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Memories of Jasper

November 21, 2018 - Happy 14th Birthday, my beautiful angel. Mom and dad love you so much and miss not having you physically with us.
We want you to be happy and play ball with your angel friends till we come for you.
For your birthday dad baked a cheese cake to take to Dr. Jones and your friends at the Main St. Veterinary Clinic and a smaller cake for you, please blow your candle tonight.
Hugs and kisses.
Love you
Mom and dad

December 1, 2018 - My baby, thank you for sending us a beautiful white dove to baby sit during the whole month of December, her name is Mitzy and she flies all over the house. Right now, she is on top of the computer screen looking at me as if she is trying to comfort me. I did ask you to send us a white feather as a sign that you were fine, instead, you send us the whole bird and lots of feathers, thank you my love.
I have not been successful in getting her to play ball with me like I use to play with you, can you help?
I hope you have been able to make lots of friends, I want you to be happy and don't worry about us.
Love you, sweetie.
Mom and dad.

December 22, 2018 - My Baby Boy, it doesn't feel like Christmas without you. I love you and miss you so much. I know you are in my heart but I want to kiss and hug you. Shutting off the computer in the middle of this message was your sign? You can do better than that. Come and visit me in my dreams, I want to see your beautiful face again.

Thank you again for sending Mitzy (dove), she will be with us for another 10 days till her mommy arrives, we will miss her and I am sure she will miss us, we managed to spoil her. She now has a large cage with toys, eats shredded parmesan cheese, salad and tries to taste everything in my plate, the other day she jumped on my creamed beets, we had to wash the red off her feet. She flies all over the house, spends a lot of time on dad's head and does not like going in the cage when we go out. She is very sweet and quite messy, we nicknamed her Poopsalot.
Yesterday, dad and I delivered cheese cakes to Dr. Jones and all your friends at Main St. Vet clinic. They were happy to see us.
Your aunt Rochelle will be joining us on Christmas Day. Can you give us a sign that you are with us? That would be the best Christmas present I ever had.
We love you
Mom and Dad.

December 25, 2018 - Merry Christmas, my love

January 1, 2019 - Happy New Year, my sweet baby.
Mitzy will be leaving us this week, we will miss her, she helped to ease the pain during the Holiday, thank you for sending her. I am convinced that your soul is in her because she acts very much like you which is very unusual for a bird. The house will be empty once again. Who will you be sending next? I hope you have found white angel Jasper and your sister Jenny, I don't want you to be alone. Tell me what is happening in my dreams.

On Christmas day as I mentioned your name, a big vase with poinsettias fell at the entrance of the living room spreading dirt all over the carpet. For many years we have had a vase of poinsettias in the same place and they never fell. Was this a coincidence or was that you telling us you were here as I asked. Dad cleaned up the mess.
I changed your song, I hope you like it.
We love you baby.
Mom and dad

January 7, 2019 - My sweet baby, how are you? I love the song I picked for you "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" but I can't stop crying. It was the song I repeatedly played on the electric organ after your granddad passed away who you never met, he would love you to bits. The title of this song is the way I feel as each day goes by.
Yesterday, it was your friend Jasper's (white poodle angel) birthday. I hope you got together and have a piece of cake. His mom was not able to send him a message, can you go tell him to get in touch with her. I am sure she is very upset, she loves him very much. Thank you.
Mitzy is still here, a little while ago, dad was taking a shower and she went in the bathroom and stayed there till he came out, just like you use to do. I wish I would know if part of your soul is in her, please tell us.
Lots of hugs and kisses
Mom and Dad

