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Memories of Jasmine
Jasmine was one of my best kitties, she would greet me at the door, she would follow me around. She would meow when she wanted treats. She would hide under a rug and leave a bump in the rug when she left, she would wall walk, her paws on the wall moving along the wall funniest thing ever. I have a water fountain for my cats and when it was low she would knock the lid off of it to let me know it was time to fill it. I was in a car accident 2.5 years ago and she was by my side since then. Your sisters and brother miss you down here unfortunately I know how that feels. She truly was one of a kind. She was loved more than she knew and now that she's gone she'll be missed and loved more than she'll ever know. She will always be in my heart and soul forever my baby girl Jasmine. While your there say hello to your sissy Harmony and tell her I miss her for momma ok? I hope you 2 have lots of fun together playing with your toy mice and whatever other toys you have up there. One day we'll meet again and become whole. I feel this giant whole in my heart, it hurts so bad. She was a Russian Blue and it seems like everywhere I look whether its on kitty litter, cat food bags, or treats I see a Russian Blue and it makes it even more difficult for because all I want to do is cry, I'm already emotional this makes it even all the more difficult for me. Even though I have other fur babies, that mean the world to me as Jasmine did and always will,they all have different personalities. Which I wouldn't change for anything.

Well it's been day 5 baby girl since you left me and it's not any easier in fact it's harder. Even your sister's and brother know something is wrong especially Kami, she won't leave my side for sure now but she doesn't replace you. No one could ever replace you Miss Jasmine my soft little girl.

It's been 2 weeks now and found myself wanting to call your name. I hear a meow at nite is that you saying hi? Sometimes I seem like I see you Jasmine it's very weird. All I know is I wish you were here. Love you Jasmine my little girl.

My sweet Jasmine is almost a month and it's still no easier, although I know your with me I hear you meow from time to time to let me know your presence is still with me.I feel so empty inside without, I find myself wanting to call your name for treat time, I look for that bump under the rug but your not there why aren't you there why can't you just come back to me! I love and miss you so much Jasmine my sweet little girl. I hope this gets easier as time goes on. I will never forget you little girl. Momma loves you with all her heart 💓.

Oh Jasmine almost 2 months now, I know you don't understand, but momma misses and loves you sooo much. I can't get you out of my mind. I keep wanting to call your name or I think I see you or hear your meow,(which I miss so much). It's just not the same without you here and never will be. I hope you've found a lot of nice friends. I hope you found Harmony and you 2 can reunite and play together. Tell Harmony I miss and love her also. I just wish I had more time with you. Well pretty little girl momma's gonna go for now. I love you little girl and I always will. 💔

Well my little girl girl it's been 3 months to the day and I still miss you much. Yesterday you would of been 11 Happy Birthday little girl sorry I with you,I miss you so much Jasmine I can't even begin to express how much you mean and meant to me. I love you little girl, I know your happy,healthy and carefree now and I'm glad of that but I wish you were here with me that way not there. Tell Harmony momma loves and misses her also. I love you miss Jasmine don't ever forget that. 💔

Well here I am again I know it's been a while but it's been so hard without you around. I'm always thinking about you I miss you so much and still love you.I do have 2 new kittens which was only supposed to be one.A female Russian blue, then there was a Russian blue and white one there, there brother and sister and I didn't want to separate them so I took them both, but as it turns out the blue one is a male and the blue and white is a female. I do have to say though there is some of you in the blue one his name is Hotrod and he loves bags and toilet paper just like you used to and the his sister's name is Darina and she is long hair.None of them will ever ever replace you, I was trying to fill a void in my heart but it's not going so well. You will never be forgotten Miss Jasmine, momma kisses and love you so much, say hello to Harmony for me ok. Love you always and forever.

Well here we are again Miss Jasmine,I hope your doing ok. Say hi to baby Harmony. The 2 kittens I rescued unfortunately are not doing good. I got close to them and my baby boy got sick and I had to send your little brother Hotrod up with you on December 27,2018. I had to have him put to sleep he had fluid around his little lungs and was having trouble breathing. I hope you have met him you'll like him. Now his sister Darina is sick with the same thing you had, liver cancer and I'm gonna have to put her down too. She's just hanging on. It's so hard Mommy loves and misses you all so much. Love you always and forever.💔

Well here i am yet again Jasmine, my little girl. I lost your little sister Darina on March 19,2019. The only thing this time was i had asked God to not have me make the decision to put her to sleep. I told little girl it was ok to go and within 15 she took her last breath. It was very hard for me but the only thing is that I was with her and she knew that I was there so I guess we both had some sort of comfort And now she is back home with her brother hot rod and her big sister Jasmine and her other big sister Harmony. Darina and Hotrod I hope you found each other and I hope you found Jasmine and Harmony and I hope you're all very happy together and when it is my time we will be together. Mommy loves you all and misses you all very very much. 💔

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