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If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever!!

My heart is broken, and will never be the same. How do you say goodbye to the most loving and faithful companion I've ever had? You protected me, gave me unconditional love, and fought hard to stay with me. There will always be a huge place in my broken heart for you, Jag. Until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge, be happy, run and play with your purple ball, and know my love and a piece of my heart went with you. I love you my big boy.

With much gratitude and thanks to Dr. Ormond, Linder Pet Medical Care (always there when I need your help); Dr. Greatting, Dr. Brandt, the technicians and staff at West Vet. You all did your very best to help Jag. No words can ever thank you enough.

Thank you Jeannie and John for your many trips with me to visit Jag, and your help bringing him home.

Thank you to Gina, Brian, Ken and Cherie, Veronica, Rebecca, Ute, Debbie, Chris, Ayden, Mary, Barb, Taryn, Kim (Jag's dog sitter) and all my great neighbors and friends for your prayers, condolences and caring so much about Jag.

Special thanks to Brent Cooper, Cooperhaus, for making it possible for me to have my Jag and giving him the best possible protection training. Jag never forgot his commands. He never stopped putting all 4 of his legs around my leg when I had left on a trip and came back. He just wouldn't let go. Going to miss that.


Thinking of you a lot today my precious Jag. Thought time would help in making the emptiness in my heart subside, but I don't think that will ever happen. Although I have Cooper, and he is a good puppy, he can't replace the love I have and always will have for you. You were a "once in a lifetime" special member of our family. Hope you are OK, and just know that Mom misses you so very much. I will love you forever my precious boy. I know you are watching over us. Play and be happy till we are reunited. Love you.


My beautiful boy - You are missed and loved so much. You left us 2 months ago today, and it seems like a life time. Little Cooper will be arriving soon. I am secretly hoping it's you coming back to me. He was born the day after you left us. Just know you will always be No. 1 in my heart. Nothing or no one can ever take your place Jag. I will miss and love you forever. No worries, not going to let Misty or Cooper play with your purple ball. Love you so much. Everyday tears fill my eyes are my heart hurts for you. Forever and always, Mom.


Just wanted you to know that Misty and I miss you so much. A new, little puppy is arriving soon, but he will never take your place Jag. Hopefully, he will help to fill the emptiness in my heart a little. You are and will always be my number 1 big boy. Wish so much you could have stayed with us longer. Love and miss you with all my heart. I have your favorite purple ball, and no one is or will be allowed to play with it. Your special toy will be always here for you. Love and miss you Jag. You will remain in my heart forever and always.


Jag, one month ago today you left us. The pain and heartache has not subsided. I miss you so much, and so does Misty. Our home is just not the same and never will be again. Just hope and pray that you are in a good place,running and playing again. Know my precious boy that you will never be forgotten, not for one day. Just want to remind you of how much you are love and missed. I have no doubt you are watching over us, and realize how much you were cherished. I just wish I could have done more for you as you still had many years yet to live--that's what hurts so much. You were taken too soon. Love you my precious, handsome boy. Think of you ALL the time. Mommy and Misty send you their love.


Jag, it was one month ago today that I was with you, holding you, asking you to get better soon. The last words I told you were how much I loved you. You left me sometime during the night. The next morning when I went to check on you was so heartbreaking when I called your name, and you didn't move. I knew you were gone, and no words can express the loss I have felt ever since. I love you so much. Not a day has gone by that I don't think about you, miss you, and find it unbearable to be without you. I hope you left knowing how very much you were loved. Miss you so much my handsome boy. Love you always and forever.

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