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12/29/11 - I miss you very much Jaime. This has been a hard day for me, my mom and Reba dog. We loss are Jaime to a lung/liver issue today. Jaime has been a very very very very good dog. We have been though a lot since I got her when she was 8 weeks old on 3/27/99. Jaime has been there for me when ever I need a buddy to hold and talk to. I loved to hold her white paws and kiss them and then she would lick them after that they were so soft. Jaime had over 9 surgrey's since I got her from the Nashville Humane Assocaition in Nashville, Tn. Jaime and I had been buddy's since she got into my GMC Sonoma truck and she loved to travel in the truck. She has traveled to Kentucky, Alabama, Missiouri, all over Tennessee. We loved to go Pigeon Forge, Tn to get away from Nashville, Tn at least 2 time a year we would go. She loved to go to Dollywood Doggywood kennel place for dogs on vacation also. She got to go in the truck. She loved my GMC Somona truck because Jaime was American made and so is my truck. when I first got here home I will never forget when I had to go to work that Monday after getting my Jaime I put here in the bathroom and she curled up to the toilet and just sleep there until she got to big for that spot then she moved to the front of the toilet so the bathroom was here room in the house. Jaime never gave up even up to the end today. Jaime always had a smile on her face because she was very happy with her life. She was very spoiled and I will always talk to you Jaime and remember all the memories we had together even the ones when we had to live in an hotel for a month when the Flood of Nashville, Tn hit the house you where right at my side when I need to cry about what just happened to us and for the time when I need to talk about lossing everything 1 1/2 feet high in the house and all the memories that where in the shield outside. We loss just about everything in the shield and I had a box of keepsake stuff from when you where a puppy and now it is gone but the memories are not.
I LOVE YOU JAIME VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH AND I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN WHEN IT IS MY TURN. May the Lord and your only brother Pineapple, your sister Maui, Baba Bear and Minnie who also has a page here on Rainbow Bridge she left on 7/11/2009. Love you Jaime ALWAYS.

12/30/11 - The first full day of you being gone. I miss you real bad. I miss seeing you in the bathroom and waiting on me putting my face on today. I have to go to work but I know that you are fine now and watching down on me and mom, reba dog Jaime. I am hold on. Talk to you later. Love and Miss You Jaime Bear.

1/17/12 - Howdy Jaime it is your birthday today you would of been 13 years old today. I sent a prayer to the Lord to get you a cupcake for your birthday hope you got it. I would always get you a cupcake for your birthday. Have a great birthday at Rainbow bridge with Minnie, Baba Bear, Pineapple, Maui and grandpa and grandma Doster. Miss all of you very much. Have to tell you something Jaime I got a new puppy about a week ago because I was missing you so much and your other sister Reba don't bark much but you know that. I got a black and white border collie and I named her Fancy. So now I have a Reba and Fancy in the house. You know how big of fan I am with Reba Mcentire. Wish you would send some help with the puppy house training to your new sister Fancy. It's going ok right now please talk to your new sister thanks. I will let you go for now Happy Birthday Jaime I miss very much just wish I had One More Day With You and never would end but I now one day it will happen. Love you miss you Jaime.

1/7/13 - I have not forgoten you Jaime. I have been sick the past 2 weeks and now mom in in the hospital to. Hope she comes home soon. We have both had the flu real bad. Fancy your new sister that I got a year ago to help me though the missing of you is doing pretty good. She has been doing a few things like you use to do. I know that you live inside of her and you are there to help her. Your other sister Reba is doing good to. She still miss you also they both say bark bark. I know that you are having a blast of fun with our dear Lord and all your buddies with a ball getting your stomach rubbered by the lord and all his special angels. I did ok on the annivervary of your death on the 12/29 but I still cried for you . I just wish I could have one more day and some more time with you but I know one day I will. Love you Jaime. Love and kisses and here is a big hug from me.

7/4/13 - Howdy buddie I miss you like crazy Jaime Bear. I have a picture of you on my desk at work and you watch over me while I work and keep going though out the day at work. Your new sister Fancy is turning out to be a good dog for me. She is so much like you. She loves balls and pull toys. She looks up to always Jamie. I know that today is 4th of July and I you used to like it but when you got older you hated this holiday but I know that you love them again in heaven with your sister Minnie. You watch them with love and care with the Lord. Will have a great holiday miss you like crazy Jaime. Still Love You Like Crazy Jaime Bear.
Here is a bear hug from me Jaime. Love you still and always Jamie Bear.

6/18/2016 - I still think of you everyday of my life and I will always Jaime I will see you again. Miss you very much Jaime Bear.

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