January 11, 2019 - Thinking of you, my sweet baby, I hope you met with little Jasper and had some cake. Isn't he beautiful? His mom gave him a ball maybe you can spend sometime with him playing ball, like we use to. You were very good at it and if we had company, you made sure everyone had a turn throwing you the ball, particularly auntie Rochelle. How is your sister Jenny, still stealing your food?
Jasper's mom was able to recover the messages, she is very happy.
I got in touch with Mitzy's mom Gabi, she has a bad cold, we will be taking Mitzy home next Thursday, in the meantime she has the run of the house and seems quite happy. At the moment, she is on top of my computer screen and as managed to drop of few poops in the keyboard. Mom will have her hands full cleaning the house after she goes home. Donna had to spend an extra hour last Wednesday cleaning her poops and feathers. I'll do a fast cleaning before she comes next Wednesday, so that she won't have to work late.
Within the next couple of weeks we will visit your uncle Jim and aunt Joan, may be you can find some time to come with us, I'll talk to you in the back seat and you can leave some fur for dad to clean up. The weather here is very cold, I am glad you don't have to endure it. I hope you are nice and warm.
Next July, I will be going with dad to visit the island I was born, Sao Miguel Azores and I hope you will come with us, you will be in my heart and see through my eyes. Also, it will be the first time you will fly with us.
On January 21st, we will be taking a cheese cake to your friends at Dr. Jones clinic, as you know they love dad's cake. Also, we are taking your 4 pairs of shoes for some needy furry friends which I am sure you won't mind. I can remember when you first wore them in the store, you looked like a kicking pony, I laughed so hard I thought I was going to burst. You tried to wear them one more time when we went for a walk, but you took them off before we got home and that was the last time. They are new and I feel someone will be able to keep their feet dry and warm.
Please have fun with your friends.
We love you so much, my darling.
Mom and Dad

January 23, 2019 - My dear baby, I miss you so much. This morning, I could see you sitting on your bed starring at my eyes, waiting for them to open so that you could start barking to get daddy to go downstairs with you. Little did you know, my eyes were a little bit open and I could see you.
Last Thursday, we took Mitzy home, she seemed quite content, Gaby let her have the run of the house but she has closed the bedroom doors because she caught Mitzy on her bed, dad use to pick her up every morning and bring her to our bed, I guess she got a little spoiled. Again, thank you for sending her to us, she is a beautiful girl and friendly, you picked a good one.
On the 21st we went to take the cheese cake to Dr. Jones and all your friends, I am sure you saw the smile on their faces. Also, they thank you for your winter boots, they will give them to a needy fur baby.
It is not the same around here without you. I will be going to see Jason in the hope you will come through again so that I'll know how you are doing, please participate and bring Jenny. It is wonderful to know that you are beside me even though I can't see you. Some day, my baby, we will be together.
We love you.
Mom and dad

February 7, 2019 - My beautiful boy. I miss not seeing your paw prints in the snow and listening to you bark for more food after you ate a three course meal. It's all gone. We miss you so much. Have you found Jasper 063? His mom misses him as much as I miss you and he was as spoiled as you were. The two of you would make a great pair. Try to find him.
A couple of days ago, we visited with Mitzy and her mom, she was very happy to see us, she spent most of the time with me and she allowed me to rub her neck and belly which is quite unusual for a wild bird. She is very smart, as soon as she saw me put the tuque on she flew to my head and laid down. Uncle Jim and aunt Joan will be staying with us tomorrow night.
Please baby, let me know if you are around us. I would love to get a glimpse of you. I hear the ring of small bells at a distance and I can't figure out where the sound is coming from. If it is you, please do it again tonight.
Lots of hugs and kisses
Mom and Dad

February 14, 2019 - My sweet boy, another one of those days without you. "HAPPY VALENTINE"S DAY"
I received a beautiful card with your name and dad's on it.
I wish you could be here with us.
Love you, baby.

February 21, 2019 - My sweetheart, it is four months today since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you are happy and made many friends. We miss you a lot, I look forward to the day we will be together once again.
Today, Dad and I took the monthly cheese cake to Dr. Jones and all your friends at the clinic in your memory and as a thank you for the way they looked after you. You were so loved by all.
The other day, I told you about the bell sounds I could hear at the distance and I asked if it was you to do it again that night, you did it and this time they were closer, louder and more frequent even your dad heard it. This was not a coincidence, I am sure it was you. I have not heard any bell sounds since then.
It has been so cold here, I am glad you don't have to go out in this weather. Is grandma taking good care of you? Let me know in my dreams, will you?
Tomorrow is your granddad John's birthday, give him a big hug for me and share the birthday cake I sent you.
Keep warm, my love.
Lots of hugs and kisses.
Mom and Dad
Stay warm, my love

