Jazz couldn't find bling to remove, he would go into the bathroom's to remove toilet paper. He would remove several sheets and he would take it to the entrance way to his Mother's bedroom or the entrance to the home where he would tear the paper into tiny pieces for her to find upon her return. He would patiently wait for her to see her response. It actually became a laughable moment when he would do such antics, but Jazz would roll his eyes to let her know he wasn't pleased with her response.

Jazz loved to snuggle with his Mother and although he had two sons who lived with him, he wouldn't allow anyone in the master bedroom but his Mother and himself. Jazz loved to steal all the toys that were brought into the home and he would gather them all to hide in his Mother's bedroom closet. Jazz loved to feel he was the man of the house. He loved to have a bit of his Mother's favorite foods such as crabmeat, baked salmon or a bite or two of KFC Chicken. He could smell the chicken the minute it came into the house. He loved to eat vegetables and broccoli was his favorite.

Jazz had a girlfriend. She was a beautiful tiny Yorkshire Terrier named Star. Together Star and Jazz parented four beautiful children that were born in 2014. One girl and three beautiful boys were born to the union to which Momma made sure to give them safe homes with her friends: Cookie (owner, Herber), Jinx(owner Keith), Dizzy and Miles. Shortly after their births, Jazz started becoming jealous and Star was sent to live with a family friend. Rumor had it Jazz was angry that she became a Mom. Star lives the high life in Newport News, Virginia.

Jazz loved to ride in the car. He loved to be in the passenger seat or back seat where he would speak to every passerby (often getting more attention than his Mother liked). He would growl, bark and stare at people ultimately getting a tremendous response of smiles and laughter. He loved the outdoors and marking his territory was the most important thing for his as he didn't like other dogs in his hood utilizing trees nearby. Sometimes Jazz would sneak out the house when his Mother would go outside. He ran faster than Florence Griffith Joyner. Mom got her exercise chasing him. However, she could call his Daddy and he would come out and just say "Jazz." Jazz would stop in his tracks for him. He had a real deep bark for a little six pound pup.

Jazz found himself a Daddy (the next door neighbor Dave). He loved Dave and his boys. From the time he moved into his home Jazz was spending the night, weekends or longer stays whenever his Mother had to travel for work or pleasure. Whenever he could he would wait for Dave by looking out the window where he would bark to let Dave know of his presence. He would say: "Dave don't you see me, I'm here, come and get me! Dave loved Jazz a lot and they would play endlessly.

Neighbors on the block loved Jazz. Whenever he went outside you would hear "Jazz, Jazz, Jazz!!!" He had two girlfriends Stacey and Wanda and a guy friend that his Mom called "Little Baby" because he is the youngest person on the block, but his name is Bruce. They all loved them some Jazz!

Jazz was a Man's Man. He hated taking photographs. In fact, when his Mother would beg him to take a photo Jazz would stare at her like she lost her mind and he would quickly walk away (where he would go upstairs to his bedroom or slip under a chair or sofa to escape). Jazz also had a special friend Ed (Momma's adopted son) who loved and baby sat him too.

Jazz didn't like his sons to come to the Master bedroom. He would chastise them if they came upstairs unannounced telling them to go downstairs which they would quickly do to avoid further chewing out. Jazz had a huge vocabulary and he knew lots of words. So much to the point his mother would have to spell the words out to friends and family when talking on the phone or in his presence. He would hide if he heard the words doctor or medicine, however; if he heard snack, dinner, or outside he was all for it!

Like his Mother, Jazz could talk just using his eyes. You knew when he was mad or wanted something.

Since Jazz's passing his Mother has been feeling a tremendous sense of loss. However, she knows how many lives he touched with his presence and she has so many memories that make her heart smile.

Jazz will never be forgotten. We hope you will support Jazz's medical team. A very special thank you to Paw Prints Animal Hospital and Last Chance Animal Rescue for their invaluable care and concern during Jazz's life and illness. A truly special thank you to Cindy, Holly, Dr. Martinez, his surgeon (the best on the planet) Dr. McAndrews, and Dr. Nazer. Paw Prints Animal Hospital, 8500 Bensville Road, Waldorf, MD 20603.

Paw Prints Animal Hospital and Last Chance Animal Rescue website: www.lastchanceanimalrescue.com
Last Chance Animal Rescue operates in the DMV. They take cats and dogs from more than 50 high-kill shelters in 12 states and provide disaster relief services for pets. They partner with more than 30 PetSmart and Petco store in the region and provide full service in store adoptions. They have provided more than 100,000 new homes for cats and dogs.

Jazz also was under the direct care of Dr. Cook of Accokeek Animal Hospital who provided care and he stayed with her when his Mother had to travel for work or vacations. Jazz started with Dr. Cook at the age of 8 weeks old. When he went for his first appoint she was so elated that she ran and got a toy to give Jazz to play with while she evaluated him. Jazz immediately started humping the animal to which Dr. Cook exclaimed "he's a viral little fella!" She loved her some Jazz! She retired and closed her practice after over 50+ years of service and we miss her affectionately because she cared for Jazz day and night!

To honor Jazz's life, if you like, you can donate to this beautiful nonprofit organization. They are a phenomenal group of staff and lots of volunteers that work in all weather conditions day and night to provide care.

Also, I would like to thank all my friends for supporting me and allowing me space to grieve. This has not been an easy time for me. My plan is to write a book dedicated to Jazz's life story.

A very special shoutout to my friend and co-worker Jane Myers (RIP) who was responsible for finding Jazz's breeder in the Washington Post and encouraging me to get another Yorkie after losing my previous Yorkie, Chloe.

Job 12:7-10 "Ask the animals, and they will teach you." I love you Jazz!

A very special heart felt Thank You to everyone who has sent me messages. I have been a bit in a fog but I am slowly coming out. Bless each of you for your kindness and love!

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