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Memories of Jay Alexander
My little guy....When we first brought you home, you were so tiny. Some of the neighbors came over to see you and just thought you were the cutest fur baby they ever saw. We bought you lots of toys, and you did like them, but you didn't like to play much with them. Your big thing was to always be near mom and dad. You loved being on our lap or sitting right next to us.

You were definitely a homebody. You shook if we took you for a car ride. You did love going for long walks with dad and playing with other dogs on the way. You loved to eat and at one point we were told by your vet that you had to go on a diet. You slimmed down nicely.

We had a special time together. At night when we got in bed, you would come close to me and give me lots and lots of kisses. The more I giggled, the more you kissed me. Oh how I will miss that! Through the years we had many good times together.

Dad and I are so heartbroken! I can't believe I'll never see you again. We can't believe you went so fast.

About 7 months ago, I noticed a change in your personality. You would sleep on the shag rug day and night. You didn't want to play or go out for walks with dad. You were getting forgetful and my heart ached for you. We took you to your vet who told us you had severe arthritis and seemed to be in pain. As time went on, we couldn't even touch you without you yelping. More time went by, you stopped barking when the bell rang and when people came over, you weren't even curious as to who they were. A few months later, we discovered you had a thyroid condition. In other words slowly but surely you were developing a lot of medical problems. A couple of days ago, dad went to pick up some thyroid medication for you. It was difficult getting in you, but dad and I managed to do so. At about 3 am that morning, you vomited 6 times, peed many times, were panting and I even believe you had a seizure. You were in such bad shape. We took you to an Animal Hospital and you were examined. The vet said you seemed to be in pain and your lower back was hunched so she gave you a muscle relaxer. When we got home, all you wanted to do was walk. You literally worked around the house for hours upon hours. We were so worried about you. Dad put you in your crate near the bed and you fell asleep, so did dad. I stayed up worrying and came to bed about 1 and 1/2 hours later. I checked on you and you were out cold. I felt you to see if you were breathing and felt your heart. This morning at 6 am we woke up to find you gone. We both took it very bad.

We watched you as you lay there looking like an angel and we cried. I called the Pet Crematory and planned to meet someone there between 8:30 and 9 this morning. We wrapped you in a baby blanket just showing your face. I sat in the car holding you as if you were a baby, but then again you were our baby. I broke down and Dad couldn't drive with me in that condition. He asked me to try and hold myself together until we got there. I kept yelling......I need you, why, what happened, how will I live without you.

Part of me knows it was for the best. You are no longer in pain day in and day out, but the selfish part of me wanted you around longer.

I still don't know what killed you. I'm so puzzled. I'm sure you didn't die from arthritis. Nobody has an answer for me. I need God to help me. I am just so devastated. Hey little guy....Dad and I went out today to run some errands and on the way back we saw the most beautiful rainbow. We thought of you and Bruce and hope you were looking down at us.

Your brother Bruce is also on Rainbow's Bridge. I'm sure he'll introduce you to all his friends. After all you are now young and healthy again and ready for anything. At some point, please go to the edge of the rainbow and look down for me and dad. We love you and always will. You were our baby, our little guy, our pal. We are still in so much shock. Bless you my sweet angel . December 4th. I've been thinking about you and a couple of special moments. Many times while I sat watching TV, you would sit at my feet and use my foot as your pillow. I can remember looking down at you and smiling. Thank you for wanting to be so close to me. I also remembered when you were neutered. When you came home, I put you in bed with me and placed you on my chest where you slept for hours. It was my pleasure to hold you all that time. We were so very close. I'm still not functioning well and that scares me. I can concentrate and don't want to be bothered with anyone except dad of course. We received a few sympathy cards, a few phone calls and many emails with people sending their condolences.You were so loved. Rest pretty baby. Mom will be in touch soon. xoxo
It's been a long time since I have written to you. The reason is it's much too painful. I tell everyone that you were my favorite dog and we were so close. Your ashes are in a beautiful urn in the computer room alongside of your brother Bruce. When I walk in, I say, "Hi Guys" but what I really want to do is cry my eyes out because I miss you so much. Have a wonderful Christmas on Rainbow's Bridge with your brother Bruce. Go to the edge please and try to see me and Dad. I'm sobbing so, that I can't see the page. My angels I wish you the best Christmas ever. November 28th, 2016

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