March 22, 2019 - My beautiful boy, five month have gone by since you left and the hurt does not get any better. I want to see you and hug you.
Yesterday, we took your cheese cake to your friends at Dr. Jones clinic, we got lots of smiles. One of the technicians took her chocolate lab to work, he is 6 years old but plays like a puppy, it reminded me so much of you.
I haven't heard from Jasper063's mom in Australia and I am very concern, ask him if is mom is OK and let me know.
Please come to visit us, we love you so much.
Mom and Dad

May 27, 2019 - My baby, how are you? Seven months have gone by and we still miss you so much, it hurts.
On the 21st of each month dad makes a cheese cake for Dr. Jones and his wonderful staff who loved you, we will continue to do so till October 21, 2019.
Yesterday, we picked up Mitzy, the friend you sent us last November, a beautiful white Dove. She is continuously biting me, it is obvious that you are not in her because you would not do that to mommy, please have a talk with her. She will be staying with us till the beginning of July at which time mom and dad are going to Sao Miguel, the island I was born and you will be coming in my heart.
Have you seen auntie Joan's Jasper? He has a very nice mom, he is loved as much as you are.
Honey, please come to visit us, I want to see and hear you once again.
We love you.
Mom and Dad

June 24, 2019 - Sweetheart, how are you? Please send me a signal so that I know you are around here. Last Friday,dad took the cheese cake to Dr. Jones and his staff, I didn't go because I was cleaning the house, we had company for dinner on Saturday. We only have Mitzy for one more week, her mom arrives next Monday, we will miss her a lot. Fortunately, we will be leaving the following Sunday to Sao Miguel and remember, I said you were coming in my heart, are you ready?
I almost forgot to tell you that we bought Mitzy a stroller to take her to the boardwalk for a stroll like we did with you. Also, we are using Frank's large cage to take her outside with us, she doesn't like being left alone, she coos the whole time and I get upset because it sounds like she is crying.
Lots of hugs and kisses, my love.
Dad and Mitzy

July 7, 2019 - My baby, today is the day we are all leaving for Sao Miguel including you in my heart, Bring little white angel Jasper to play with you and Jenny. You will be seeing beautiful things. Gather them all and let's go. It will make mommy very happy. Give me a sign that you are with me, my love.

August 21,2019 - Ten months have gone by and seems it was only yesterday I last saw you. I miss you a lot.
The day we were leaving for Sao Miguel I asked that you give me a sign that you were with me. When I finished your message I went outside to water the plants, dad heard me and called me over to the neighbor's next door backyard and there laid this beautiful baby pigeon that was badly molested by what we believe it was a cat. This happen only a few hours before leaving for the airport. Dad and I placed him in Mitzi's carrying case and took him to an aviary veterinarian hospital. We were discussing as to who we could ask to look after him while we were away and the nurse came back with an empty cage, she said he had passed away in the examination table because his air bags were punctured. It broke my heart. Was this a sign that you were coming with us? Next time,think of something funny and not anything that will make us sad.
How did you enjoy the trip? how about Jenny and little Jasper? Did you all have fun. It was a lovely trip and all the things I wished were granted, I am convinced that you guys made it all happen. Thank you, my babies. Please let me know but be gentle.

Today, Mom, Dad and Mitzy delivered your cheese cake to Dr. Jones and all your friends at the clinic.
I am sure you saw their smiles.
Love you, sweetie. Lots of hugs and kisses.
Mom & Dad

September 21, 2019 - Eleven months have gone by and the heart ache is not any better, we miss you so much. Lately, you have not given me any signals, why not? I want to hear from you, I love you so much.
Yesterday, we took your cheese cake to Dr. Jones and his team. They posted a picture of the cake together with your Christmas picture on Facebook and they said they loved you. We may be the ones that miss you the most but you were loved by everyone around you. Aunt Luchmee was here two weeks ago and she said when she came out of the bathroom she felt your presence, please do the same for me, I want to see you and know that you are still in the house. Your angel dove, Mitzy came to visit for a couple of weeks, she has now gone back to her mom, and I miss her, when she is here I believe your spirit is in her and makes me feel better, she does a lot of things that reminds us of you. We bought her a flypper suit when we tried it on her, the legs became so long and she was walking and kicking the same way as you did when we tried the winter boots on you in the store. I don't remember ever laughing so hard, sorry baby I didn't mean to laugh at you but it was really funny, you did put on a show.
Please find Bee, she is a sweet white poodle, she would be a great companion for little Jasper. Her mom Wendy would be very happy.
Please remember to send me a good signal.
We can only wish you are with us, my darling.
Lots of hugs, squeezes and kisses.
Mom and Dad

