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Memories of Jake
My dear little Jake, I loved you from the moment I met you at the Humane Society in August 2004. You were left there and you were so pitiful in the large dog pen with a bowl of food you didn't even touch. We got along well and home you went with me. You had many medical problems, so the vet was the first person you and I met after you came home, on the following Monday. You had kennel cough, inflamed anal glands and I had no idea what to feed you. After many trials and errors, we finally got the food right, only to be changed after your surgery for the bladder stones, about a month after you came to me.

You were attacked by two different dogs and had much pain and suffering with your surgery for the first attack. I was devastated by it, but you did very well and healed quickly. You were luckier with the second attack, and only had a surface bite and didn't need surgery, just lots of TLC, which I loved giving you. You did nothing wrong, those two dogs were attacking you for no reason other than you were there.

Through the years, I enjoyed your company and you grew to love your new forever home, until that fateful day I took you to the vet with what I thought was more inflamed anal glands, though that was not to be. Your vet said that he thought you had colon cancer and sent us to Burton, to a cancer surgeon. We saw him on a Wednesday and he said it was lymphoma, most likely and that he would find out the next day. He called and said that it was and that chemo was the treatment for it. That also was not to be. You slid downhill rapidly and by Thursday night, I knew you wouldn't survive long enough to make it to the oncologist for chemo. You were hiding under the coffee table and seemed so miserable, I couldn't let you go on like this. On Friday, 9-26-14, at around 3:40 pm you left us, very peacefully, with Bill {uncle dad} and Kim watching you. Bill loved you so very much and he's having at least as much grief as I am, maybe more. You were his "little J boogee." He is sorry for the time he slapped you for biting him. You were scared at the beginning and didn't trust everyone as you grew to know us.

I miss you so terribly and I can't stop crying, even after one month of your death. I want you to know that I loved you more than anyone or anything in my life. I didn't want you to go, but you couldn't stay. I will see you again, when it's my turn to go to the Rainbow Bridge, you can count on that. Rest in peace my little guy. Also, have lots of treats and fun with all the other big and little four legged friends. You can drink all the water you want and eat all the good food you want, no more of that stinky Hill's Science Diet U/D, for you.

On Friday, Halloween,it will be 5 weeks since you left, I am still so very sorry for your illness and never wanted you to be bothered by illness or injury. I am still thinking of you and want you happy and healthy. I don't want to be impatient to join you, and I know I will sooner or later and look forward to the joy and happiness when we meet again. Almost like when I came home from California. Remember how happy you were that night? It will be even better. Goodnight my darling boogee. Talk to you later.

Hi Boogee, it is Thurs, 10-30, almost dinner time, and I am crying again. Charlie is at day care, so I am alone, thinking of you. Remember how. Much fun we had while she was gone? We'd go in the car or go for a walk, just the two of us, enjoying the day and being together, I miss you sooo much, my heart. Is broken. It seems like this will never be over. I wish I could feel your presence, watching over me, I want to trust that you are there, having fun, and not a care in the world, I don't worry about you, but I still think of you so often. Enjoy your new life, ok, Boogee? See you soon, little cutie, it's not the same without you
Bye, for now and sleep tight.

Hello, Boogee, it's Mon.. 11-3, and I just wanted to check in with you, to wish you a joyful happy day at the bridge. I miss you every moment of every day, I wonder how you are? You had so very few needs on earth and you did not demand anything, not like your sister, Charlie, who, as you know, cries for whatever she wants. I know you are so much happier than when you were sick, all pain and suffering over. I can'ask for anything better than that, for you. Take care and don't forget that I love you loads and loads. Bye, Booge.

Nov. 5
Hi little, Jakester, how are you doing? I know you are being watched by God and all the fur angels, but I still miss you like crazy. I never doubted that I would be heartbroken when you left me, I just could not imagine this pain and heartbreak, ten times worse than I ever dreamed it would be. I am so so sorry you got sick, you were so brave.

Only about 3 more weeks til Thanksgiving. Remember our long trips to Traverse City at Thanksgiving? Soon it will be 2 months sine you left, time just goes on, even though you aren't here with me. How can it go by, when I miss you so much? Everything should stop and take notice you are gone. I still cry a lot, but it's a little less than at the beginning. I don't want to forget any part of you and you have a large part of my heart with you. Take care little Boogee, I will be in touch. Love you bunches! Your mom.

Hi Boogee, how's my favorite little JRT tonight? I miss you sooo much all the time, it's already Nov. 9th, and Thanksgiving is around the corner.how sad I am that you aren't here Togo up north with me to Uncle dad's. It won't be the same without you, that is for sure. I loved how you cuddled with me, in bed and under the blanket on Bill's couch watching TV at night. We had such a good time, and you loved all the food Bill snuck to give you. It was ok because I didn't give you a lot of extra food at home. The vet said not to, since your skinny legs wouldn't hold you up if you got too heavy. I am sorry you couldn't eat everything you wanted to.

You were such a joy., I can hardly believe my good luck to have you in my life.😀. I still cry a lot, and I am very sad 😥😱! I'll be on the candle lighting site tomorrow night my little munchkin, so I"ll be thinking of you til then. Goodnight, Booge. Love your mom.

