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Memories of Jada
Goodbye my dear, sweet, beautiful baby. My heart is breaking. I have been blessed to have had you for 17 wonderful years it just hasn't been nearly enough. I will miss the love and affection that you've always shown me. I was YOUR human and you always let your furbaby sister and 2 brothers know it. We all were quite a family. You were the last to cross the bridge. How am I going to deal with waking up and not seeing you on the pillow next to me? Or you waking me up to let me know that i'm late putting out your food? I love you so much baby. You just left today and already the missing you is almost unbearable.

You will be greeted at the gate by Hazel, Muffin, Scottie and Red and your cousins Petey, Wheatstraw, and Hazel.
I loved each and every one of you.

I must go on until the time that we do meet again and I truly do believe that we will. I hope that you'll show me a sign now and then that you're okay. I'm going to look for a rescue cat to take in as I know you wouldn't want me to be alone.

Fly away little Angel, you now have your wings and you'll always have a part of me.


07/08/20 - Hi Jada! It's been a week and 2 days since you had to leave me but i trust that you're happy, healthy and whole again in the company of your fur-family members and the new friends you've made.

I was thinking of how you loved music and how you would come to me when i sang; no matter how i sound. Your favorite song was "Jada" by the Pointer Sisters, the song i named you after. My little girl, i have so many sweet memories of our times together and the love we shared. I'm gonna try to get a little sleep now but i'll be talking to you again real soon. I love you.

07/09/20 - I'm sure you already know but i took in a new pet. She's a 3 year old retired ragdoll; her name is Lucy. I know you would want me to share my love with another companion and i adore her already. She's very energetic and affectionate. She moves like lightning! She seems more like a kitten than a retired mommy cat. She makes me laugh and i so need that at this time baby.

Missing you still Jada. Mommy loves you.

8/12/20 - Hello Jada, it's mommy. I just needed to tell you all the latest. As you know i now have Lucy the 3 year old ragdoll, but felt she needed a companion like you had Hazel, et al. Well, i adopted a rescue. She's a very nervous and skittish little girl named Aileen. She 2 years old and i'm told she had a litter, all of whom were adopted. Anyway, i'm doing all i can to let her know that she no longer has anything to fear, as i think she may have been abused. She slowly seems to be starting to trust Lucy and i; Lucy wants to play with her so badly. I'm sure it will all work out. It has to; we're family now and you know that i don't give up.

Dearest Jada, i still find myself shedding tears when i think about how we old girls were so comfortable with each. These young girls are all over the place, playing, exploring and getting to know their new surroundings. They are so cute; adorable. But i miss just you and i watching TV, me talking to you lying on the pillow next to me, and my telling you i much i loved you and that you were my best friend. I wish there were some way that we could have left this world together. I am still so heartbroken but must move on.

Dearest Jada please continue to let me feel you near me; i do you know. Lucy feels something too. She keeps peering under the bed, please try not to scare her baby. That's all i've got for now baby. I'll be back soon angel. I LOVE YOU!

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