October 24, 2019 - Today is the day you were taken away from us. A year has gone by, but it seems it happened today. I miss you so much, my best friend and the love of my life. A year ago today, when dad drove Donna home and I was sitting in the back seat with you, you licked my hand which you had never done that before, you only licked my face when I kissed you. Why did you do that? Did you know that within 4 hours you would be leaving us and you wanted to say thank you, good-bye or comfort me?.
Aunty Joan asked you to send me a sign today but so far I haven't received anything. Will you do it? not anything drastic, just something funny that I could have a giggle with you.
We normally take your cheese cake to Dr. Jones and your friends on the 21st of each month but this month we delivered today because I wanted to thank Sheena and Wee again for their Kindness in coming to the house to pick you up in your bed. I sure didn't want you leaving the house with a stranger.
I hope you having been playing with Jenny, Lola, little Jasper and Bee. It would make their loving mothers very happy,
Sweetheart, please don't forget the sign.
We will love you forever.
Mom and Dad

November 18, 2019 - Happy Birthday on the 21st, my love. Mom and Dad won't have access to a computer on the 21th, I'll tell you later why.Invite Little Jasper and Bee to your birthday party, I am sure Jenny, Lola and Boguinha will be with you too. I miss you so much. I know you are by my side but I can't see you and it hurts so much, I can't hug or kiss you. Will you someday allow me to see you, just for a moment.

December 21, 2019 - Sweetheart, how are you? I told you we were going to Australia to meet Auntie Joan, Little Jasper's mom and Auntie Wendy, Bee's mom. I had asked you to come and bring Little Jasper and Bee with you but I didn't feel your presence like I did in S.Miguel. Is it because Auntie Joan was not well and Little Jasper was sad and you stayed with him to comfort him? That was very nice of you and Bee. I hope you had a nice birthday with all your friends. On the 21st, we were on a river dinner cruise in Brisbane and we had a toast for you with our first glass of wine. While on the cruise, Auntie Wendy lost one of her babies, his name is Boeing, she loves him very much and she is very upset. The three of you need to find him if you have not already done so.
In a few days will be Christmas Day, Auntie Gabi his coming over with Mitzy for dinner. Will you have dinner with us? Please let me know that you are with us in a nice way. No throwing poinsettia's vases on the floor please, it was very scary. Take care, my love.
Lots of hugs and kisses from Mom and Dad.

January 21, 2020 - My sweet angel. How are you? We have some good news for you which I am sure you already know, mom and dad are getting married in Barbados on February 14th. I want you, Jenny, Lola, Boguinha, Little Jasper, Bee and Boeing to be there for us, do give me a sign. Will you talk to me if I go and see Jason? Fifteen months have gone by and the hurt is still there, I call for you but I get no responses. Will you visit me in my dreams, please. We bought two stuffed Koala dolls, one is named Jasper, the other holding a Joey is Jenny, they get hugs every morning and every night like I use to give you, my baby. At night they stay on top of the dresser where your bed use to be in the bedroom. Mitzy's cage is over where your bed was in the kitchen because I believe your spirit is in that little girl, she does so many things you use to do and she is a bird.
Sweetheart, be happy and come and visit once in a while.
We love you, my angel.
Mom and Dad

February 11, 2020
My dear angel, it is 1/2 hour before we leave for the airport, please get Jenny, Littler Jasper, Bee, Lola, Boguinha, Jake, Sandy and all your other friends and let's go to have a good time. Please let me know you are all with me, it would be very special for Mom and Dad.
Love you so much, my darling.
Mom and Dad

