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Memories of Jake
My Jake, Jacob Edward Burke.
You will always be my old man. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to create your memorial at Rainbow Bridge. You were taken from me so quickly, I didn't have a chance to say good-bye. That's the way you would have wanted it, I think. You always hated to see me go anywhere without you. Intsead, it was you who left without me, to a place where I could not follow you. I hope that we will meet again, across the bridge to forever.

Jake, you loved your toys so much. That was the last thing I saw you do,throw a brand new toy at me.
Now your toys lay unused, in that same corner, I still can't bring myself to put them away, forever.
I can still hear that stuffed lion that you loved to squeak, just to get my attention. That was your favorite toy. You loved food your most, though, like any lab. You loved to walk thru the meadow across the street and smell all the wildflowers. Victor,my little man,and I walk along the path thru the meadow with the wildflowers and poppies in bloom, and think of you.

Einstein, your buddy, still misses you so. He's trying to be buddies with little Victor, he's trying so hard. Little Vic is trying to get used to Einstein washing him, and laying against him while Vic is being brushed. Whisper to Victor in his dreams, and let him know that it's ok, that Einstein won't hurt him, he's a good cat.(most of the time!)

I hope that you and Remy are together again. I hope that you're with Asia, our wonderful and sweet lab friend. She passed away last October, just a few short months after you. I can still see
all three of you. Remy, Asia and you, sitting together, side by side, wating for Dan to give you treats.
Then later, with Victor- who was too scared of big Dan to ask for a treat.

Jake, I wll always love you, and remember you. Forgive me for the long delay in creating this place for your memorial at the Bridge. I was too saddened by the loss of another fur friend to do this sooner.Whisper to Victor, and to me, if you'd like, in our dreams. Walk in the wildflowers of heaven, the stars,, forever in the sunlight.

July 2010 You are still missed every day, Jake. I will always love you.
July 2011 Thinking of you still Jake. I will always love you.
June 2 2014- You are not forgotten, my old man. I love you always
July 12, 2014. You are Never forgotten, always loved, Jake, my old man.
4/5/15 Easter Sunday. Jake, my old man, I haven't forgotten you. You loved to play, and take walks. You didn't want to be alone, and now, you're in the company of angels, always. You'll always be in my heart and soul, I'll love you to my last breath. My greatest hope is that one day, we'll all walk together again, across the bridge, in the sunlight of forever.
Christmas 2015 Jake my old man, you're never forgotten. You'll always be in my heart, soul and memory. I love you always, my Jake.
9/7/16. My old man, Jake. You are not forgotten Jake. You'll always be in my heart, soul and memory. Always. I miss and love you to the end of my life and beyond. My Jake, walk with all my fur children, though you may not have known all of them in life. So many now, I know. Wait for me across the bridge, my Jake.
10/3/16- Never forgotten my old man, Jake.I love you always. Always missed.
12/23/17 Jake my old man, you are not forgotten. You're always here in my heart and memory.Thank you for choosing to be my friend. You know that I still have your toy lion here with me-I hold it every now and then, I hold it close, remembering you. I love you always, Jake. Merry Christmas to you at the Bridge.
7/11/2018-I miss you Jake. I still have your lion-and take it out once every so often to remember you. I love you always,my old man.
8/28/2022. My old man Jake, you are not forgotten. I still have the stuffed toy lion you loved so much. It'll ally's be yours. It still talk. What ya think I'm lion? Thank you for giving your friendship, my Jake. I love you always, always in my heart. May we meet again over that bridge into forever.

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