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Memories of Jasmine
Jasmine died on July 14, 2018 from a sudden illness. She was with us for 6 years, was about 10 years old. She was a sweet girl, loved to walk and play frisbee and ball. She had chronic otitis and was mostly deaf, and went blind about two years ago from SARD. Despite all these challenges, she had a strong, happy spirit, and we loved her so much. We will miss her every day.

I miss playing with her outside, I miss our walks, and I miss getting my greeting when I would come home from work. She would sit right in front of the door so I'd have to bump her a little, then she'd get up and wag for me as I petted her and gave her kisses. Sometimes I would get a kiss back from her, just a little kiss, but I loved that. I know we had to let her go, as she was very sick and we could not cure it, but I so wish we'd had more time together.

Before she went blind, it happened that a chipmunk ran into the kitchen from under the dryer, after the buzzer went off and scared it. It stopped, realizing it was surrounded by the four dogs, a real "oh, shit" moment. Before any of us could move or event speak, Jasmine grabbed it and gave one big shake, and that was that. The other dogs were still motionless; she was that fast. She was a sweet, gentle girl, but she was a hunter.

Jasmine, I picked up your ashes from the vet when I was there to get Layla her laser treatment for her arthritis, and Roxie her flu shot. Inside was a wooden box that holds you now, a card, and a disc with your paw print on it. I had been doing pretty well, but I cried when I saw that. I miss you.

Your photo is on the bulletin board of dog pictures in the vet's office, and I point you out to other people whenever I am there. What a pretty girl, they say, so sorry for your loss. The loss is huge, and difficult, but I am very glad we had you in our lives for those six years. I only regret it wasn't longer.

8/20/18 Still miss you all the time, Jas. I have been looking at pictures and videos of the good times we shared, and it helps to see you happy and having fun.

9/14/18 Two months have passed without you and it's a tough day, remembering you being so sick. I am trying hard to think about the good times we had. Dad and I were talking about how, after you went blind, you were afraid to go for walks or even the back yard to play. In my usual bulldozer fashion, I coaxed and cajoled you until you began to walk and play again. Dad said that showed how much you loved and trusted me, that you let me get you back to those things. I am honored that you loved and trusted me, and hope you knew how much I loved you, sweet girl.

10/14/18 Now it's three months but your absence is still felt as acutely as ever for me. I still think, what if I had been able to do something to save you? I know that I couldn't, and I know it was the best and worst act of love to let you go, but it sucks. I am grateful for the time we had together, and only wish we could have had more. Love you forever and think of you every day.

12/14/18 Five months have passed, and sometimes it seems like it's been much longer. Layla has now crossed the bridge, and I hope you and Zoe are there to welcome her and comfort her. I miss you so much, sweet girl, but I know being blind was so hard on you, having been such an active and athletic girl. You were an absolute joy to watch as you thundered across the yard to leap up and catch those frisbees with such grace. I will never forget you, baby, as you were one of a kind. So big, and sweet, and funny. Your head tilts always made me laugh. This is how I will try to remember you, healthy and happy. I know you loved us, and we loved you, too.

5/10/2020 It's Mother's Day, and I had a dream about you this morning. I had been in Jake's room, then crossed the hall back into my bedroom, and there you were, lying on the carpet next to my bed! I ran over to you and got down next to you, and held you, petted you, told you I loved you and that you were such a good girl. I was so happy to see you, and you huffed and wagged your tail, and rolled over for a belly rub. I woke up then, but it was the best feeling, as if you had come to visit me for Mother's Day. I love you, sweet girl, and miss you every day.

7/14/2021 3 years gone by but never a day without thinking of you. We have Kona now and she is very like you--loves her walks and toys. She plays frisbee, too, although not as good as you yet. I have told her all about you. I see you in my dreams sometimes, and look at your pictures every day. I am sorry we only had a short time together but it was worth it. I hope to be with you again someday.

6/12/2022, 10 years since we brought you home from the shelter. You looked at the sofa and I said yes, you can sit there, and you were so happy.

7/14/2023 I can't believe it's been 5 years since you were here with us. I have told Kona all about you. Just like you, she loves her toys, loves to go for long walks, and we walk those familiar paths, remembering you. She has allergies like you but hers are less in the ears and more on the skin but thanks to you, I know better how to care for her. Jazzy pants, you were a great girl, and I am so glad we had the time together that we did and sorry we did not have more, although the last few years were hard for you. You know we loved you and did our best to make you happy and comfortable despite the disabilities you had. I don't know what lies beyond life, but my wish is that you are together with Layla, Roxie, and Zoe, playing together and comforting each other, and that I will see you again someday.

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