March 9, 2020

Jasper, my precious angel, you sure made February 14,2020 a memorable day for dad and I when you sent Maxine running to us while we were getting married, she walked around and around us and when the Minister finished the ceremony, Rosemary picked her up and gave her to me, she hid her face under my elbow, I told her that she was going to have her picture taken and she propped up and we took a picture together. In the evening she would meow by our room door till we let her in. On two occasions, she slept all night between dad and I. We then knew you sent her. It was so difficult to leave her in Barbados but she has beautiful grounds to walk full of flowers, the beach is her potty, warm weather everyday and a lot of guests to cuddle her. Some of the regular guests let her stay with them because she is the most sweet and cuddly pussycat. Also, we had all kinds of birds big and small that came to our balcony everyday and I assumed they were all the friends I asked you to bring, dad fed them everyday and Maxine got along fine with them. Very unusual for a cat and birds.
I am sure you already know that Auntie Joan, Little Jasper's Mom passed last week in Australia. She was such a lovely lady, she was the one that comforted me when you went to the Rainbow Bridge. She never got over Little Jasper and by now she has come for him, it must have been such a nice reunion, I hope you were there to meet her. I asked her to send me a white feather when she met with Little Jasper. On Saturday, we invited your Aunt Rochelle for diner and when I went to get the cutlery from the drawer, there it was a white feather. When you see her tell her how much I miss her. It has been a tough few days.
Today I had the second eye surgery to remove the cataracts, it is a little uncomfortable but hopefully it will clear up by the morning. I wish you were here so that I could look into your beautiful eyes.
Please don't take long sending me a sign confirming that you sent your spirit with Maxine to see us getting married and that you have seen aunt Joan. If she has not yet arrived let little Jasper know that is mommy is coming for him, he will be very happy. Someday, Dad and I will be coming to get you and Jenny and we will be all happily together again.I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Lots of hugs and kisses, my love.
Mom and Dad

April 19, 2020 - Sweetheart, I haven't heard from you in quite sometime, can you find a little spare time to send us a sign. While sending you this message this computer has shut off twice, is this your doing? If so, I am happy that you are here but can I see you in my dreams, I want to see your beautiful face again.
As you know, we are going through a terrible pandemic which has killed many people, particularly the elderly. Mom and Dad are in that category, if this keeps up we may pick you and Jenny soon. I haven't seen Mitzy since Christmas and there is no hope of seeing her in the very near future because we are all in isolation and her Mom needs her to keep her company and I don't blame her, Mitzy is very sweet. I did make her some more blankets and nest covers, she likes them very much, when Gabi give her one of the blankets she unrolled it and went under it as she was trying to keep herself warm. I haven't heard from Maxine, the pussycat that you brought to us while we were getting married, the last time I e-mailed Jenny she said that Maxine wasn't happy, all the people that normally look after her are not there because of the virus. If this awful pandemic went away Dad and I would go in February to see Maxine, we will keep our fingers crossed. I will send a message to Jenny to see how Maxine is doing.
Please baby send us a sign. Mom and Dad are going to have supper now, come and have some Pizza with us. I wish I could see you here, please make it happen.
Love you, my darling angel. Give Jenny a big hug, we miss her too.
Mom and Dad.

September 4, 2020 - My baby, I haven't written you in quite sometime, it hurts a lot, I think of you everyday, I miss you so much. Can you find it in your heart to visit mommy?
Mitzy, stayed with us for a few weeks, it is nice to have her here but her mom misses not having her.
We have been busy cleaning up the house, slowly we are getting there. It is not the same without you, my love.
Every night, we spend some time in the backyard watching the chipmunks, the raccoons, the birds and squirrels eating, a couple of the chipmunks eat off our hands, they are so sweet. The fox has been coming around but I am scarred she may hurt the squirrels or the chipmunks, please look after them.
Today, we picked up some crispy donuts and we gave some to auntie Rochelle and the neighbour next door, I wish you could have been here to try some, they are very good.
Daddy is very sleepy and he is going to bed, I better go and keep him company.
Please, please, come to see me. I love you, my beautiful baby. Give Jenny a big hug from mom.
Lots of love
Mom and Dad

