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Memories of Jake Jason Medley
Our precious boy Jake encapsulated the essence of goodness, integrity, and making the right choices most all of the time. He has a little sister, a terrier mix, that he potty-trained by role modeling; otherwise, she might not be potty-trained to this day. Both were rescue dogs and both are highly intelligent. Our Jakey, however, was the quintessential intelligent Golden that was sweet to the core (minus the occasional sibling rivalry when it came to seeking all the attention from that of his Mommy/Daddy). He would look at his little Sister on the many and varied occasions when she would make the wrong choice willingly and knowingly in most cases, with utter astonishment in his eyes, seemingly thinking how could she do a particular thing she did?! Then one day while I was cooking pancakes (I would normally cook one for the both of them also), the first couple of pancakes were really bad and I did not want to serve either Jakey or his Sister one of them. I therefore promptly threw the pancakes in the trash and went on with cooking more pancakes. When I happened to glance Jakey's direction, I saw my sweet, honest, most always good boy ever so gently with his soft mouth pick the pancake out between his front teeth ever so gently and carefully. Now, to be clear, Jakey is the type of fur baby that if he were enrolled in school, he would be the first grade student that promptly put his backpack away in the correct place upon arrival, would immediately take his seat on the front row, and listen carefully and courteously to the teacher as she instructed on the lesson with few interruptions and zero referrals for bad behaviors while effortlessly making all "A's" in his course work. While his little sister on the other hand, would notoriously be the "Nellie Olsen" of her Kindergarten class wherein she would be dressed up cute refinery as well as her hair adorned with ribbons (which she is all white with hints of tan in her coat), upon leaving the house in the morning. In the afternoon, however, she'd come home with the ribbons half out along with her pig tails being uneven and cock-eyed as well as having been to the Principal's office multiple times during the week as a Kindergartener due to her highly impulsive nature amongst other things! School would be for socializing and not for the pursuit of her academics. This sums up my fur babies and their temperaments. Therefore, for Jakey to take the pancakes from the trashcan was a huge infraction on his part as he was aware that that was a big "no-no"! However, he was still gracious in his doing so even though he appeared guilty and as though he subjected himself and gave into the temptations that everyone is taunted with but that he should have not engaged in! Prior, he'd never took things out of the trash no matter what they were (i.e., steak scraps, etc..). We loved our little Golden Boy and his strong sense of right and wrong inherent in his character as well as emotional makeup to choose the right path over that of the wrong. He was an absolutely majestic creature that the Lord created especially for me and my husband. We will not be replacing our baby boy with another Golden. He was especially crafted for us and our family and we know this to be true in our hearts. We choose to meet our baby on the other side when he will see either me or his Daddy first and meet us at the Rainbow Bridge as well as his sister who will be her sweet and honest self that she also is, but in her own style/branding way. We miss you Jakey Jason Medley, and our hearts will forever be at a loss and longing due to you not being with us, your family. You're irreplaceable and the most loved baby boy ever by so many who knew you and those that had just met you. You had a very impactful presence that was haunting to say the least. Have fun playing in your healed and new body that can walk and run again without Daddy and/or Mommy lifting you and putting you on your feet to stand and you steadying yourself until you could walk and then potty. You're are/were the most handsomest boy we knew and none could or ever will compare. XOXOXOXO, Mommy and Daddy and Summer Ann Medley
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