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Memories of Jake
Our precious little boy Jake passed away on August 3rd. While he had been struggling with his back legs and had just been diagnosed with Cushings, we had no indication that we were going to lose him other than the fact that he was 15. So this was a dreadful and painful surprise and we are hurting. But our little boy is gone and with him another piece of our hearts.

But enough. Jake came to us in the fall of 2005 as we suffered from another loss of our dog Maggie. She was also precious. We found out that Jake had been tossed out of a car as it drove by a church gathering. Someone retrieved him and several days later he was in our arms. We had not intended to get another doggie for a while but how could we resist. He was a scared little puppy who really had no idea what was coming at him. So we brought him love and stability.

Now Jake was not always Jake. When we got him we had to name him and I always wanted to name a son Jake after my great great and great x3 grandfathers but I never got the chance. So now I could and this little brownish and white little guy would be Jake a feisty name for a feisty little boy.

We lived in NC, near the App trail and Jake and I would go for runs. Yes little Jake and old Jim. Jake would fly and I had to try to keep up and not trip over roots and rocks. It was such hazardous fun but we moved and I got a teaching job two hours away. Jake quickly became Mary's do walking the mountains of Hendersonville and making an impression on all the neighbors.

As you can see Jake was so cute, but get close to him while he is near Mary and he was all teeth, growl, and bark. He was so protective. He was the smallest of our crew of anywhere from two to seven dogs. Jake took no quarter, did not give an inch, let you know that he was there, and pretty much got his way. Napoleon had nothing on this little guy.

We moved to Nashville to be near grandkids and they love him but they are also new. He was G-Ma's companion so stay safe.

He got older as we got older. His back legs gave out and he needed heart meds but that makes no difference. He was our little boy, little barker, little fighter, little Jake until the end when he died peacefully on our bed with us right beside him, touching him and talking to him. Thank you, God for welcoming Jake. Don't worry after he gets to know you he will be on your lap.

Our little Jakey by now you know Sam has joined you and Lucky. We are heartbroken that all of you have left us. Our connection to happier times in Concord and Hendersonville and China Grove. It has been more than five months and Mom and I tear up but also are happy to share stories of you. We miss you Jakey. Love always Dad

August 3 2021 It has been a year Jake since you suddenly left us and we are so sad and miss you so much, little boy. We had no idea on that morning a year ago that you would leave us that evening. Sam was never the same and would join you within months. Luke would also crash and join you. It was a terrible time for us but you are again free to run and bark and enjoy life along with Sam and Lucky and Luke. Our hearts are still broken, the hole will never heal, the scares will just be scars.

August 3 2022 I can not imagine that we have been without you now for two years, two years of broken hearts as we go through our days loving you, remembering you and thankfully being distracted by the day to day. Calvin remembers you and misses you too and of course Livi. Mom and I move ahead each day with Harley who does his best to fill the void you left but he can not fill it alone and so we just go on. Jake just remember you have a piece of our hearts now and always.

August 3, 2023 Three years Jake, three years we have missed you, three years we have remembered you with laughter and some tears, three years comparing you to other dogs with friends and with each other, three years Jake. How can this be. Of course you know that Mackenzie and Hope recently joined you and I am sure you helped them transition. Kenze slowly faded away while Hope went off the cliff to our surprise and sadness. Jake send some of your loving energy to Harley, he is struggling. Thanks Jake for all the wonderful memories, especially for Mom and thanks for being part of better times. Yes Jake we love and miss you Dad

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