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Memories of Jake
I remember the day and time when Bonnie brought Jake home. I had always told her that I had wanted a beagle. When she came home she asked me to open the passenger door...and there he was...sitting on the seat. I picked him up. He fit in my left hand. He was the cutest thing. I brought him into the house and named him Jake (don't know why). Everyday I would take him out to the front yard or walk him to the park to play and run around. Sometimes he would make me chase him when it was time to go home (little guy wanted to keep playing). Jake loves the snow. He would put his nose in it, then kinda snort :)). When Bonnie and I would go to work, we would leave him in the basement. We left toys and water and things to remind him of us so he wouldn't be lonely. When we would come home we could hear him barking like crazy. He would meet us at the top of the stairs and sometimes be so excited that he would piddle on the floor. When we thought that it wasn't right to leave him alone, we started to take him to Little Dogs Daycare. He loved it!!!! They treated him so well. He would go there 5 days/week. We would tell him, "Lets go to daycare!!" and he knew what it was because he got so excited.
I remember when taking Jake for rides, once in a while we would see horses or cows. Jake would bark like mad!! I started calling horses and cows big dogs. Anytime I would say big dogs, his head would pop up and he would look around. Funny stuff. Of course, any ride with Jake included him crawling onto my lap and resting while I was driving.
I remember taking him to the vet whenever he was due for shots, getting neutered, checkups.....and whenever he was feeling yucky. In the backyard in Draper I would toss his favorite green squeeze toy to him. I would throw it across the yard and he would chase it and bring it back to me. The only thing, he wouldn't let me have it so I would have to gently pry it from his mouth.
Eventually, we moved to Denver and of course we found a great daycare for Jake (Camp Bow Wow). They loved him. That's were he met his current brother, Shiloh, who is the sweetest little guy ever. (I always thought that if we never moved to Denver, we wouldn't have been blessed with Shiloh). Bonnie brought Shiloh home and those guys got along from the start. Glad we adopted Shiloh!!! Everyday I took them for a walk to one of the parks. They loved it. They loved eachother...they were brothers.
I remember in the Denver house I had to put some D-Con for mice in the basement. Somehow Jake got into the basement and feasted on some of that delectable poison. We were home, thank God. I raced him to the vet. They pumped his stomach (I know he did not like that) and fixed him up. He was fine in a few days (lotsa vitamin K).
Many times when it was snowing badly in Denver, we still had to trudge through the snow and take the boys to daycare since Bonnie and I worked lots. They still loved it there. Many other times, I had to fly out of Denver. When I left, it was normally very early in the morning. I would say goodbye to Bonnie, Danny, and Sergio and save Jake and Shiloh for last. I hated it. I would hug them, kiss them and NEVER say goodbye....just see you later.
I remember moving back to Salt Lake. Bonnie flew over while Danny, me and the boys drove. I knew once we moved back, I would be with my Jakers and Shiloh every night!!! Happy. Nice backyard, park close by, big house, and places to walk to. And, a vet, Amor,
that would be best for them. Jake loves the grass (especially when warm). He would stretch out then roll over while scratching his back on the grass.....clapping his front paws together. Sometimes he and Shiloh would chase eachother around the backyard. Shiloh with his long legs would beat Jake. Jake has short quick legs though.
Every Christmas vacation we would go to California. We had to leave Jake at Little Dogs for about a week. I teared up everytime leaving him there. And, there wasn't a minute that went by where I didn't think of him - what he was doing and how he was. I always left him an article of my clothing....sweats, shirt or something.
I remember the first time Jake gave me a hug on the floor. I would lay on the floor facing him. I would say let's snuggle and he would crawl toward me and place his nose in my chest and kinda nuzzle....cutest thing. There is not one day I can remember where,when I got home, he wouldn't run up to me and jump at my waist and I would hug him. (Bonnie would know when I was coming home so she would always set the boys up in anticipation). What a greeting....eveyday!!! Jake took ownership of the couch that sits at the bay window where he can both spy and look for other dogs or people and rest. And, of course, wait for me to come home. He could see me drive up and I could see him pop up and wag and bark. "Pa is home!!" It did not matter how long I was gone. His unconditional love was always there....His master loves him.
I would always, always, always get them out for a walk....even in rain or snow or wind, darkness, morning.....and try several times per day (still do it with Shiloh). Each walk, as we're coming home, I would set them up for getting a snack. Jake would be so excited. I would let them in the door and many times they would be so excited they would chase eachother around the house. Jake's fast short legs kickin' it.
We moved back to Salt Lake May, 2004. As the years went by, of course Jake was getting older. He still had the energy, but we knew he was getting up there in age. (You automatically think they'll be around forever). As much as he hated it, I would take him to the vet for check ups several times per years. Always a healthy boy. Summer of 2011 wasn't fun for him. He stopped eating, drinking water, was sluggish. I thought it was missing his Ma who was visiting in California. The little boy went through Hell with tests, needles poking him, xrays, staying overnight, more needles....... I would have him at home and had to hand feed him with a spoon and soft food. He would start licking the food and as soon as he realized that it tasted good he would start eating it. Since it was nice weather outside, I would feed him on the grass. He is beautiful. I remember when he would role over on his back to scratch it on the grass, he had a shaved belly from the vet's procedures. When the Drs. finally realized that it was Addison's disease they started him on the right meds. Jake started eating and drinking normally. He started to get active again, running around the backyard, wanting to go for a walk all of the time. Other than getting a shot once a month, Jake was back to his old self again. Nothing made me more happy than my Jaker being back to normal. Although, he still liked being spoonfed sometimes. Spoiled little guy.
Last year, 2012, you could see him start to slow down. His face was more gray. He developed a bad cough. On one walk, he did collapse when he got too excited about seeing another pooch walking. Dr. Corey said he had heart failure and an enlarged heart...incureable. He put my little guy on lotsa meds. It perked him up a bit. I had to let Jake set the pace on walks. He would overdo it sometimes and start trotting. He would eventually slow down tired. He was having lots of good days. His cough was still intense and I would always wonder if it was hurting him. After coughing though, Jake would wag his tail, shake it off and seem to be saying, "I'm ok!!" Days, weeks, months went by and I always thought was I just holding on to him for my selfish gain. Or did he love us so much that he wanted to be around more and more. He would still eat fine, still wait for me on the couch, and greet me with wags!!! I would spend each evening with him....knowing every minute where he was. And, still he had a cough. Dr. Corey would tell us he could have heart failure anytime.
It seemed the one time in the family room, Shiloh was acting funny....restless. Jake was on the couch while Shiloh was bouncing back and forth on chairs. I had to lay next to Shiloh to calm him down and I fell asleep. I never heard Jake jump down from the couch. But when I found him lying on the floor barely breathing, I thought that he was ready to go to the happy place.

I have so many memories and thoughts of Jake all of these 12 years. I am thankful that Bonnie brought him home....and to this day I remember holding him in one hand in January 2001 and thinking what a beautiful beagle.....the friend I had always wanted from years past was finally here.
He is at peace....playing with friends now.....and waiting for me!! God, I miss him.

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