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Memories of Jake
May 12, 2007. Jake was so cool! He just hated it when I called him Boo Boo, until he got sick, then he didn't mind. He had a presence that I will miss. He didn't play until after he was 10 years old,and then he played all the time. I thank him for all the mice he caught and ate and left me the ears and tail!! I thank him for the love and companionship through some of the toughest years of my life! He was more than a cat, he was a loving companion. I miss him sleeping next to me and hogging the bed! I bought a king size bed for our new condo, that he never got to sleep in, but I save him space just in case! In his honor, I will rescue feral cats in the hopes of finding someone like him again!

May 12, 2008. It has been one year today, and I still miss Jake! He was such a unique cat, with so much personality. I am glad he stayed with me for 17 years! I hope he is having fun with his sisters and brothers, and thinks of me once in a while!

May 12, 2009. It has been two years since Jake passed on, and now I have another kitty like him, only female. She is a Savannah, and she looks a bit like Jake, she is bigger than he was. She is a delight, and every time I see her I think of Jake. Life and love goes on!!! I hope he is happy and playing, eating and sleeping as much as he pleases! I still miss him!

May 12, 2010. Another year goes by, and I still miss Jake. Isabella is now a big girl, and beautiful, and Oreo is a joy! Jake was a one of a kind cat, more cat than anyone deserves! He is missed and still loved, fondly!

May 12, 2011. A funny Memorial Day for Jake, four years later, still miss him! It is so hard to believe 4 years has gone by, what the heck am I doing each year? Oreo and Isabella are happy and healthy, love living here on the beach....but, Jake is one of a kind cat for sure! I know I will see him on the other side!

May 12, 2012. Wow! Time does heal, if I didn't receive the reminder, I would have forgotten today is the day that Jake died in my arms. I think of him often, so I guess I don't need a reminder anymore, but it is nice to have a memorial to him. Maybe that is the secret to healing, I don't have to not think of him everyday so I won't be sad and I can get on with my life and be happy and functional. But, once a year, I can be sad and miss him. Now, this year, I am not sad when I think of him, I laugh and think of all the great fun we had and how he was a great comfort in tumultous times in my life. And, I even forgot today was the anniversary of his passing. He would have come into my thoughts today I am sure.

Oreo is doing great, he loves Isabella and is an affectionate and loving kitty. Isabella is 26 pounds now, and she is sitting next to me on her little cat chair annoying me because she wants to play and I am typing on the computer! Ow, she just bit my elbow - a monkey bite!

Jake - you are still missed and loved much! I see you in Isabella since her Dad was a big, feral tabby. Have lots of fun and I will see you on the other side! Sit with Granny and keep her company, she wasn't big on cats while she was on Earth, but I think now, Granny would enjoy hearing your great purring, and petting your soft, beautiful fur.

May 12, 2013. It never ceases to amaze me how many years go by and you can still miss a companion kitty like Jake. This year is especially sad, my Mom passed away on Feb 1, 2013, and today is Jake's passing anniversary, and it is Mother's Day. I am laying low and trying to move on to another place to live. With Mommy gone, I can go wherever I please, so I am on my way to making plans for a new locale with Oreo and Isabella. They are both great and fun to be with. Much Love to you Jake, sleep with Mommy.....she will like it, even with the poodles hogging the bed, you can always have the pillow! Je t'aime, Momma! Je t'aime, Jake, mon petit chat!

April 14, 2014. I am early this year remembering Jake. Time is flying by, and I am still not content since graduating with my MBA. And, a year has passed since Mommy died, and I am still sad. Pets bring such peace of mind and love unconditionally, I don't understand how anyone could be mean to an animal. As long as my babies have food, love, someone to play with and a view they seem content. Jake-please seek out Mommy and be her constant companion. Beaucoup d'amore, mon petit chat! Je t'aime, Mommy. Je t'aime, Jake!

May 12, 2014. Dear Jake, we miss you much! Oreo and Isabella are quite happy - my sister spoils them when I am on the road. We talk about you and what a great cat you are, every time May 12 approaches. It seems that I have time to pause and remember you, today and lots of times throughout the year! Have fun with Mommy on the other side and send me a sign that you are okay and having fun! Je t'aime, Jake. Give Mommy a big hug and kiss for me, I miss her so - we miss you too!

May 12, 2015. Dear Jake, I see you with Sterling and Sherman and Tarzan, all the kitties and doggies in our lives. Thanks for hanging around and being with your brother and sisters. Oreo is getting a bit thin, and I am worried about him, send him some juju and help me keep him healthy as long as I can. I am not prepared to lose him, you know what a great cat he is!!! Like you, but different. I miss you Jake, Isabella reminds me of you more each day! Loving you from the other side. Have fun, be well and happy! Give Mommy a big hug and kiss for me, and tell her I miss her very much, and see her everyday when I pray for her and everyone! Je t'aime, Mon petit chou!

May 12, 2016. Dear Jake, well, I have thought of you often this year, and I have seen you in my prayers. Glad to see you are hanging out with Sterling, Alex, Samantha, Sherman, and Tarzan and Mommy and Granny. Miss you so much, but grateful to know you are on the other side having fun and being healthy and watching over me. Give Mommy and Granny big hugs for me, keep them company like you do me. Thanks for watching over Oreo, I was not ready to lose him this year. He was really sick, and had to have surgery and I had to feed him through a tube in his stomach for a while. He is so much better now, but it aged him......but, he still is Oreo, Jack Nicholson of cats, thanks for helping me keep him here with me for a few more years, this year is harder than ever without Mommy, so Isabella and Oreo are great company for me, I miss you so!!! Have fun, and beam your love this way when you have a moment....Je t'aime mon petit chou, mon tres belle chat!

May 12, 2017 posthumously (May 12, 2018). I guess time passes, I didn't come back to write a note in May 2017. I have begun to think of you, Jake, without crying. A sign that I have healed from losing you, but, you are still with me everyday, and I think of you often. Unbelieva;by, it is ten years since you passed on, Jake. Wow, I wish I had a clearer path moving forward, I will work on that now! Je t'aime mon chat, bon ami!

May 12, 2018. Hey Jake! I cannot believe it is eleven years since you passed on, I hope you and Mommy are having fun - so weird it has been 5 years since Mommy died, and my heart still aches for her - I hope you are running around with her and curling up next to her or in her lap. Granny too! Well, 2017 was an interesting year. I finally got a job paying me 10% of what I am used to earning, and in August 2017 I fell and broke my leg, very badly. I am still laid up in May 2018. My 60th birthday came and went without much of a fuss, I was laying in bed with a broken leg, feeling very anxious about the future. In a better head space now, but learning how to walk again and trying to get all my flexibility and motion back. Thanks for watching over Isabella and Oreo, I am still not ready to lose Oreo, please keep him healthy and happy to be here with me and Isabella. I have a tent for him to be outside in the yard, I can't let him out alone, he wanders off - the little devil! He likes being outside, and Isabella could be brushed until she has no hair left! Miss you so much, please give everyone a hug and kiss for me, Sherman especially - I miss my little dog! I wish I was a better dog owner at the time, live and learn eh? Send me some healing energy please, I need to get my juju back and get out into the world again and start to produce so I can retire with financial security and love in my life. Je t'aime Jake, hang out with Mommy and Granny and Fran and Shirley and Katie and Sherman and Tarzan and Sterling and all the poodles. Send me love and security! A Clear path ahead. Je t'aime Mommy, Granny, Shirley, Katie, and everyone on the other side! Big Hugs!

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