November 1, 2020- My Honey, soon you will be 16 years old. I hope you will get lots of Kisses, hugs and treats from your friends and family. Ask grandma to make you some biscuits.
Last week, we were in the Blue Mountains with uncle Jim and auntie Joan, it was nice, we took a lot of walks through the trails and dad took some bread to feed the ducks.
You won't believe how many small creatures we feed everyday, chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons, blue jays and a skunk. Also, we had a ground hog and a rat but seems that they have found another home.
Today, Dad baked a cheese cake to take to Dr.Jones and your friends at the clinic, it is a gift from you.
I believe I told you that auntie Joan, Little Jasper's mom passed away, she was such a nice lady and I was so blessed in having a chance to meet her and spend a couple of weeks together in the New Zealand cruise. A few months after, she passed. I am sure she stopped at the Rainbow Bridge to pick up Jasper, I hope you had a chance to meet her, please let me know. They are together at last, the same will be with us, I can't wait till I have a chance to kiss and hug you again. Can you come and visit me? Please do something to let me know that you are by my side. I love you so much, my beautiful baby, you will be forever in my heart.
Mom and Dad

December 14, 2020 - My Baby, I miss you so much. Christmas is not the same without you. You don't send me any signs, why? Please visit us. I hope auntie Gabi will come for Christmas dinner with Mitzy because I know you choose her to console me after you left. Dad is going to cook a cheese cake for your friends at Main St., Veterinary Clinic. We have changed some of the furniture and I would like you to come and see it or maybe you have already been year and I didn't see you. Did you see auntie Joan, did she take little Jasper? Auntie Wendy is making a rainbow Bridge Christmas Tree to honor all her babies including Little Bee and Boeing who passed last year while we where in Australia together. She asked me for your picture and Jenny's to put on the tree. If you have a chance grab Bee, Boeing and Jenny and go to see her tree, it would mean a lot to her. We have put up the Christmas tree which is now in the sun room, can you please bring Jenny, Lola, Jacob and Boguinha to see it. We love you both so much, please come to visit. Are you going to spend Christmas Day with Grandma, Grandpa and uncle John, they will sure look after you and Jenny and you will get to meet Boguinha and Max.
Please, I beg you to visit us.
Love you so much.
Mom and Dad

Dec 30, 2020 - My Honey, I hope you came by on Christmas Day, Mitzy came for dinner and stayed overnight with her mom. She had her own place setting at the dinner table and she was so well behaved, quite a lady. I asked her if she had been talking to you but I didn't get much of a response. Tomorrow, is New Year's Eve and we will be staying home, auntie Rochelle , Gabi and Mitzy are coming for dinner and staying to midnight. Will you, Jenny, Lola and Boguinha drop in to wish us a Happy New Year?, it would be really nice to know that you are here with us.
Did you have a nice Christmas? I miss you so much. In the Christmas nutcrackers, I got three small red balls and I tried to teach Mitzy to play with them like I use to play with you on the floor but they were small enough to play inside of a plate and a few times she did hit the ball back to me. Can you help her to play with me tomorrow? This has not been a good year because of the virus, it would be nice to see you tomorrow to put an happy end to 2020. Dad would like to give a good home to a fur baby but I am so scared that I will not be around or unable to look after him/her/them for the rest of their life. Also, I am concerned that they may hurt Mitzi and she was the one you sent to comfort us after you left. Tell me what you think.
We love you, dad and I hope to see you tomorrow.

Feb 12, 2021 - My Baby, how are you, I don't hear from you anymore, are you happy? We have 4 deer in the backyard that come most nights to have dinner, one is a baby, very sweet it reminds me of you. A few days ago, the baby came by herself late at night, she is not afraid of anything, she looked at me several times, was that you? Let me know.
In a couple of days will be Valentine's Day and our wedding anniversary. Remember?, you came in spirit through Maxine to attend the wedding, she stayed by my side during the ceremony and spend the night with us. My sweetheart, I love you and I miss you so much.
Mitzi's mom will soon be having an operation and we will be looking after Mitzi, can you come in spirit through her and don't allow her to bite mommy, just little pecks. If she does that, I know it is you. Will you do that for me?.
How is Jenny, is she still stealing your food? Bring her to visit us, if my sleepers move I know it is Jenny.
We have not been going anywhere because of the virus, if it ever goes away we all can go on holidays again.
Stay safe, my baby. Lots of hugs and kisses.
Love you,
Mom and Dad

