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Memories of Jamie
My beloved Jamie, taken from us too soon after we lost your brother last year, we will miss your luxurious grey fur and that deep reverberating thrum-purr of contentment and all the extraordinary ways you enriched our lives. Our poor baby, who always loved to eat, unable to eat anything at the end, be free now and find your brother T.J. Then search out yummy food to eat, and after, seek a comfy place for both of you to sleep in the sun (and don't sprawl too much over your brother). We miss you so, and the house is so empty of both your & your brother's spark & spirit. I keep walking around, expecting to see you just coming around the corner to check out what the humans are doing now, wondering why we aren't getting ready to feed you? I know you've missed T.J. for these past 12 months, and you told us when it was time for us to let you go but it's oh-so-hard to not find you in your usual spots. My handsome, handsome boy, how I will miss your sitting on my foot when you searched for and couldn't find your brother this year; I hope I was a worthy substitute. Barb & I are grateful for the every single month you could be with us, but it's so hard not hearing you loudly demanding your breakfast every morning as you have done for nearly 16 years, to not see you on the blue box by the window, to not caress your soft head fur & receive a purr as thanks. Be well now, Jamie, and wait with T.J. until we all meet again. We will always love you. We will always miss you. Our lives will never be the same. Love, Louann and Barb. 2-24-2020 ~~One week gone from us, sweet Jamie, I miss you so much and I haven't been able to stop crying. Your absence just burns through me as I go through the silence of the house. How I miss your meows seeking us out or the brush of your head on my leg to tell me you're right here & love me. I miss your weight on my foot as you rested so often. I look for you everywhere and find silence and sadness. I love you, baby Jamie, and so does Barb, always and ever. Lou & Barb 2-28-2020 ~~Dear Mr. J, you sweet boy, it's exactly, painfully, 2 weeks since you left us and I am still crushed by grief I feel all the time! I know you couldn't stay but it doesn't make it any easier to bear. You were such a big personality, such a beloved presence in our house and in our hearts, there's no place where I don't miss your loud and insistent meow, or you lying across my foot and purring or marking my leg. I catch myself waiting for you to come 'round a corner, meowing that you're hungry, but then reality returns and I just cry and cry. I miss you so much, Jamie Cat, and I know that Barb does too. So many kind people have send me cards and notes, and I appreciate them all. But I miss you, my handsome cat, so much. Be good to your brother and watch over us. We love you, always and ever! 3-6-2020 ~~Oh my sweet boy, I miss you so much, Jamie. 1 month, 5 days since you've been gone from us seems like an eternity in this oh-so-scary world where coronavirus stalks us all. I miss you so, you sweet Jamie. Nothing seems to be normal anymore. I know you couldn't stay but God it hurts so much to not have you with us. I love you, you handsome cat, always and ever. You & TJ watch over us, you angel cats. Lou 3-26-2020 Two months gone from us, and I am so miserable with missing you, sweet Jamie. I wish I could pet your soft fur again, as you purr against my ankle. I want to see you sitting comfortable on your box watching the birds & squirrels in the yard. I want to know you're enjoying the soft breeze through the porch screen and snuggling down to nap. I miss you so much, Jamie Cat. I love you, and so does Barb. 4-21-2020 ~~Missing you so much, every single day, Jamie Cat. It hurts to look at your photos, to still see your toys scattered about, to know I can't touch you and pet you and tell you how much I love you. Without you and T.J., I feel the hole in my heart just can't heal and the world is going to hell around us. I miss you so much, Jamiest, I will always love you and so will Barb. Lou 5-21-2020 I can't help myself crying, my Jamie. I miss you so much. I know it bothers Barb a lot that I keep crying but I don't know how to stop missing you and your brother TJ so much. But I love you and always will. Lou 6-1-2020. Six whole months and I can't stop crying from the loss of you and T.J. I opened a can of tuna yesterday and turned around to look for your face & his willing my unsteady hand to drop of piece of choice tuna for you both to eat. But you weren't there, and I spent the next 20 minutes bawling my eyes out because you weren't there and T.J. wasn't there. The emptiness of the house seems to follow me everywhere, and I can't seem to find peace anywhere without tripping over a memory of you, my Sweet Boy. I love you, Jamie, and always will. Wait with your brother for me, for the time when we can all be together again. Lou 8-26-2020 Spent so much time crying today, my Jamie Cat, missing you and your brother so much. So much seems empty now with you 8 months gone and T.J. gone 1 year and 8 months, amid all the coronavirus mess were in. Missing normalcy and missing my sweet Jamie all the time. Everywhere I look I try and try to glimpse you walking toward me to mark me and purr, and I even say 'Goodnight' to where you and T.J. used to sleep. Still trying to figure out how to stop grieving for you, but so much has been lost this year, it's hard to hold it all together sometimes. Wishing I could hold you right now, you handsome boy, and sit with you and just feel calmer. That would be nice. Wish I could stop crying for you and T.J. I love you, Jamie. I miss you. I will love you forever. Lou 10-20-2020 The pain of your loss never leaves me, my baby Jamie, and I look for you and your brother to walk into a room looking for me. Wish I knew how to stem this ache, but I really want to stroke your soft fur and feel the weight of you in my arms again. Miss you so much, Jamie, love you so much too. L 12-7-2020 ~~~ Dear Jamiest Cat, One year gone from us, and it's still just like it was yesterday for me. The tears don't seem to ever end and the sense of loss just cleaves a bigger hole in my heart as time goes by. I miss you so much it physically hurts to know I will never rub your tummy again or feel you thrum that sweet low thunder-rumble of a purr. And T.J. will never be his silly self and burtle at me again either. T.J.'s been gone 2 years too, and with so many problems in the world and in my world, I needed your presence (and his) to help me through all the difficulties this past year. All I can do is hope you and he are together (and behaving yourselves), resting up for the time we will all be together again. Be good, my dearest Jamie Baby. I will always love you. L 2-21-2021. ~~~ Two years of missing you every day and wishing so desperately to be able to pet you and talk to you and make you know how much I love you. I love you, my sweet Jamie, and always will. Play with your brother T.J. and wait for us. Love you, Jamie, ever and always. Louann 2-21-2022. ~~~ Every day, I dearly wish you were sitting on my foot, purring so softly, my sweet Jamie. I miss you and your brother so much. I wish I knew when the tears for both of you would stop, 'cause my heart breaks every time I think of you. Sleep well, my Jamiest. I will always love and miss you! Love, Louann 2-21-2023 ~~~ Here I am at the 4-year mark of losing you, Sweet Boy, and I grieve for you and your brother every day. February is a horrible month for me, with TJ's 5-year death anniversary date and then your 4-year death anniversary withing a few days of each other. Basically put me in a steady crying state for a week. I miss you so much, my purring baby, and it may a very long time before I get over losing you and your brother to the terrible cancer that took you both away from me. Sleep well, Baby James, and know I love you forever! 2-28-2024

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