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Memories of Jasper
How can I begin to say what a wonderful dog you were.Jasper, you entered our lives on June 17, 2000
when you walked into the room carrying a dr.pepper bottle in your mouth.You had a large cone head and we fell in love with you immediately.There are so many wonderful memories to share and I could go on forever , but, I'll try to share some of the most memorable ones and how you touched our lives.You were always there with us through thick and thin and always seemed to make us feel better when we were at our lowest points in our lives.I remember the blue sofa and how you took command of it and used to sleep with your brother during the cold winter months.Also, you were always ready to get a little snack from your snack jar and I always told you that your snack jar would go with you when the day you would see st. peter.You loved to go running in the afternoons with your little brother ruffles.All the animals loved you and would come to sleep under your neck because they knew you would not harm a flea.

The years passed too fast and before we knew it you were stricken with the inability to walk and could not control your bodily functions.I knew you felt bad when you would have could not get up to run with the other dogs and I could see it in your eyes.The day I decided to put you to sleep was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.Your big brother was there and held you as you went to sleep forever.My heart broke that day and it does not get any easier as the days and weeks go by.The day we buried you was a sad day for us.I put your snack jar between your paws and tied your favorite john deere bandana around your neck.Big brother put his favorite marine shirt on you because you were bad to the bone and no one messes with a marine :)

Jasper,if we could have kept you forever we would have, but I could see you were tired and suffering.We love you old man and want you to be waiting for us when we leave this world.We cry for you and our hearts are heavy but we look forward to seeing you that glorious day when we will be united.Sleep well our baby and run and play in the beautiful meadows until we meet again.
You gave us unconditional love and cherished memories for you were so much more than just a dog.

Your loving sisters said to tell you they love you and miss you.Jasper, this is not goodbye for we carry you in our hearts and we will see you one day.We love you baby and and stop to smile down on us and blow a gentle breeze on our faces.


6/4/12- my baby it has almost been four months since you left us.I still miss you so much but I think I have come to realize you are not coming back and that hurts even worse.It is almost time for my bday which will be on the 13th.I'll miss not having you here to be with me on that day.Ilove you my old man and I misss you with every beat of my heart

6/26/12- hello my old man.Just dropped in to say we miss you and think of you always.The days are getting a little easier for me but the nights are the longest.I hope you are having fun with all your friends at the bridge.I left you some ice cream and a hamburger.I sure hope you like them but I know you liked mommy's cooking best:)Your little brother ruffles still looks for you and ginger is trying to carry on your tradition with scrambled eggs , but, I know noone could appreciate scrambles the way you did:) Kevin always remembers you and we visit your resting place everyday.Jasper, we love you more than words can express.Take care of yourself because you have to be there for us when we cross over.I'LL COME AGAIN SOON. LOVE mommy

10/21/2012- hey there my sweet babybeh, I'm back again to tell you how much we still miss you.It has been 8 months since you left us and we can't believe it has almost been a year:(.We are all okay except for my mommy she has been really sick.I know she'll be leaving us soon but we don't know when.I want to ask you to be beside my mommy when she gets to heaven.Take care of her for me and let her not be afraid.I'm sorry I took so long to get back here but it breaks my heart everytime i visit here.I have to take little brother and sis ginger for their shots tomorrow.I'm sure you remember Dr. Brieger and the staff for all the trips you made to the office.Well, christmas is coming pretty soon but I know it won't be the same for me.Remember, last christmas when I put the christmas flowers around your neck :)I knew deep in my heart it would be your last one with us:( Your gravesite will be decorated this year and every holiday for as long as I can.We love you jasper our sweet boy.I send hugs and kisses to you. Love, mommy

11/26/12- hey there my sweet baby.sorry i havent been back sooner , but seems like it hurts me really bad when i come to see you.Well, thanksgiving came and went but it wasn't the same without you waiting for some turkey with gravy.Daddy and I went to eat at the buffet this years.It was pretty good and relaxing and I guess it was better that way since we were alone this thanksgiving holiday.I put your little white christmas tree on your grave and hung a wreath on your cross.It looks pretty my baby.Every night I look at your videos and your photos and remember how wonderful you were to us.I love you my Jasper and I will never forget you my sweet wonderful baby.I'll be back very soon.I send my love to you.. love mommy

2/9/13 I'm back and I'm sorry I havent been back sooner but the last few months have been really difficult for your mother.As you already know,my mommy passed away last week and I went to say goodbye to her.It was so hard to say goodbye to my mommy:(and my heart misses her so much jasper.I want you to take care of her and tell her how much I love her.We miss you too and soon it will be a year since you left for rainbow bridge.I carry you and mommy in my heart and I hope to be with you all one of these days.Please stay by my mommy's side so she won't be lonely, hungry, or in pain anymore.The rest of us are ok and baby mia is growing really fast.Well, I have to go my baby for now.You take care of yourself and be happy.We'll always love you babybeh.

9/3/13-hello my baby,sorry i havent been here lately but it hurts so much to visit.You have been gone for one year and six months.I cant believe it has been that long but I REALIZE IT WHEN i PASS BY YOUR RESTING PLACE.We are all doing good I got a new little chihuahua girl five months ago.Her name is pilar and I know you would have loved playing with her:)Kevin is in fourth grade this year and he always remembers you.Your little brother Ruffles is getting older and you can see it in his face:( HE is 9 yrs old which equals to 63 in human age.He will be laid beside you when he joins you at the bridge.I know youll take good care of him:)As for the rest of us we are doing good taking one day at a time.Your big brother still has your dog tags and i have all your special things that were left behind"food bowl just the way you left it, your t shirt, chew bone, and many pictures.We love you our dear boy and miss you.I sure want you to meet us when we leave this world.Take care my baby and ill come back soon.get emmm babybeh!!!!

1/12/14-hey my sweet baby.I'm back:)well the holidays have come and gone again without you being here with us.I still miss you as much as i ever did.Last night I cried thinking of you and how much pain you were in at night.I wish I could have done more for you and I still question myself if I did the right thing or not?Jasper, my soul aches with sorrow:( The past two years have been very hard for me.Lost you in 2012 and my sweet mommy in 2013.I hope you are having the time of your life at the bridge with all the others who went before you.We are all ok just getting older and wiser I hope:)Ginger is a beautiful young lady but needs to control her diet:).lil brother is getting older and not moving as fast as he used to :) pilar is 10 months old and likes to play with tarzan the kitten :)We all miss you japo.Please take care and be happy:)I love you japo and carry you in my heart.until next time,hugs and kissess to you my baby.

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