Hi Jakey, my dear sweet love, I am totally lost without you. I cry and cry. The other day, I got a letter from Michigan State Univ. that your animal hospital made a donation, in your name to the MSU, School of Vet Medicine. I thought that was so nice of them to do that for you😍 I am so proud of you, that you made such a good impression on them, esp Dr. Gillespie. The Drs. there all went to MSU, and it was for the Dog Companion Program, and it pays for poor dogs, whose owners can't afford to pay the school. How wonderful is that?

I hope you are doing fine, playing hard with all the other fur babies, I wish I could be with you right now, I want to tell you so much, since you left. I really do miss my buddy.😭 I always will ,too.

I want you to be a good little fur boy, and try to help all the other newer animals feel welcome there, ok? Love you loads, kiss kiss xoxox, Your momma.
May 31, 2015
Jake, my little cutie, I am here, I missed you so much today, I just had to write to you! I am crying again, and my heart is truly broken. Little Charlie and I are getting along, but she isn't you. I don't want you to be upset, like I am, but I miss you so much, my fingers are sticking to the keys from my tears. I am sorry I haven't been here in awhile, but you know how life goes on. I hope you are very happy and used to your new home. I can't wait to see you again, and you'll come running when I call you, I know you will.

I must go now, I am still thinking of you and will always love you. Bye now, boogie! Mommy

Hi Jake I haven't written in awhile, But that doesn't mean I forgot you. No, I still think of you all the time and keep crying out of nowhere, because I miss you so much!! I will never forget you and your very special personality. You were so caring to me when I would cry, little Charlie isn't a bit like you. She still goes to daycare 3 days a week, just like when you were with me. Didn't we have fun while she was gone? It has been almost 1 year since you left me. I hope you are very happy, I need to know you are ok. I pray that you have lots of friends and are returned to good health! God is watching over you til we meet again, and keeping you safe and sound for me!

Booge, you taught me so much, about unconditional love and with your giving spirit, you comforted me. You have everything you need at the Bridge, except me! Charlie says hi, she loves you, too. I know she bothered you, when you didn't feel good, I am sorry for that. At least she went to bed and let us be together at night. I enjoyed that time with you.

On a happy note, Bill and Kim got a new dog, named Buddy. He is a yellow lab and very sweet. He's a very active little puppy. He came to visit and was bothering Charlie, just like she did with you.

I will keep in touch, you can be sure of that!! take care, ok? Love love love you, Mommy
Oh dear Jake, it's been a whole year since you left us, I am still not used to you being gone. I hope you are very happy with all the other fur babies and playing and having fun! I am missing you soooo much! Charlie isn't like you, you were my rock! I am so so sorry for your terrible last days, I hope you know that! I pray you are good and enjoy your new life. I would like to know for sure that you are happy, but I think God rakes care of all his little creatures, so I trust you are fine! I will keep praying for you, ok? I love you, booge.
Sept. 1,16
Hi Jakey
I am still bereaved by your passing. Wherever you are, I want you to be happy and carefree, which God is taking care of for me! I didn't want you to suffer any more and I hope you forgive me for putting you to rest. I only wanted you to be free of your lymphoma, which would have killed you in a very short time. I only am trying to get over this, but fear I never will! Your second birthday in heaven is coming up so soon. Your earth age would have been 15, I only hoped that you could have lived that long
Charlie is 3 now, the same age you were when I got you. She is becoming a fine dog, very nice and very respectful to the Doggy Day camp people, and she enjoys her days there! She doesn't have your energy or stamina, but she will walk with me for a little while. Everyone loves her, as they did you!

Bill got a new dog, named Buddy. He was a little wild at first, and he still loves to play. He is a lab, but is bettere trained than Sam or Bonzo. Maybe you see Sam and Bonzo there, look them up. They have been gone almost as long as you!
They were used to losing dogs, but I am not, ever!!

Well, little Jakey, my man, please don't forget about me and the nice life I tried to give you, be sweet, my love! I won't forget you! Peace, my boy, and all my heart of love goes to you!!!!

September 1,2017

Hey Jakey, it's another year gone by and it's been a long one. How are you doing my sweetie?
In April, Bill's wife Kim, passed away from something like a stroke, so sad. She is now with you and Sam, Bonzo, Gus and Katie. We miss all of you.

I am devastated by all this death and dying, for sure. You are somewhat lucky that you are at the Rainbow Bridge and happy and carefree for eternity. But I am not with you, so that makes it hard. I still love you, Charlie is loved too, but you were the first love, and will always be in my heart forever. I hope Kim found you and you are enjoying her being there.

Please say hi to everyone I know where you are. You are the smartest dog I have ever seen! Take care and remember the good times we had, ok? Love you!

September 1, 2019

I can't believe I didn't write you at all last year, it's not because I forgot you, that will never happen. I am so sorry, I still think of you all the time, it's been almost 5 years, since you left me. Bill says he still misses you also. Charlie is 6 now, unbelievable.
I still am walking her, missing you. I want to keep up with you, I trust you are in good hands and want for nothing.
Some day I believe we will be back together. Take care, my little j boogie. Please remember I love you!❤️

Hi Jake. It's 2020, uncle Bill's birthday. You had a birthday in August, you would be 17 now.. I still miss you a lot. Love you too.
I hope you are doing well and having a great afterlife with God and all the other fur angels. I will see you Again! Take care!
Hi Jake
It's 2022. You have been gone almost 14 years, I still miss you a lot. Charlie is 9 now. I love you still.... Til we meet again.❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

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