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Memories of Jasmine
I remember within a few days of having her given to me i was next door at Jerry & Philis's camper,( Jazzy's God Parents )sitting on the deck,talking as we did for many years,Jazz in my lap asleep.When i had to get up she didnt want to wake up so i scopped her up,with one hand,and there she stayed curled up in the palm of my hand still sleeping thats how small she was.I carried her like that for sometime that day.Its amazeing that something that small can become such a BIG part of your life....& take up SOOOOO much of the bed!!!!

I remember a day,Jazzy was just a very young pup,Linda & I were sitting out frount when we heard holly hec break out...bark bark bark ...bark bark bark...bark bark bark...on & on. So we figured we better go see what kind of trouble she got her self into.And let me tell you what,she could find all kinds of trouble to get into.Your saying to youself " not that cut little girl " HA HA HA " Do i have news for you...LOL Anyway, comming round to the back there was Jazzy,standing at the edge of her property,backing into the woods( no fence mind you & no leach eather )little chest puffed out, just going off on something in the woods.Thing is she wasn't alone.You see,she was standing UNDRE her step-brother,a 80lb. golden retriever who's name was Cal. What a brave little girl huh??? Id be brave if my BIG brother was standing over me too...LOL What a sight. Cal was soooo proud of her.

Remember i told you little girl could get into trouble...Well,i remember all the times she would wake me up to go potty in the middle of the night.Now,we lived in a year round campground so there was always lots of left over barbee Q laying round,along with more then youd want to wake up next to.I'd let her out hopping to get back to bed asap for work.Well id fall back to sleep,then get woke back up by scraching at the door.Not paying any attention, i'd just let her back in & go back to bed,only to wake up on,or next to whatever she found,brought home & into bed that she didnt eat that night...YUCK!!!!!!!!!There was one time she droug home a carcus that was twice her size.Thank God she couldnt get it up the steps.....

Jasmine had a way of slipping off unnoticed.Then it would be "hay where's Jazz".At first id go looking for her,we lived in a very wooded area,but after i found her go to spots not so much.Thank God she never went too far.All though there was this time her & Taffy took off.( Taffy was her step sister & Cals mom )They were gone ALL DAY comming back form two different directions. Anyway,when id go looking for her id just look for the mess.She loved to hunt & would chase rodernts till she got it or droped.She would pull wood piles apart,pull stuff out from underneath campers,dig holes deep enough that she'd disapear save her little butt.She later thought Phoenix how to dig for her. ( Ill tell you more about Phoenix in time,another big part of her life, as Taffy & Cal were )People would come by & say " i see Jasmine came over to visit this week ".By then shed be on there gulf carts & on there lap wagging her tail.Id allways offer to clean up her mess but they allway sead it was fine they got it.Pretty much the hole park knew her or of her.At the time,when she was " hunting " at least i knew where she was & didn't have at worry at where she was...lol She had a hobby & it kept her bizzy for hours.

She loved gulf cart rides,& it didnt matter from who she got one from.I bet half the park had her on there cart at one time or another,even if it was just parked at one of the many park funtions.There were plenty of people like Rodger & Sandy,Jim & Carol,Steve & Leslie,Jeff & Jimmy,Jerry & Philis,the list goes on,that actually came by to take her for a ride.Sometimes on the weekends when the park would fill up id let her out in the morning & not see her for a few hours only to have someone pull into my lot,on a cart,with a little black spot sitting there wagging there tail.They would ask if it ( Jasmine ) belonged to me explaining how they were just driving by, slowed down not to hit her or to say HI & she jumped on the cart not get down,so they took her for a ride,& visiting.After her ride she'd get down but not till then.Soon people knew that if they stopped,or slowed down too much, there would soon to be a pup on there cart & they would have to take her for a ride,if only round the block,she was a happy camper...God Bless them all.

Car rides,anytime anyplace,didn't matter she was there.One day we went to the bank so i could do the atm thing.It was winter so i left the car run with the heat on,can't let the poor thing get cold could i...Well,my bad.When i got back to the car she had locked the doors....The little brat,it was cold out.So there i was looking for something to break the window with & there she was bounceing around in the nice warm car watching me tail just going to town.Thanks to some very nice people one took me home to get the spare set of keys,& another stayed with her till we got back.God Bless them both.Funny as hell then and still funny now.You needed to see the look on pups face to understand....Locked me out of my own car...OMG...

Hello my beautiful little girl.I'm missing you more then ever now.I am so very sorry for not being the pack leader i needed to be.I put you down when you were so young not knowing what els to do.I knew you were hurting,but didnt see it in time to do the right thing,being,makeing it all better. I feel so bad.You were the perfect little gril.You did all i asked & then more.Please forgive me Jasmine.

Hello again my sweet little girl.Nothing has really changed sence the last time I met you here. Moveing on without you is almost impossible.I am little by little,but I want you back so badly.All the facts leading up to putting you down are still not clear to me, & Im just so torn.I will never forget the day I had my best friend put down & how I told you Id wish someone would do the same for me.I look into your eyes in some of the photos I have of you & wonder what you were thinking.I know I told you what was to come,in my mind you seemed ok with it,you even had what I thought was a little smile on your face.I just dont know.I just wish that for now you will forgive me if I thy to forget all the bad thing that happened & think only of all the good times we had.I am reallizing that I do tend to dwell on the negitive,maybe to try to....i just dont know why.I do know that when i look at you standing there in the snow looking up at me with all that snow on your back it makes me smile remembering all the winters we went through,all the walk we went on in the snow,& how that was your faveret season.You always loved the snow,if it wasen't too deep...lol

Love & Miss you...You the girl...

Well here it is Thanksgiving&I don't have anyone to share it with now that your away form me for awhile.I guess I'm still greatfull that your not suffering anymore.That's about all I can come up with because I still miss U so much & want you back by my side.There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you & miss you.One day we will be back together,but till then I'll have to make due.Missing you lots Jazzy...

Hello my little girl.Its been one yr this month sence our parting & nothing has changed in the way that i miss you.As youve noticed its been a long time sence ive sead HI to you.Well its because ive been told i need to let you go & move on.Honestly i dont know what that means.I put your pictures up,i feel.I take them down,i feel worse.I didnt want to know what was wrong with you & what caused our parting,but now sometimes i wish i know.I dont know if i did the right thing in putting you to sleep.I saw in your eyes how bad you felt & I saw what you were going through.I didnt want you to suffer anymore.But now that your gone all i can think about is if i did the right thing & not try to try & have you fixed in some way.Then there was all that to put you through...I seen first hand what Cal went through & there was no way & could you,or me,through that.I think,did i do something to you.Did moveing to Florida had anythimg to do with your not feeling well.I just dont know.All i do know is that you were the best thing that ever happened in my life & i want to thank you so mush for being my best friend.

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