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Memories of Jamie
I miss you and will always love you my little princess. When I join you, I'll bring your favorite pom-poms and kitty treats. The "Daddy Spot" will always be yours and the belly rubs will be endless.

Love You, Baby girl!

5/4/2011- My little girl, Jamie, crossed over Tuesday. We became a family 15 years ago when she was 10 weeks old. The kitten years were wonderful, we played and she purred, always staying in whatever room I was in. The teen years and adult years were wonderful; we played and she decided sitting in my lap getting her belly rubbed, and purring, was pretty great. The senior years were wonderful; we both played slower, and to her amusement I learned to make up silly songs to sing to her. She would sit in my lap and face me while I sang; when I would stop she would tap my mustache with her paw until I would sing again. There were two scary days when she was 11 and was diagnosed with diabetes; I was afraid I'd fail as a caregiver. She made it easy for me and developed a new meal ritual; on her own. While I would get her food and insulin ready, she would go get me one of her pom-pom balls, and bring it to me with her tail in the air and chortling. I would put the food dish down and she would stand with her back up and wait to eat until I gave the shot. Twice a day for the last 4 years this ritual played out, and this grew our bond even more. I was never in a room long without the soft sound of kitty feet.
Today there was no ball at my feet, or the sound of paw pads when I came home. She was so much a part of my life; and I start crying no matter what I do. Every chore in the house had a little kitty helper; I miss her everywhere! I LOVE YOU JAMIE

5/12/2011- I can't remember when we first started the silly song game; but one of them kept running through my head today. Maybe you asked to hear it; I hope that's why. You'd sit in my lap and stare at me until I held both your front paws; bouncing them while I sang to you. When I stopped; you'd either tap me on my mustache or chest until I did it again. You'd never take your eyes off my face while we played it.

Jamie-Lee, Jamie Lee, what a cute kittie
Jamie-Lee, Jamie Lee, just as sweet as can be
Jamie-Lee, Jamie Lee, would climb a tree
Jamie-Lee, Jamie Lee, would climb down to love me

I sound more like Sam Elliot than an American Idol singer; but you didn't seem to care. The love in your eyes yanked at my heart every time. Good-Night Little One.

5/25/2011- I loved you, and still love you, and will always love you. Dreamed of you last night; petting your head while you watched the feeder. You'll always be my "good girl".

6/1/2011-Because you are such a sweet little girl, two littermates, Casey and Abby, have a new forever home. You already helped Casey get adjusted here; please help Abby also. They're two cute little girls who needed a good home. Don't worry; I saved your toys for you. Always love you!

6/5/11- The girls are adjusting nicely to their new home. Thank you for helping. I miss you real bad,I really could use a long look into your eyes tonight. My "good girl".
6/28/11- It's been 8 weeks since I kissed your face and saw the love in your eyes. Miss you every day, my little puppy kitty. You're always my good girl!

I visit you here every day my little one; there will always be a Jamie sized hole in my heart. Your Dad is going to have to get an I-phone so I can visit you if I go on vacation. :) You always liked sitting on my lap while I was at the computer. You also loved sitting on my lap in the recliner, getting belly rubs for hours. When you wanted to play you'd jump down and bring me a pom-pom ball. When you were younger we'd play fetch for an hour...as you got older five minutes was about all you cared to do...but you always loved it. You'd run back to me so proud, your head and tail held high. I miss that a lot. Your Dad always loves you sweetie!

12/25/2011 First Christmas without getting to see you open your stocking. Missed you! Abby and Casey had a great time, plenty of toys and treats. They took every bow off the boxes, and took a nap in the boxes, just like you do. It was a happy day, with a few sad moments, wishing you were here to play with the girls. Please keep watching over us and know I'll always love you; good girl!

3/28/12 Hi Good Girl! Casey and Abby are 1 year old today. Casey is a lot like you, she gets her hat off quick. It's because of you they have a forever home here, and I know they're grateful to you. Always love you Jamie!

5/3/12 Hi Good Girl! This is hard to write...you've been at the bridge a year....and I miss seeing you every morning. From the day you first came into my life, we belonged to each other. You were always a kitten, even after 15 years. Always love you sweetie!