October 25, 2021 - My baby, how are you? Yesterday, marked three years since you left, aunt Rochelle came over to have dinner with us and we had a toast for you, we miss you so much, I wish I could see you one more time. This summer, Mitzy spent a few weeks with us while Gabi recuperated from the operation and I hated when we had to take her back. When she is here, I feel you are with us. Gabi is starting some chemo therapy starting the day after tomorrow, if she feels sick it is possible Mitzy will come back.
The deer come to visit us everyday for oats, apples and carrots, There are 3 of them, the mother and two little girls, much to our surprise two more deer showed up yesterday and they were boys with beautiful antlers, where you one of them?
When are you going to send us a sign to let us know that you are here with us?
The deer just arrived, I am going downstairs to see them.
Lots of hugs and kisses. We love you so much.

November 21, 2021
Happy Birthday, my beautiful angel. Today, marks your 17th birthday, please come to celebrate with us and bring Jenny, Jake, Lola, Boguinha, Little Jasper, Sandy and Suzy. Did you visit with Grandma today?, did she make you a nice birthday cake? Was uncle John there?, he would love you to pieces.
As you know, Dr. Jones is still recuperating from the stroke, for now, he only works on Wednesday mornings but this Wednesday, he is going to see his doctor, so we had to postpone delivering your birthday cheese cake to the following Wednesday, they are sure looking forward to it. Sweetheart, please start gathering ​your friends and we will see you at supper time. In the meantime, enjoy your day.
Lots of hugs and kisses, we love you so much.
Mom and Dad

January 3, 2022 - My Baby, how are you? another year has gone by, meaning one year closer to coming for you and Jenny, what a day that will be, my love. Can you come to see me, I miss you so much.
Auntie Rochelle came to have dinner with us on Christmas Day and New years Eve and we had a toast for all our furry babies that have left us. A few days before Christmas Day we took a cheese cake to Dr. Jones from you, unfortunately, he was not there because his health was not well, it is a shame that he had a stroke, such a lovely person and he took such good care of you.
Did you have a nice birthday? I had no signs from you.
I don't know if I mentioned to you that we have a minimum of five deer who visit us everyday, sometimes twice a day and they get apples, carrots, oats and peanuts. They are very pretty, you would love them. Also, we have the fattest squirrels and birds in the neighborhood.
Please let me see you again, my baby. Give Jenny lots of hugs and kisses from us.
We love you, sweetheart.
Mom and Dad

July 18, 2022

Hi sweetheart, it has been a long time since I wrote you, it is not that I have forgotten you, you are always and will be in my heart forever till we get together again.
Mitzy is here with us and I believe it will be for sometime, she has picked up some bad habits, she continuously bits me, hopefully she will smarten up. Yesterday, we took her for a stroll by the lake where we use to take you and shortly we will be taking her again. Mom and dad has gained some weight during the Covid and we need to get if off.
Have you met with Auntie Joan and little Jasper, she is a very nice lady and she will take good care of you and Jenny till I go.
The backyard looks very nice and of course , we keep looking after all the little creatures. We have a deer and
a Doe that come to visit everyday. We have named them Jasper and Jenny. Jasper is getting to be a big boy with beautiful antlers. Is that you visiting us? I can only wish. Jenny has had a baby, but it is too early for her to bring her baby for us to see, I am sure he/she is very pretty with all the polka dots.
How about Jenny? do you spend time with her, she needs you to look after her. Remember when she depended on you to get her food?.
Oh my babies, I miss you so much. Why can't you visit us? I'll be happy with just a glimpse so that I would know you are by my side.
Please come and train Mitzy not to bite mom.
Take care, be happy and keep us in mind.
Lots of love and big hugs.
Mom and Dad.

