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Memories of Jake
I never thought it would be this hard living without you. I miss the way you ran to the door when I called you, I miss your kisses on my face. I miss your little white body, and sometimes I feel I will never make it out of this dark place. I can't wait until we cross the bridge to heaven never to be separated again. When I came home from work, I would always have to search for one of my slippers because during the day you would always take one and walk around with it. I left you a slipper so you would have a piece of me with you at the rainbow bridge. Enjoy the string beans my love, you used to drive me nuts when I would clean them and you wouldn't stop barking until I gave you some. You loved them and I was always afraid they would make your belly hurt, but you always did fine with them. I haven't been able to have them since you passed, but you enjoy them baby boy.

It has now been one year my love since you went to the rainbow bridge. I am so lost without you. I think of you daily, and your candle burns brightly. I hope you are
having a wonderful time there, I believe you are. I wish I knew when we would be together again. I love you!

We are approaching year two baby boy, and although a new fur baby has entered our lives, he isn't you. I still miss you so much sometimes my heart hurts. I know time has no meaning as you wait for me at the rainbow bridge, but I long for the day that I can hold you in my arms and kiss your sweet sweet face again. Love you MOM

My Gosh, Three years since your light has left my life. I pray for you in church each week and know that our Lord is keeping you happy and safe. I talk about you so often and even though Fynn is getting to be such a big boy now (2 years old in November), it's amazing how nothing can fill the void you left behind. After saying hello to all the family on my last day, I will run as fast as I can to get you my boy. I remember the feel of you in my arms and your kisses on my face. I love you my precious boy. Be happy until we meet again.

Four Years now my boy, and I think and talk about you so often. The tattoo I have of you on my left forearm helps to bring up your name and I can tell your story. My girlfriend Judi lost her fur baby on Friday and is lost in her grief. Talking to her brought back all the painful memories of your last day with me. Acceptance only comes with time and I still miss you each and every day for you are my special boy. I hope you are happy at the bridge, and one day I will once again hold your little white body and feel your kisses on my face. I love you baby rest easy.

My beautiful boy, I can't believe it's been six years since I held your little white body in my arms while you licked my face. I love you so much. I know your happy at the rainbow bridge, and I tell Fynn about you al the time. I can't wait to see you again and walk in the gardens of heaven with you forever. You are my one special love.

Eight years now my love and you and Fynn lay side by side
In your shrine. Your candle always burns bright so you can
Always find your way home. I still miss you and none can
Take your place. Give kisses to my Fynn. I can't wait to
See you both. This life is but a candle flicker, we will have
Eternity together. Until then, both of you run, play, eat and
Be free. Find sandy. All my love to all of you. Mom

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