6/19/12 Hi puppy kitty! Another Father's day without you, missed hugging you. Please keep watching over us. The girls are waiting for me to go to bed so they can snuggle. The daddy spot is still here for you, any night you want to snuggle. Love you good girl!

9/1/12 Hi pretty girl! A few weeks ago I found pictures of you I'd thought were lost. Then I found one of your pom-poms behind the washer, and finally saw a rainbow! Abby and Casey are well, and both have been chasing each other around tonight. They both will look at the ceiling sometimes and then start running...it makes me laugh because you did the same thing, and I'd tell you "don't look at the ceiling, it makes kittys crazy". Keep watching out for us; and know you'll always be missed.

12/13/12 Another Christmas coming up...without you. Although you may have helped Abby and Casey rearrange several ornaments on the tree...onto the floor. Putting them back on is a pleasure, because it meant the girls had a lot of fun taking them off. A small chore if it brings them happiness. You loved doing the same thing, at every age. Always miss you, always love you. Goodnight little one.

12/24/12 Merry Christmas my little one! This is your favorite time of year, and you've taught Abby and Casey how to enjoy it. Your stocking is with the girls'; waiting for Santa Paws to fill it. Miss you and love you ; my little puppy kitty.

1/4/13 A very good friend named a star after you! It means a lot to know there is a star with your name in the night sky. See you tonight; my little love.

5/3/13 Hi Good Girl! Two years...and I still miss you a lot. Abby and Casey are growing up, and treat their Dad pretty nice. Casey is waiting for me to finish typing to jump in my lap. The Daddy spot is always open for you. Good night my little one.

8/17/13 Hi Baby Girl! Miss you every day. Casey just jumped down from my lap, she's the one who seems to like laps the best. Not as much as you did, but it does feel nice to have a purring one there. Abby is the one who loves naptime and bedtime with me. She'll be on the bed before I get the covers down. She always sleep behind my knees and Casey in front. Neither naps with me on the couch since they were kittens...so I stopped napping there. It didn't seem right to be without a kitty there. They'll nap on the bed, so I go there. I'll call, "where are the babies", and they'll come trotting in. It used to be," where's Jamie", and sometimes I'll still say that very softly. You're never out of my thoughts or heart. Good-night my sweet little gray angel.

2/17/14 Hi good girl! Missed you through the holidays, they're always tough without you here. I still get myself a present from you on my birthday, christmas and valentines day. A good tradition, to keep you with me always. The girls are going to be three next month. It seems like yesterday they were as tiny as you when you first came home with me. They both snuggle in tight to me at night, but the daddy spot is still yours when you can visit. Love You!

5/2/14 Hi baby girl! I'm writing tonite because I may have too many tears tomorrow. It will be three years since you left for the Bridge, amd not a day goes by that I don't think of you.You taught me so much about being a good person, and being a good kitty father. The sisters you never got to meet have it a bit easier than you did. You turned me into such a pushover that I even allow them on the table. :) I'll never forget the game we used to play there, you were always so darn cute about it that I always had to give you a big hug. Miss you my little one. Love you always!

12//3/14 Hi Pretty Girl! I just placed your ornaments on the Christmas tree, where I'll see them every night. I bought the girls a new train to go around the tree. The one you broke years ago is still in the case with all your things, see it every day. This will be the girls first one, hope they like playing with it like you did yours. They love the tree, ornaments have already fallen. The girls have been very good, they both sleep with me all night, and they love sharing my lap. They have helped keep me smiling with their love and playfulness. Will always miss you, my sweet little puppy kitty.
3/24/15 Hi Pretty girl! Still miss you a lot my little princess. Sad today thinking that it's coming up on four years. I wish time could have stood still for us, to chase the ball forever.

3/25/15 Hi puppy kitty! Please watch out for a sweet kitty named Oreo. She lived with a dear friend and needs someone to show her around. If she tells stories about Sparky and Rev, I was the Sparky. Always love you.
5/2/15 Hi my little one! Hard to believe tomorrow will be four years without you here. Not a day goes by when I don't think of what a sweet girl you are. I remember the first night you came home with me, a tiny little gray tabby who fit in my hand. You grew into a beautiful girl and my sweet little friend forever. I still miss you so....I wish to hear that little chortle as you drop the ball at my feet. The sweetest sound in the world. Love you!
5/6/15 I met many loved ones that Clare and Martha created memorial for, and they write to them all the time. If I miss writing to you each year, I hope someone writes to you because it means that I must be ill, not that I'd ever forget you. I will always love you my precious little girl.

