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Memories of Jake
Jake, a Sheltie, was a special therapy dog. He never met a stranger. He was loved by his dad, Steve, so much that I don't think he will ever get over the loss of him. Jake lives on in my soul and heart and his spirit lives on forever. Baba Muktananda sent Jake to be with me ten years after Baba's death on his birthday......thank you for that special spirit.

Oh my Jakie Poo it has been 8 long years since you passed away and I still miss you as much now as I did when you passed to the Rainbow Bridge. You will be glad to know that I honored your wish to help as many Shelties as i could and I did. Gigi and Angus told me that they are playing again with you and you are running around an old block house that you love so much. I am so happy that you are well and doing what you love to do. My newest Sheltie, KariLouise, told me that you and she met just before she came into this life and she is so much like you and loves her mom just as much as you did. I will remember you in my heart forever.....love mom

Well Jake today I updated your residency at the bridge. Did you see your best Sami, she was last seen crossing the bridge a few weeks ago Time certainly flies. A surprising incident happened when Sami passed....KariLouise was sitting right beside her and protecting her and as she passed, Kari gave her a big lick on the face. I knew then, it was you that came to get Sami...and she is now working at the bridge with the welcoming committee...you are all just a touch away from me in the next dimension. You are all still around me...I love you all so and miss you Jake...you were my heart and soul doggie along with Sami, Gigi, and Angus and now you are all together in that wonderful meadow with Andy, Sugar, Nelson. Did Lucky, your kitty every find you...both Lucky and Spot are with you now....My Jackipoo....my squirtboy.....precious until the end....I long for the day when I will see your spirit again....love mom

Today Jake you have gone from my sight for 10 years. I still miss you so much and love you just as much and even more. Dad and i were just talking how much we loved you and cherish every moment of your short little life.....I know we will e together again soon. your buddy Sami is with you now...tell her how much we miss her too....My sweet angels above...love forever mom

Jakipoo...on November 30, 2012 it will be exactly ten years since the last time I held you in my arms for the last time....I still miss you and will never get over losing you....you were mama and daddys boy forever.....I just finished your birthday present for dad the other day....it is a book of photos including all your friends and brothers and sisters......on each page I cried, and cried because most of all of my babies have gone to the bridge now.....I know you are all playing and having a good time....I can feel it in my heart...lots of love and kisses sweet boy.....mama will join you someday and we can run and play together.......

Today is the day....November 30, 2012.....10 years without your precious face lighting up when I walked into the room, 10 years without the little boy running outside in the rain to protect his house from the thunder, 10 years without your physical love to mommy and daddy....there will never be another Jake....I have kept your promise and I will contact to keep my promise to you that I will always protect and save Shelties throughout my lifetime.....you are the kindled flame within my heart and soul....I love you squirt..and always will. Mommy...

Today is November 30, 2013...and you have been gone from my arms for 11 years. I still think of your precious spirit Jake...I know you are still with me as Kari Louise lives on as my little spirit on this planet and yes, you did send her to me....she is so special and loving and mommy's girl. Are you and Sami playing much these days? Are you still chasing the rain and barking at the little beings in your house? I love you little boy, chicken lips, squirt boy, more than my own self. You, little boy, is what changed my life forever when I made that promise to you that I would take care of your own and I have been doing that ever since you left your physical body.....Daddy is still friends with me and he thinks about you often. I gave him a special book I made with all the pictures of you and your friends when you were growing up....he cries when he reads the book.....he loved you so much...little boy....our precious special Jake E Poo.... Forever..forever...forever love....mommy <3

Today is November 30, 2014....and now gone 12 years....I still find tears dripping down my face thinking of you. You were my first Sheltie and I loved you more than words could ever express....Because of you Jake, I rescue all Shelties that come my way...and find them the best forever homes I could ever ask for. You are and always will be, my shining star in the sky....I love you chicken lips....love forever Mom.......

Today is November 30, 2015...and you are gone 13 years and still not forgotten....my little boy. You will always be my one and only Sheltie as I loved you as not other human could, except your dad of course. My one and only Jakee Poo. Chicken Lips....I continue to carry on your legacy now and forever to help all pups that come my way...even though I faulter at times...I continue. I love you Jakee Poo...forever and ever. Your mum...

I love you Jake.....you will be in my heart, my soul forever and ever....and I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge, where we can play and run and have fun together. Mummy is retiring from rescuing Shelties my boy....I need to have some time for me on the earth now and help shelties and other dogs in other ways. Love you forever, Mummy. <3 November 30, 2016

Its been 15 years since I lost you...I still think of you deep in my heart every day. You were my Jaki poo, my chicken lips, my good little boy. I loved you more than any words can ever say. You changed my life forever....and I continue to take care of all of your own....Sheltie Rescue continues until the day I pass and meet with you again to run and play. My sweet baby boy. Mommy loves you. Oh I miss you so. My little boy....life is just not the same without you....I sit here crying because I can't hold you anymore...you were the best of the best.....11/2017

16 years ago you left my physical self, and yet you still are within me forever. Chicken Lips...you are mommy's boy and you always will be. I love you forever and I know you still live within my heart. Never to be forgotten. NEVER 11/2018 I miss you little boy.....I will never forget you...you were my soul baby....I love you forever....

Can you believe jake that it has been almost 17 years since you passed away from my life. I still pine for you from time to time...and so glad you sent me Kari Louise. Old chicken lips...you don't know how much I miss you and loved you....you were my little boy...my baby boy and your dad still misses you so. We both love you and will forever. Looking forward to seeing you again....Love mom. 11/2019

18 years you are gone and yet, it still feels like yesterday. You have sent me another special little boy named Caleb aka Sneaker Puss. You are so special Jake....you turned my life around and now I am commited to taking care of all the shelties that come to your rescue. Love you forever my boy.

19 years have gone by and yet I still love you as much as I did when you were here. Stay safe little boy....we will see each other again. Love you forever and ever....dad is still here too. He will see you again as well. 08/2021

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