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Memories of Jaya Bibi
The day that I found Jaya on a sidewalk in Miami Beach, I was going to visit friends. They were outside with their pet Doberman staring at this adorable kitten with wide, green eyes. With my friends' urging, I got a towel out of the trunk of my car, grabbed the kitten and took her with me to a local animal hospital. One of her eyes looked distressed, and she apparently had respiratory issues from being on the street.

At the vet, they cleaned her up, gave her shots and instructions on how to care for her. I couldn't imagine the great love that formed that day.

I took her home and lay on the sofa with her on my chest. She immediately started nursing on my earlobe and I felt like a new mother. I think Jaya had a blast as a kitten. I lived on a quiet street, and she could go in and out and climb. The day I moved out of my ground floor apartment, I found dozens of gecko skeletons behind the furniture, her trophies.

One thing about Jaya, she loved to eat and grew to become a 21 lb. Garfield. Her diet became my big concern. But there was another issue: She had a tiny growth on her nose which turned out to be a melanoma, and the prescribed avenue was to have her nose removed. That was a sorrowful time in our home, but fortunately, nothing else about her changed, from her sweet disposition to her love of tuna.

In 2014, we noticed that Jaya was losing a lot of weight. Because she was considered obese, at first I thought it was the special diet food working its magic. But alas, she had diabetes and needed to go on twice daily insulin. To complicate matters, she also developed hyperthyroidism and required twice per day medication for that, as well. It was a kind of a roller coaster managing her blood sugar, and she also started having symptoms, too many to mention.

Last week, she suddenly couldn't stand up. We rushed her to the vet (we had also been there two weeks before), and a blood test showed she was in renal failure. That led to the decision to help Jaya reach the rainbow bridge before her condition became too painful.

I continually weep because I miss her so. She was ever present, very sociable with my husband and I as well as her boyfriend kittie, 'Chu. Jaya and I shared "lovies" just about every day, cuddling and kissing each other. She was always at my side when I needed her companionship. She will forever live in my heart.

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