5/1/16 In two days it will be five years since you left for the bridge. Abby and Casey take good care of me, both like their belly rubs and sleep tight to me. They helped bring me back after you left, and both as gentle as you were. Always will love you my little puppy kitty.

7/18/16 Jamie; Please greet a sweet newcomer to the Bridge. His name is Petie and he is much loved by his family. Please share the toys and catnip, and snuggle him on his first night away from his Mom. Love you always, little one.

5/3/17 Six years without being able to rub your belly. Think of you every day and will always love you. Goodnight my little girl.

5/2/18 Seven years have passed without hearing your purr. You know how much I miss you, and still talk to you at times. Abbby always looks at your picture when I rub her belly, like you're telling her that it's a great thing. :) Casey is sitting next to me while I write this, Abby is a few feet away. I think you would like them, they're both very good girls, like you. Love You, my little puppy kitty. Dad

10/15/18 A friend's sweet kitty passed this week. Her name is Bart and she is much loved and missed by her Mom. Jamie, please give her a welcome headbunt and keep her close so I can be with you all when my time comes. Love, Dad

5/2/19 In a few hours you will have been at the Bridge for eight years. Yes; I still have tears and will always love you! Keep an eye out for my Dad, who joined you in January. You were the only cat he admitted to liking. :) I miss you my little girl! Love, Dad

3/6/2020 While going through a file cabinet today, I found your first "kitten vet visit" information. I can still feel how excited and scared I was to be a kitten Dad for the first time. I don't need a lot of the information in the additional pamphlets, Casey and Abby turned out great, but I saved them all with the record of your size and weight. They're with your other things in the living room case. Darn, I cried when I found them, and tearing up writing. I Love You, always. Dad

5/3/2020 You've been gone 9 years, but I still can feel you in my lap at night. I really miss the little chortle you'd make as you brought your ball to me. Special little things that went into making you such a sweet little girl. Love You! Dad

5-3-2021 Wow...10 years. Not a day goes by when I don't think of you. I can still hear your greeting chortle and the smell of your fur when you curled up on my chest to sleep. I do cry on nites like this, anniversaries, xmas, times like that. Casey was real sick for awhile in 2020 but is doing perfect now. Her and Abby are 10 years old now and are still little lovebugs. Always love you Jamie. Dad

5/520 A dear friend had to say goodbye to a sweet kitty named Ja'ak. Keep him close and let Oreo know. Play nice and not too much catnip.

12/19/21 Even though you've been gone 10 years, my heart aches quite a bit this time of year. Your love of Xmas, especially the tree, always made me smile and feel young at heart. You took such delight in knocking the train off it's track I couldn't help but laugh. Miss you a lot, little girl. Love Dad

5/3/22 Hi little Girl! 11 years have gone since I saw the beautiful tail in the air as you carried your ball to me. I miss our time together so much. Love You now and always. Love, Dad

3/20/23 Hi baby girl, I learned recently that an old RB friend passed away on your birthday last year. Her name is Wendy, she is Sammys Mom. She helped me so much when you passed. Her Sammy passed the day after you did. If you could look them up and give them a big hug from me. Just so sad tonight. You remember my friend Ron and his wife, they just passed also. Way too young. You always liked Ron, he was a wonderful person. My friend Gene passed before you did, and he also loved you. Say hi to all, and I always will love you. Dad

5/3/2023 Hi Jamie: It's been twelve years since you left for the Bridge and your Dad misses you. A good friend just had to say goodbye to their little one, Princess. Please bring her into your circle of friends and give her a hug for me. Love You my sweetie! Dad

9/25/23 Hi baby girl; You must know Nina has gone to be with you. I couldn't write before because it hurt so much. She loved you, and helped me find Abby and Casey when you passed. She was a good cat mom and will always be with you. Love, Dad

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