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Memories of Jake Berlin
Jakey was so smart, loving and greeted everyone who visited us. He always listened to conversations and videos. He had never howled until a few days ago after he heard another fur baby on YouTube and thought it was pretty cool. Jake loved his little sister Jilli-Belle, the two were never apart until she left us almost 8 months ago. Though he was heartbroken, he did his best to comfort us and carry on with a new voice and far more communication. He always waited for and gave love and kisses to our caregivers. Jake always said "hello" but never said "goodbye." Jake was always ready to go anywhere, even our 2500 mile trip across country to retire 10 years ago to a new home. Jake was so very patient, when he and Jilli ate their hand fed meals he always waited very patiently for her to finish first and go potty before his meal. Jake was always laid back and accepted his Diva-sister. He loved sitting high up in a bed in Mom's lap in our RV looking out at people or the ocean and soaking up the cool air from vents. He always kept to his schedule and was aware of any happenings inside our home but seldom was concerned about outside activities. Jakey loved us more completely than anyone could imagine and stayed with us constantly. He never got angry with anyone and loved attention, but would always go back to his bed next to Mom after his hello's. We are heartbroken loosing our special Little Man, he was so loving and intelligent with a huge vocabulary and always let us know he understood. We hope Jakey finds Jilli-Belle quickly so they can be together again. Jakey, you will always be in our hearts and with us in spirit.

Oct. 15, 2022: Jake, we miss you so much. I miss you being next to me everyday and loving on you. We have your bed in our bed still and I find myself reaching over to touch you all the time. Today I printed out photos and it feels better having them in your bed since it seems like you are looking back at me. It's hard to imagine our lives without you here keeping us on schedule. I miss you walking to the end of the bed and turning around to tell me you need to go potty in your pee pee tent in the bathroom, then my telling you it's okay and you slowly going down to the ottoman then down your little soft steps. You never ever had a mishap in all your years. You are the most precious little man ever. I love you and needed to tell you again how much I love and miss you. I know you stayed with us as long as you possibly could until your little heart was so big with all your love it couldn't keep going. We are just thankful for everyday you blessed us with your love. We love you forever and look forward to being with you again, Mom

Oct. 25, 2022. Jake we miss you everyday, you are in our hearts forever. We got a call from Dr. Beth Mosley and she will be bringing you home. Auntie Lisa sends love to you and Jilli. Dr. Jamie called and is very sad for your loss, he remembers you from your young days at his vet hospital in Apple Valley. You touched the hearts of so many and shared your love with all who met you. You made everyday special with all your unconditional love. We will be with you again.

October 26, 2022. Jakey you came home this evening. Your little carved box is next to Jilli's now so you are both here with us again in spirit. We love you both so much and thank you for all the joy and love you gave us everyday we were physically together. We are grateful to have so many memories and photos to cherish. I love you, my Little Man. Mom and Papa love you forever.

Dec 22, 2022. Jakey we celebrated yours and Jilli's birthday today and had our Christmas dinner thinking about you as we do everyday, but especially today. We love you and will love you forever. You are our always baby boy. We will see you again and be together forever.

March 18, 2023. Jakey the last 6 weeks have been really rough. It feels like you possibly knew something was not okay with your Papa, so maybe that is why you needed to leave us. Papa has been in hospital or rehab since Feb 3. He had to have surgery to remove thankfully a benign tumor in his throat, but has had to have a feeding tube and then had a stroke that has impacted his vision. He is having such a tough time and it's really hard with him being in hospital and rehab for such a long time. He has your pictures with him but his vision is very poor. We know you are watching over both of us and will be with us forever. We love you so very much and will all be together again one day. I love you Little Man and keep you close to me all the time. Mom

July 24, 2023. Jakey, it's been awhile since I've written, but I think about you everyday and know you and Jilli-Belle are Angels now watching over us. Your Papa came home from in hospital Rehab at Brooks on March 29 thankfully. He is improving slowly but he was anemic and lost so much weight and muscles that it's tough. We love you so very much and miss you every single day. I am so thankful for your photo with Jilli so close that I see it constantly on the bed or on the cart next to me. You would completely love Karla and Mallery who are now our caregivers. You would be barking and looking for them 4 times a day when one or both of them come to do Papa's feeding tube and helpout. Karla is going to help make a Memory for you and Jilli to hang on the wall with some of your favorite toys (now next to us in bed) and chewy with lots of your other goodies. Your Papa still has vision issues but we are hopeful his vision will improve. Mom is having more of a tough time with tremors, meds have failed to help so far. I so wish you could be physically with us but know in my heart you are better with your Jilli-Belle and not having to get your dental cleanings or visit a vet. We had to sell RV so it wouldn't be as much fun for you to go for rides anymore since you couldn't see as well from your lapbed. I LOVE you so much, Papa loves you too and we will be together again. Loving you forever, Mom

October 12, 2023. Jakey, today is the first anniversary of you beginning your journey to The Rainbow Bridge. We are thankful you and Jilli-Belle 💞are together again, but, we miss you everyday and love you as much as ever. Your little blue turtle, kitty and yellow duck toys are next to us in bed with your and Jilli's photos near us. You are still here with us in spirit and forever in our hearts.💖 We miss your special greetings when someone visits, going for rides and being with you everyday. We talk about you wishing you could be here with us physically. We know our souls will be together again someday. We love you more than you can ever imagine. Mom and Papa 💞

February 15, 2024. Jake, we miss you and love you every single day. It's hard to believe Jilli left us 2 years ago today. We now have a beautiful wall hanging of you two near our bed with you looking down on us wherever we are. We look forward to all being together in the future. You will always be our baby boy and little man. We love you Forever. Mom and Papa 💞

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