December 28, 2022
My Sweetheart, how are you? I miss you so much, please come to see me, please.
We had no Christmas celebrations this year, both Dad and I got the Coronavirus, we should be better by next week. It was a big let down, I never had Christmas's Day without some family even if it was just auntie Rochelle. Fortunately, your friend Mitzy, (who happens to be a boy now, since she didn't lay any eggs), has been with us for at least three weeks and will stay a while longer because Gabi is scheduled to have another operation in January. It was nice having Mitzy here, he/she sat (I'll keep referring to him as Her, if it is Ok with you) on my shoulder when I laid down as if she knew I was not well. We didn't get the Chirstmas's gifts to Prince, Hope and Frank as of yet, it is too risky for auntie Rochelle to come over, it would be horrible if she got her brother sick because she is his sole caregiver.
Did you spend Christmas with Grandma, uncle John, Jenny, Lola and Boguinha. Did Grandma cook you a nice dinner and presents?
Come to see us, perhaps, you can teach Mitzy to stop biting mom, she can be very sweet if she does not bite.
What can I do to get you to come and see us and how do I know you are here?.
Lots of hugs and kisses to the whole family, I love you all.
My Baby, I love you so much. You use to lay in your bed or on the couch when I was on the computer, and now there is nobody there, it hurts so much.
Mom and Dad misses you so much.

January 7, 2023 - My wonderful baby, thank you for visiting us the same day I asked you. I assume the lady with you was your sister Jenny. The following day , we saw you waiting for your breakfast early in the morning and you spend most of the day laying on top of the leaves auntie Judith left for you. Thank you, thank you, we miss you so much. Please come for breakfast and dinner every night, there is not much food around in the wintertime. Daddy always makes sure that there are enough apples, carrots, oats and cracked corn. Mitzy is still here, we had her nails and beak trimmed but she still manages to bite. Last night, we let her sleep outside of the cage on top of the cupboard over the phone table, she does not like pooping where she sleeps, so she decided to poop from the edge of the cupboard down to the floor, it was quite an interesting design.
keep dropping in, we love to see you, Jenny and all your friends.
Lots of hugs, my love.
Mom and Dad

My sweetheart, how are you and Jenny. As you probably know we rescued Bella, she is a nine year old Shih Tzu. Bella was with her dad when he passed away and no one in the family wanted to take her because they are allergic to dogs. Bella was in a shelter when Jacquie across the street picked her up to keep Ravi (puppy) company but it didn't work out because Ravi is very active and Bella is a senior compounded by the fact that she was traumatized with the loss of her dad and ending up in a shelter, she was her dad's sole companion and he loved her very much.
When Jacquie came to ask us if we would consider to rescue Bella Dad and I could not say no, she is a lovely little girl and we are doing our best to keep her comfortable. I wish you could be here, you would love her.
We haven't seen you in the yard over the past few days, is everything all right? Daddy is going to be putting out two bags of food today because the apples are getting soft, please come by and see little Bella, I am sure she would love to have a big brother to play with.
If I see big Jasper (deer) outside I'll know you are around and I will take Bella out for you to see her.
Dad and I are always talking about you and Jenny. We miss you a lot.
Love you, my baby.
Mom and Dad

November 21, 2023
Happy Birthday, my beautiful Baby Jasper. Today, you are 19 years old. I miss you dearly, I wish you could be here to celebrate.
Bella is being a little devil. Anytime, I pick her up to get her dressed to go for a walk with dad or go to bed, she bites me. Also, she is very picky with food, and she wants to be hand fed. Not like you. you were always a good boy; you always ate what was given to you and always so well behaved. We talk a lot about you. I can only wish that you could be here to help me with Bella.
Aunt Gabby was here last Sunday, and she brought Fruggy and Mitzi who is crazy as ever, she loves being here because she can fly wherever she wants. Unfortunately, auntie Rochelle cannot bring Hope and Prince because Prince would attack Fruggy and in particularly little Bella.
Are you still with Grandma, Grandad and Uncle John? Is Jenny with you, how is she?
Will you visit us? We want to see you, my baby.
Enjoy your birthday, my love.
Lots of kisses and hugs.
Mom and Dad

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