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Memories of Jagger Blackburn
Jagger this is mommy, daddy and me miss you so very much I cry as I write this to you, we want you to have a very "MERRY CHRISTMAS" with your brother garth and with jesus. I miss you more each and every day, you are always in my heart, I kiss you every night as I go to bed, hope you have a good night. God bless you and your brother, have a beautiful Christmas with your brother and busha and jaja. You 2 are always in my thoughts and prayers, I know jesus loves you both and is loving you for mommy and daddy, love you with all my heart baby. 2017
Happy Easter my little jagger, from mommy and daddy, hope the easter bunny visits you and your brother, eat alot and have a beautiful day with jesus and busha and jaja, I miss you soooo much and you will always be in my heart, I love you more every day, god bless you my sweet baby.(2018) Hello jagger baby its mommyI hope you have A beautiful day with your brother. mommy and daddy love you sooo much, and we miss you, you are in my heart forever, love you baby, mommy and daddy.
Hello my sweet baby JAGGER,mommy and daddy want wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, wishes from your 2 brothers too. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my beautiful little baby, hope you have a beautiful day with jesus and your brother Garth. MOMMY SENT YOU SOME fries and bananas ,I know you loved these, love you more as each day passes, you will lived forever in my heart, we love you sooo much and miss you every day, god bless you sweetie, until we see you again.

jagger mommy /daddy love you very much. we want to wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, have a wonderful day with your brother garth in rainbows bridge, you and your brother will be with us her in our hearts always, miss you soo much, love you both very much, god bless you both my little angels..

Hello sweethart, Jagger mommy and daddy loves you very much, I miss you vey much, I hoe you are havig fun with your brother Garth, Have a very beautiful day, you are forever in my heart.

Jagger mommy loves you very much, I carry you in my heart with me all the time, your brother willow misses you too. Love you very much, wish I could give you a big hug, love you...
hi my little jagger this is your dad jagger i love you so much there not a day that go by your not in my heart you are my life i cry a lot because i miss you so much i hope you and garth have lots of fun in heaven willow wants me to tell you he love and miss jagger you have a new brother corky he love you to someday jagger we will will be with you and garth love dad
Another christmas , and you are not here with me. but you are in my heart and always will be, I miss you sweety so much, we got you alittle care bear toy for christmas. I cry alot cause I miss you alot and I love you very much, MERRY CHRISTMAS SWEETHEART, HAVE A BEAUTY of a day, I carry you in my heart forever LOVE YOU. Your 2 brothers said to say hello and merry christmas, god bless you love you...
Jagger I love you so much HAPPY EASTER sweetheart you will always be in my heart
Jagger mommy loves you with all my heart, youare always with me in my heart. Mommy wishes you have a beautiful memorial day with jesus.. I love you and your brother more every day, you two boys are always with mommy in my heart. The hole in my heart will never go away, love you forever.lol Jagger mommy want you to have a fun day with your brother GARTH in heaven, celebrate his birthday with jesus. Mommy misses you so much but you are in mommys heart forever, i think of you always, love you so very much my sweet angel baby, god bless you sweetheart... Mommy and daddy wants to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I hope you have a very special day in heaven with your brother and with jesus.. Mommy and daddy love you with all our hearts and this is where you are always in my heart, cant say enough how much I love you, I always think about you, never a moment goes by,you are forever with me my little sewwtheart, god bless you and have a fun day. Mommy sent you some toys for you to play with and a banana, I know you love them.. LOVE YOU ALWAYS....

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