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Memories of Jake
Hugging me close rather than go in his cardboard box when he was a puppy
Kissing me when I showed him his parents ornaments on the Christmas tree
Giving mom a "nip" when she tried to help him up the porch stairs when he was a baby-always independent!
Kissing me when I chose to go back rather than have him slip on the ice
Kissing me when we returned from vacation at a motel he didn't like, and I asked him if he was happy to be home
Recently, gazing up at the stars at night from our porch
Running toward me when I picked him up from Doggie DayCare
The first morning we were together(he was six weeks old) and he climbed up on my chest and "cock-a-doodled" like a rooster (he was born on a farm) When I said "You didn't Jake !) he repeated it!
Sittimg with a "dog psychologist" to be sure I was disciplining him right with Jake on a short leash-he came up and rested his face on my knee
When he was a puppy, disciplining him for getting into my sister's purse. She then said "Don't you want to play with daddy?" and he "snubbed me"!

SO MANY MORE.............

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